Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 19 Feb to 01 Mar 2011
Neil Boddy: (Minster Law) Our use of Scrum has created a highly motivated team that has delivered consistently to internal Stakeholders. Although the concept has not been an easy one to accept,for the rest of the Executive looking for documentation and a full solution first time, the results have changed hearts and minds and all accept the best way forward is deliver early and build on.
Petroianu Marian.
Wolfram Müller-Grabellus: (NIELSEN+PARTNER Unternehmensberater GmbH)
Gurpreet Sachdeva: (Aricent Technologies) I endorse Agile manifesto as a means for quality software development in a dynamic environment where requirements are flexible.
Thiago Gabriel da Silva Vassão Tomais: (
Rafael Augusto Melo de Souza: (Medsystem S/V)
Germano Giuliani: (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)
John Waring: (Concept2020 Ltd.)
Jamie van den Hout: (Bureau Bos ICT) People might doubt that Agile has the greatest principles, but we can be sure that it has the best available at the moment, and we can use them in any project, not just in software development.
Lincoln de Almeida Rodrigues: Software Development needs true transparency.
Farzad': (KTH)
Oran Looney: ( Build the right thing, and build it right. Programmers spend years learning mastering the art of writing *correct* software, only to discover that it almost doesn't matter because it never seems to the be the *right* software. Agile solves this problem, to a degree that is genuinely surprising. By iteratively shipping working code and responding to user reactions, it seems almost any project can zero in on a great product. Of course, the requirement to ship regularly creates a *technical* problem, but one that can be solved with technical solutions (and has been, repeatedly). Agile shifts the burden from the soft, intractable problem of figuring out what people really want to the well-defined, solvable problem of figuring out how to evolve code quickly, and this has turned out to be a winning strategy. For that reason, I whole-heartedly endorse the Agile Manifesto.
Lilly Aliosius.
Matt Hamilton: (Brown University) Strong Agile support over multiple projects.
Karthik Ram.
Elizalde Baguinon: I believe I have been doing this type of development since I was starting out as a programmer in 2001. But I have never read this manifesto. Now, it is formalized as I have found this page. I suggest other programmers share this kind of methodology.
Abdulrahman AL-Sharawi: (Concordia University)
Amir Caluk: (aNET)
Thijs Cadier: (80beans)
senthilkumar shanmugam: (Mindtree) As a person working in servicing industry Agile methodology helps me in delivering quality deliverables adhering to timelines with high degree of transparency to the customers.
kevin Johnston: (kjsoft2010) Have been trying to work to the principles and philosophies since 1996. True professionals understand the need to work this way.
Swapnonil Mukherjee: (IBM India Pvt Ltd) I endorse Agile Manifesto completely, as putting it into practice has meant that I have been able to 1.Deliver finished software more quickly to customers. 2. Deliver software that is not monolithic in its design. 3. Gain customer trust through better quality of output. 4. Communicate better and more frequently with all stakeholders.
Christoph Mueller: (Peaches Industries GmbH)
James Starmer: (
Paul: (Bluewolf) Agile = quality of life
Bruce Taylor: (Aconex) Agile just makes sense. Putting trust at the heart of a relationship is one of the first things we learn as a child. Agile brings that back to the professional relationships we have as adults.
Dr. Kevin Evers: (EverRec Systems)
Tony Sousa: (SWD) Supporting concepts that at are at the core of my beliefs comes easy. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools makes good sense and promotes buy in from stakeholders without whom a project is destined to flounder Responding to change allows for adaptability and corrective action. A formula for success.
Tisson Mathew: (SharePoint Innovations, Inc.) We preach and practice the agile manifesto! Thank you
Alex Mine: ( Agile summed up: "Deeds, not words". You do the work and present to people, as opposed to doing a nice presentation and neglecting the actual work.
Emmanuel Mutimba Arome.
Kai Jaeger: (APL Team Ltd) Although I used many principles of the Agile Manifesto since I started programming in APL in 1980 we (the APL community I mean) failed to develop such a manifesto, and we also failed to do proper marketing. Thanks to the Agile guys who made this a mainstream movement.
Agung Hartawan: The agile principle apply to anything which bring benefit and add more value to mankind
Dominic Valentino: (Lotus Design Group) I support Agile development because it's based on the reality of change, not the fantasy of prediction.
J. Ignacio Reta Sabarrós: (
Luis Antonio Saucedo: (Sistemas y Soporte Integral)
Gaetano Antonio Curella.
Gaetano Antonio Curella.
Reza Matinnejad: ( I beleive it is only possible through agile software development to create a profitable business out of software industry!
Nitesh Nema: I had been working on Agile 3 years back as senior software developer. Initially shocked with Agile, but as time progressed, it is become my love. Now handling Project based on Structured Iterative Model (younger brother of Agile). I like the openness of Agile having focused to individual creativity, interactions of camaraderie of team creativity, focused on running product and flexi interfaces to welcome changes. It is mind-blowing. I am practising Agile, it is my religion now.
Gaetano Antonio Curella: Agile methodology can help us when we do not need to create full software development project formal documentation and we can satisfy the customer just with a continuous delivery of valuable software.
Alfeu Figueredo do Prado: I will work to improve Project Management Practices following Agile Principles.
Michel Menegazzo.
Daniel Demus.
ustbqian: ( I support it!
Antony Nirmal Raj P: (SmartPoint Technologies)
Hans Helmonds: (PAT Learning Solutions)
Dylan Lucas.
Gian Mahil: (Cutting Edge Consulting) We believe in Agile Principles and can demonstrate delivering transformational change in the retail and investment banking sectors following the principles.
Khalid Turk: (Hamzain Consulting LLC)

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