Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 05 Jan to 20 Jan 2011
Aaron Daniels: (
René Pfeuffer.
vineet daniel.
Elliott Mehrbach: (Tikina Software) The Agile approach to software development is an intuitive and straightforward way to create applications that work the way users need them to work.
Almir Segatti: I endorse this manifesto. It is necessary to reinvent ways to go better and faster with the true value of content.
Danay Pérez: (CUJAE) I could say sometimes, but the experience have shown me that the most times is better to work with an agile methodologies. That is why I agree with all this. and teach this to other people that wants to know.
Ryan Richardson.
Rick Wery: (MLGW) My teams and I have been working similar to this technique for years. It is a natural way to keep pace with organizational change and keep motivation and momentum at high levels. Three clicks (steps) or less to do real work. If three is good, one is better - always look for the method or workflow that makes the correct action the easiest and most natural to the end user.
Fernando Sánchez: (SinerDev)
Julian Warren: (logica) Throughout my career it has pained me to see the wastage and hence high cost of bureaucratic waterfall developments - and pained me more to see business management thinking that the approach was 'the professional one'. I am committed to seeing IT development become more cost effective and I agree wholeheartedly with the statements within the Agile Manifesto. May the world learn!
balkrishnan venkiteswaran: (GT Nexus)
Stewart Wonnacott: (AMS-Neve) My experience agrees entirely with the methods, aims and ideology presented here. Lets move on..
Carlos Marcelo Santos: (ProGnos)
Ángel Felipe Blanco Guzmán: (Intellisys)
Ronaldo Arrudas.
Rodrigo Alves Vieira: ( I recognize Agile as a set of concepts that work and make the job clearer and more intuitive. Agile lets me save time as it introduces me to attitudes that make my work better.
Usman Sharif.
Juan José Fuchs Cerdeña.
salah karam: (MMC)
Ndidi Alaneme: (FDM Group) As an IT consultant for FDM, an International IT Services Provider, I cannot begin to stress enough how crucial Agile is to the smooth running and immaculate execution of software development projects. Being able to use technology is important, however the thought processes and attitude behind how technology is wielded on a daily basis is, by far, the most valuable asset a development team has.
Muru: (Cbay Systems) We use Agile Development Methodology to always be flexible in adopting the Dynamic Business changes in the US Healthcare System. Our team enjoys using SCRUM and hits high producivity and takes full responsibility & Ownership of the product.. SCRUM benefits us in handling our distributed Development teams to integrate and collaborate on a daily basis..
Corrado Pollio.
Miroslav Uricek: (Siemens)
John J. Kim.
Craig Rothwell: I have worked with both Agile and "anti" agile approaches. Agile is not just a methodology to work by, is a methodology for life!
Jim Barritt: (
Marco Falcioni: (Amyris Inc)
Krzysztof Eggert: (KSI Software) The key rules for projects :).
Dieter Bertsch: (Allianz Deutschland) Nach mehr als 20-jähriger Tätigkeit in der IT habe ich im Agilen Manifest die Beschreibung gefunden, wie ich schon früher immer gerne gearbeitet hätte. Danke an die schlauen Köpfe, die in der Lage waren, diese Leitgedanken so klar zu formulieren; und an die Leute, die mich auf Agile aufmerksam gemacht haben. München, Januar 2011
Boštjan Kukovec: ( No matter how you try to write it down, it's not written right if you haven't heard it right.
Giovanni Passali: Un software funzionante non è mai sufficiente. Occorrono anche interazione, collaborazione e risposte alle mutate esigenze.
Kedar Ghate.
Carla Saraiva.
Chris Amelink.
Konstantin Boev: (Telerik Inc.)
Carlos Garcia.
John Graff: (Parlant Technology Inc.)
Thomas Deiler: (MetaProg GmbH) Think about how your are organized in your private life. Isn't that agile in most cases? Why not acting naturally when being in the business world?
Christian TEIXEIRA: (Logica) It happened so often that both client and provider forgot essential topics in the utopian "perfect" spécification; that I've seen a client changing his mind during the development; that I've seen developers misunderstanding a spécification without an immediate answer; that we wrote procedures nobody respected after a few days; that I've seen delays just because the product owner wasn't available to answer a question; that we had to write perfect documentations that nobody read. And so often during the development we discovered problems that lead everybody to endless negociations and ended up with a lose-lose situation from users perspective. All this situations are natural in a V-Model method but it involves so much stress. So much time and money are wasted for a result which isn't optimum. When it's well done, AGILE method and the SCRUM sounds like heaven.
Coni Tartaglia: As a software quality assurance professional, the the values expressed in the agile software development manifesto are of core importance to the work I do each day.
Trevor Hinson: (
Rob Echlin: I have worked with varieties of Agile methodologies in some of my roles since 2000 or so. I appreciate the low administrative load of these tools. I also appreciate the feedback from management (customers), and the ability to mark, and even measure, forward progress. The growth in developer and consultant support for Agile technologies in Ottawa over this time is really great!
M. Denis.
Prashant Kulkarni: (Quinary Software Technologies) We, at Quinary Software Technologies, use agile development and testing methodlogies. It helps out customers get delighted. This is much much better way to develop software solutions for customer pain-points.
Mingdeng ye: (bitauto) I am newbie in agile.I support the core value of agile.
Sachin Joshi: (Washington Technical Resources LLC) Process of creating software is a unique human endeavor and is unlike any other engineering. It requires its own value system. Without the proper enlightenment and clarification of our values, as Confucius once said, it is really hard finding a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat. Thus far we were behaving like those proverbial blind philosophers trying to describe the beast called “Creating Software”. Software is unique because it is often a force multiplier and catalyst in the context of organizational dynamics and its financial goals. Often the processes, protocols, jobs are redefined around the software systems. It is not just yet another cog in the machine- It actually changes the machine itself –often radically! Software is unique because by definition it requires rigorously accurate coding for a machine that is unforgivingly obedient in reproducing your misconceptions and defects in the implementation that you failed to catch and correct. It is unique because software is more about negotiating the shared meaning and understanding of the problem. Software Creation is a future oriented creative activity full of possibility and potential. It unlocks creative force within people by automating all that dull work, turning hard things easy and making impossible possible. You say – “Okay may be software is unique. So what? Why do we need a Manifesto?” Sometimes if the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail! We have been applying wrong models to Software engineering all along. Software is not construction or mechanical engineering. Software is not like manufacturing either. Our model was as wrong as that of a flat earth at the center of the universe. It is an old saying- Give man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you’ll feed him for lifetime. We can either blindly follow a detailed prescription that is unsuitable or simply wrong OR teach ourselves to understand our unique environment and adopt best practices that will work in our unique situation and goals. Agile Manifesto gives that deeper insight the profound knowledge and teaches us what to value and make the right choices. Its simplicity is similar to the profound insights of Sir Issac Newton in formulating simple laws of motion and gravitation. Its embrace of ultimate truth is similar to the Einstein’s theories based on accepting the truth that light is simply unique- unlike any other. We have been planning the work and working the plans and getting things done right way. It’s time we start doing the right things instead. I fully support Agile Manifesto. -Sachin Joshi CEO & Software Engineer Washington Technical Resources
Alf Granger: I have practiced agile development for years and have reaped the benefits to so many projects. I like the fluid and results orientated approach it provides.
Marcus Pettersson: (Centido AB)

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