Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Feb to 19 Feb 2011
Yves Hoppe: (Vicube Webdevelopment)
Matteo Canato: ( Four simple rules which can really help software developers and companies.
Raimundo Alves: (Indados)
Amsterdam Luís de Lima Filho.
Christopher Luttrell: (Cadre5) Very happy to join this list on the 10th Aniversary of the Manifesto. I have been reading and following these principles for years and our company was very happy to have been a large part of the team that just helped the our client win the 2010 PMI Distinguished Project Award. On several occasions they pointed out the contribution of using Agile project management techniques in attaining this success and in getting up and functional in an unexpectedly short timeframe.
Vincent Eggen: (CHAMP Cargosystems) This is such a great movement. As an early RUP and XP adopter and now as a Scrum and Lean initiatives sponsor, I have been practicing the principles expressed in the manifesto as a developer, a development manager and now as a software house development director. In 10 years, this movement has proven it makes sense not only from a common sense standpoint, but also from an economic, practical application. Agile principles are major drivers to save money and to apply the most common sense principles of life in our professional life. I fully support the manifesto. Vincent Eggen
Jörg Egger: (
Thorsten Klein: (expositio)
Santosh Shindhe: Application inception might happen out of curiosity or accident, the survival however depends on its users who are the final customers. Adopting to change and understanding need for change decides application survival. The process used to enable such a positive environment is critical along with tools; however they are as efficient as individuals contributing for the cause. The manifesto captures all this very neatly and accurately for an efficient system consisting of a platform focused on contributors, enablers, consumers and customer. At end everything is for people and by people. Like the simplicity in it at the same time the depth of message.
Marlene Borghi: (Akeirou) Agile principles and values have been mine for quite a while. But I only realize today how urgent and important it is to spread out this way of thinking. For ages, people have split over controlling or trusting the human kind. We need to find our in between.
Chris Phelps: (Seismic) Glad to sign on the 10th anniversary.
Torsten Scheel: (Alcatel-Lucent)
Rowan Bunning: (Scrum WithStyle) On the 10th anniversary of the signing of this manifesto, the agile movement has never been stronger and its message never more relevant. This is the age of complexity and agile methods offer a humane, values-based, empirical approach that is better suited to today's wicked software and product development problems than the defined processes that dominate most industries. It occurs to me that my first involvement with agile development practices co-incides quite closely with the coining of the term "Agile". Back then it was just considered the way good Smalltalkers developed software. Who would have guessed that such a strong movement would be here 10 years later? To the original 17 signatories: "Thank you". To everyone who has signed since: "Keep up the great collaborative work".
uğur igün.
Patrick H. Stroetmann: Four simple things with great results!
Alfred Schilken: (EDV-Beratung Schilken) I hope the agile manifesto will become a matter of course in our industry.
Danilo Ruziska: (Stefanini)
Jonathan Hartono.
Christian Fink.
Michael Seitz: (Michael Seitz)
Juan Manuel Elosegui: (
Kevin Hopkins: (Found Design + Interactive) Wishing this work another 10 years!
Lukas Zdechovan: ( I heard about Agile Software Development maybe a few years ago, but I have never tried it on my own in a real project. Last year we tried to use Scrum and I realized how exciting the development could be... Although we didn't use Scrum in its natural form, I started to find for more information about it and later I found this Agile Manifesto which is even more about principles with which I agree and want to follow. I would really want the software development to be more about individual creativity but still better team collaboration and communication and to deliver the best software product to the customer we can.
Rivaldo Fernandes de A. Pereira: (IPD - Indra Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento)
Daniel Rossman: (GE Healthcare)
Antonio Pardo: (aLabs)
Lisa Weiss: (
Sergey Semyonov.
Lim Chanmann: (InSTEDD)
Markus Reich.
Bill Cashman: (BillCo) In a complex environment, simple guiding principles are best.
Lubos Ilcik: The Agile is the way of my thinking as a sw developer.
Jim Pearson: ( I believe that we, as technology professionals, can deliver software in a natural way: a way that is not contrary to the way users work. We are not building software to which the users must adapt. We are building software that adapts to the users.
Hannes Rosskopf: Let's hope that customer attention and pro-active reaction to change becomes at some point the 'norm'. There is hope :-).
Justin Mason: (Catapult Systems) Developing software and delivering something that the business needs requires individuals and their interactions. A waterfall project that ends up looking like the original detailed design is an exception rather than the rule. Measure that time lost and you will see the savings.
Manoj Panda.
Mikhail Kiselev.
David Toon: (
Caspar MacRae: (earcam) To be Agile is to be truly professional - this ensures client/customer confidence and, in turn, makes development fun
Nathan McKenzie.
Remy Naravulu: I have used this approach on a couple of initiatives related to Global Trade and it brought immediate & timely benefits for the business unit. This approach is tuned towards what matters to the business most. I am a strong believer of this business focused methodology and I am influencing the minds of my peers snd managers on the benefits of adopting this approach.
Brian Mathiyakom.
Axel Contreras: (CIMAT)
HEINZL: (CRM ISO9001 in creation) Working on process ISO9001. My work on Total Quality Management methods is centered on human being, thinking, feeling. The more I work on process approaches, the more I notice common strategy in process study and software developing. That's why I feel in accordance with your Agile Manifesto :-)
Marian Burdsall.
Uy Dung (Dennis) Nguyen: ( With simple but effective process, we strive for working result, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. That's the measure of our own success, and satisfactory
Doug McNitt: (Sourcefire)
Gregor Elke: It's not for software only, it's for working life and beyond that.
Ryan B Reagan: Agile works! No really it Works! Value the interaction with people always (customers, developers etc) over the docs/contracts. Invest in making a great team over just the product and the product will be great.

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