Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 20 Dec to 05 Jan 2011
Sidhartha Dash: (TCS) Agile is future of efficient software development. It brings best out of user and developers through continuous interaction through out the SW development lifecycle. It means at the end of the day user gets what he/she wants from the application.
Dmitry Lebedev: (DevExperts biedriba)
Mini Jain: (TCS)
Federico Iglesias Ferrara: (SIRVE) For companies, new product development as a business groth strategy carries more risk than simply attempting to increase market share. And if the product beign developed has anything to do with software or ITC Services its also complex on its own right. The markets require us to work and deliver on "Internet Time". The Agile Manifesto for Software & IT-Services development provides a framework for success: it helps us all to focus on effective project ejecution to meet requirements to provide project deliverables in less time at a reduced cost.
Sharat Chander: People over process, teams over individuals, circular over linear, common sense over group think...The Agile Manifesto is a creed all companies should welcome and embrace with open arms.
Yagmur Coker: (The Knot Inc.)
Tejash Tarun: (Educator)
Silvestre Abreu.
sreedhar: Really worth to implement
Chan Rampersaud: (CYSSC) Agile is the only methodology that delivers value to the customer in a manner that builds trust and confidence in service provisioning.
Shirley Solano: El éxito de un equipo está en cuan eficaz fue su producto para el cliente
Mohammad: Software is developed by humans and hence it is very dynamic in nature. Anybody who understands software development should fully agree with the ASD manifesto.
Paul Rowe: (Rowe IT Limited)
Nikolay Plekhanov: (
Farruq: (Dubai World) CHANGE is and will be the fact of business. In both of my Agile as well as traditional process oriented experiences, I found it undeniable that our professional life develops barriers & paradigms that many then tend to follow as defacto. But delivering greatest possible business value inspite of all limitations is the key to success.
Rodrigo Martins: (
Brian Davies: (UK Testing Ltd)
Muhammed Shakir: (Muhammed Shakir) I support the Agile Manifesto
victor: (student) i like you!
Aaron Woodward: We, as developers have an unique opportunity to engage and enrich the experiences of the users of the applications we create, the Agile Manifesto allows us this opportunity.
Luciano Botelho Mota: ( Thank you for providing this resource, which I consider important.
Paul Hepworth: (PeppyHeppy) My professional experience has shown me that the perspective that the agile manifesto outlines unleashes productivity and improves human relationships. The principles outlined are akin to a natural law of software development and any organization or individual that dismisses these principles will become obsolete in the industry.
Narek Alaverdyan: (Alaverdyan Consulting) There is no other option. Agile values are principles are the only thing you can bet your success on!
Jay Spears: (KPMG) The principles expressed here can lead us equally to better software development and better business management. I look forward to the day when these principles are the foundation for implementing every business project. Let that day be soon.
Alessandro Nasini: (MAPLE)
Francis Fish: (Pharmarketeeer) I read this many years ago and agreed with it totally. Decided I should sign up too, even though it's a little late now.
Alexander DiMauro: Discovering the agile way has changed the way I work. It brings with it more confidence in the final product, and less worrying about future maintenance.
Guido Brune: (Open Source Project "Multiminer") The OpenSource project "Multiminer" is commited to use agile software development appoarches. Our vision is to build up THE state-of-art tactical battle simulation solution. Have fun! Guido Brune aka Bruno Ballack
Grzegorz Biesiadecki: (Rushbean)
Tony Wang.
Adrian Mejia.
Srinivasa Nagaraja: (MindTree Ltd) I completely endorse the Agile Manifesto as I passionately believe that Agile helps in delivering projects faster and of superior Quality
Ulrich Sossou.
Marius Felecan.
Binil George: Agile is the best software development methodology. Not only software development, every aspects of human life should become Agile. Life is all about responding to changes.
Stephen Forbes : The thing that I love about delivering using agile is that everyone wins, the team, the product owner, the business, other projects, subcontractors, the stakeholders, everyone. Everyone has an improved delivery experience compared to other approaches. I should have signed this years ago as I have been delivering projects and programmes using agile approaches for over 10 years now. My apologies.
Eric Kesselring: Change management tyranny must release its stranglehold on day to day activities.
Edward Chaltry: (Centare Group, Ltd)
Thyago Roberto: (Fibonacci Agile Solutions)
Darren Earley: (Buchanan & Edwards)
Stephen Morris: (Cisco )
Osvaldo Bernal M.: ( Tengo la filosofia personal de realizar mi trabajo siempre con una visión y buscando una trascendencia mas alla del ecosistema en donde se origina un proyecto, esto es teniendo en cuenta 2 puntos principales: 1- El impacto positivo directo que debe tener para el grupo que la va a operar, tanto como para la organizacion de la que formara parte, una herramienta que sea desarrollada tomando en cuenta en un sentido totalmente solidario cada detalle de las necesidades de quienes la van a utilizar. 2- El impacto positivo indirecto que debiera tener en un sector social, esto es considerando realmente como, por ejemplo, un sistema EIS puede determinar que una empresa aumente o disminuya su personal en determinadas areas, lo cual es un impacto para la sociedad colateral al impacto que existe para la empresa, ante tales consecuencias, los manuales de procedimientos y la documentacion exhaustiva que sugieren algunas metodologias, servirian tal vez cmo guia para que la empresa recapitule y modifique en consecuencias sus sistemas a fin de corregir las deficiencias y subsanar los posibles efectos negativos de las mismas, pero no servirian de mucho para subsanar el impacto social de dichas fallas. Es por eso que firmo el Manifiesto Agile de Desarrollo de Software, pues considero que desarrollando de acuerdo a los valores que expone se tiene mas alta probabilidad de conseguir productos de software que logren el mencionado impacto.
Prashant Agarwal: (
Sathish Sandu: I support the Agile Manifesto as I believe the Agile methodology to Software Design/Development is the right approach for solving the complex business problems using Technology.
Kristian Mikkelsen: The iterative approach with customer feedback loop is the only sensible way to harness the technology we have today. Why anyone would develop in any other way is beyond me. The specific implementation of an agile approach we can discuss, but the underlying idea has come to stay.
John Horkan: (WayBeyond Software)
Andrius Byckovas: I believe in this philosophy.
Jason Marotta: (
Anthony Sumner: (Planetweb Systems Ltd) As a programmer for 25 years I've grown to practice agile and deliver software early to avoid failed projects. Agile Development formalises in a light but very positive and focused way, the ability to deliver great IT solutions whilst everyone learns and enjoys their work. Over the last 8 years our productivity and success have been significantly boosted by these principles, the more we practice Agile Development the more we achieve successful solutions. Whats more Customers love it!
Jack Notarangelo: As a consultant, my clients are not typically in the software development business and have very little experience with development projects. Agile provides for a framework to deal with what is inherently a fluid environment where requirements change frequently.

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