Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 07 Dec to 20 Dec 2010
Henri: (
Claudinei José dos Santos.
Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont: (Ideais Tecnologia) Two of the four values stand out in my opinion: individuals and interactions and responding to change. First, software always entails people from one point of view or from another; it's always about people (selling artifacts, servicing and providing reliable means of goal achievement - just to name a few). Then there's how we as IT professionals respond to change: were there no changes, there would be no evolution software-wise. As I heard once and repeat it to this day: if there's one constant in software development it is that requirements change; and we must act accordingly. All in all, the four values (individuals, software, collaboration and change) must find a parallel in IT companies just as they do in customers.
Alan Gustavo Santana Ribeiro: (Universidade Potiguar) O manifesto ágil foca no que realmente é importante - Software Funcionando. Antes do manifesto ágil a engenharia de software era basicamente construir documentos de planejamento que, ao final, demonstravam apenas que os analistas erraram na definição dos requisitos. O manifesto ágil aborda o problema da instabilidade de requisitos.
Pam Stanton: (The Project Whisperer) Very much looking forward to broadening the application of Agile principles to more work types.
Krisztian Milesz: (
Vahan Avagyan: (AVGN Systems) Change is constant. Agile methodology embraces change in a professional arena.
Karol Skorek.
Stéphane Wantiez: For an efficient, human, and flexible software development.
David Lopez: (IBM)
Jim Ramia.
José Lubín Sandoval Noreña: (Software Factory - UTPL)
Neeraj Modgil.
Matti Luukkainen: (University of Helsinki)
LEE WING YEW (Patrick).
maurizio mesenzani: (amcservices)
Amit Giri.
Jared Laney: (Personal) Let's take back the focus and make it toward adding value and creating working software!
Matt Harris: Developing software this way and helping others do it is a lot more satisfying and successful.
Adam Hove Spencer.
Rudolf Vos: (Solnet Solutions Ltd) The Agile Manifesto recognizes that doing projects is people-work and that the only result that counts is working software that represents value to the customer. I find that technical problems can be overcome relatively easy as long as the people that are doing the work have an inspiring and safe environment to work in. The values of the Agile Manifesto help facilitate such an environment.
Milivoj Marin: (MedicSoft ) 'Završen' software je mrtav software. Posle kraćeg ili dužeg vremena, što zavisi od oblasti primene, on postaje kočnica daljeg razvoja tehnologije odvijanja procesa u poslovnom ambijentu u kojem je u primeni. Jedini ispravan pristup je razvoj software-a koji se konstantno menja uporedo, ili sa što kraćim vremenskim zaostajanjem, sa promenama i unapređenjima tehnologije rada i promenama u interakciji subjekta sa spoljnim svetom. Na taj način, funkcije software-a ostaju aktuelne, a sam software postaje i/ili ostaje inspiracija inventivnim korisnicima za postavljanje novih zahteva i obogaćivanje i usavršavanje njegovih funkcija. Ovakvu korelaciju između korisnika i autora software-a smatram knjučnim faktorom njegove vitalnosti i funkcionalnosti.
Sean L. Robins: It has long been my philosophy if you will, that information technology is about people, and not about computers (or products, software, etc...). In shifting the focus of software development away from tools and processes, we are left instead to with the creative efforts of people solving problems for people, and creating product for people. It is no surprise then that my endorsement of the Agile Manifesto is rooted in the realization that every statement reflects this people-focus that I seem to be so "wound-up" about. What I love most about Agile, is that it's a self-replicating virus, transmitted increasingly by the social interaction of people who are passionate about what they do, and who recognise - even if only instinctively - that people are ultimately what our business is all about, with success measured by how satisfied all of the people are, regardless of where they fit in the development process. This for me is the heart of what I see represented by the Agile Manifesto.
Koen Aben: Agile inspires people and brings :-)
Daniel Wymoczył: ( Agile is future of PM! No... it's present!
Chris Beckman.
Ruwan Egodawatte.
Hernan Pastelletto: (CDS Sistemas)
Charles Pattie: For years of adapting a water fall and iterative process of software development it is quite clear that the Agile Manifesto is what me and many of my colleagues have struggled to achieve. There is no clearer definition as to the how the software development process is best achieved. For developers, managers and their customers this is a winning approach.
Keith E. Glading: The principles expressed in the manifesto are crucial to successful software development but are not so exclusive as to rule out being used with different methodologies.
Nuno Barreiro.
Douglas Camp: Building good software is a difficult task. Agile makes doing so much less difficult, and much more fun.
Osvaldo Sánchez Guzmán: (desoft s.a.)
Javier Piratova.
Logan May: (University of Redlands)
Kristian Magda: ( Awsome :)
Roberto Gullo: (SOFT Consultoria) Realmente, a integração de indivíduos e interações estimula a colaborar mais com o cliente, possibilitando respostas a mudanças em um software cada vez mais funcional, e atendendo a pessoa chave que é o cliente.
Mark Abram: (WebTrends Solutions Inc.)
cz hong.
Karthikeyan J: (Kgfsl)
Keen Chan: (Maclean Fogg)
Joe Blotner.
Evan TH: Ding!
Frank Bauters: (iSencia)
Neil Chaudhuri: (Vidya, L.L.C.) I endorse the Agile Manifesto because it recognizes that software development is a unique endeavor typically obfuscated by counterproductive processes. In my work for government clients, I find that far too often people confuse conformance to process with results and value. When process gets in the way of working software, everyone loses. Thank you for formalizing such simple yet powerful concepts so we can keep them in mind when we are tempted to succumb to process.
Michel Chamberland: (EPS Financial)
Robert McMahon: As a Jr. level software developer I will do my best to instill these values into my career now so they will become second nature. 12/18/2010
Antonio: (Tennis Lessons) Agile is the best possible project management methodology. Period.
Erdnando Rodriguez Vargas: (Adquem SC)

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