Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 Jun to 14 Jun 2011
Ashley Hancock.
Ahmad Goheer: (Deltagile) Agile makes so much common sense, the whole traditional processes and procedures and methodologies had gone so far with well, processes and procedures and methods that they forgot the basics which mater most. I for one am in fact trying various ways to get other organizations involved in this than just the development or IT people. How can say accountants or lawyers or other professional knowledge workers embrace this ...
ricardo kiyoshi sasaki.
Tomasz H. Wlodarczyk, PhD: Througout my life I followed "the agile path" not knowing others have named it.
Gene Ambeau: (TicketNetwork) Fortunate enough to work for an open-minded and forward thinking organization, we have found the path to the next phase of our company's maturity in Agile and Scrum
Jean-François Hubert: (Ubisoft Divertissement)
Aras Noori: (ZKURD)
Vincent THAVONEKHAM: (General Electric) Strong AGILE believer. Experienced many Agile projects. Great success stories on 2 large and critical Scrum projects. Just love it and want to continously learn from it !! No one in our team will come back to waterfall or V-Cycle model anymore !! Big thanks to Scrum creators !!
Glen R. Cook: I've been a advocate of this approach since 1989!
Fredrik de Vibe.
Cisco Chung: (Web Marketing Agency) I support this alliance because it has been one of the most powerful software movements in the past and because it helps to create a better future for the technical minded professional.
Emiliano Pereyra: (Ergio)
Steve Neiderhauser: (Phytel) I support the Agile Manifesto.
Matthew Willhite.
Mohammad Abul Khaer: (Vizrt Bangladesh) Agile software development is quickest way to deliver a software and here the communication between stakeholder and developer group is very interactive. As a result there is no confusion between what customer wants and what developer provides. For all these reasons I like agile methodology.
Omar Mirza: (Grontmij)
Vishal Mirchandani: (Syntel) So where should you not use an agile method? I think it primarily comes down to the people. If the people involved aren't interested in the kind of intense collaboration that agile working requires, then it's going to be a big struggle to get them to work with it. In particular I think that this means you should never try to impose agile working on a team that doesn't want to try it. There's been lots of experience with agile methods over the last ten years. At Syntel we always use an agile approach if our clients are willing, which most of the time they are. I (and we) continue to be big fans of this way of working.
Vineet Kumar: ( We are committed to serve you better . I think in a west way ,like in politeness , in costing , in a true business value , and even in a True Business Solutions . Also I welcome new Ideas and good suggestions from all of my this page viewer so that i can improve myself to compete the lesson .
Rodrigo Trindade Prestes: (Apontador) It's changing the way we work here!
Sergio Loza.
Hibai Unzueta.
Jonas Borchelt: I agree.
Adam Pond.
Alfredo Zermeño Núñez: (Glider Software Solutions) One of the best ways to create useful software in a convenient way for developers and customers.
Douglas Mello.
Parvis Shafiey: (Freelance Project Manager) Great, I've been using it successful in the project management since years. I support the Agile Manifesto! Four rules and twelve principles for better results.
Nalindu Shyamal: Agile Software Development is the simple and best way to do any type of software development.I like to do my works with this outstanding method.Thanks......................................
Pasquale Donadio: (Alcatel-Lucent) I full support the Agile Manifesto
Dermot Boyle: (Microsoft Corporation)
Jake Dawn: (
Andrew Krogermeier: (T-Miobile USA)
Lynn Winterboer.
Sherman Williams: (Irvingnet Networks)
Min-Yu Yang.
Byron Rosales E.: (extremoSoftware S.A.) As far as my experience, Agile have been implicit over all my SW Dev Projects. Adaptive, Iterative & Incremental development process are part of my life. Teach, share, learn best practices about SW Development will be always my main focus. Go Agile !!!
Ulf Schneider: (Datenlabor GmbH)
Bruce E Deyle.
Lee Thompson: (Monitise)
Mosab Ahmad: (Dot Slash Configure Labs)
Roberto Cappelletti: (
Dean Marc Co: ( Hello and good day everyone. I would like to extend and proclaim support the manifesto formally. Being knowledgeable of this from the beginning, the Agile Manifesto, more than anything else, united a big chunk of the industry, not in collaborating on a single idea, but in recognizing our common challenges. Through this, a thriving idea is born of moving things forward with technical prowess coupled with sensitivity to the purpose of our craft: to make a better world. Be Agile. Keep Improving!
Peter Barabash: (SystemCode Ltd) As a freelance developer, I work in many different companies, and it is so obvious that Agile works far better than older traditional methodologies.
Jon Ramberg: (Intermec Technologies Corp) Agile is a journey.
Shafaat Awan: (Makadco) I really like the agile methods for developing new software, and the components are a perfect scenario for achieve this goal.
Louise Perry: (We Make Little Shops) I have used agile methodology all of my working life and have always been astounded at project management styles that employ endless spreadsheets and to do lists etc. I have yet to work on a project where the end has not been altered in some way during the process...I had no idea that there was a name for my style of working!
Tomasz Matynia: (protocore)
Carlos Attafuah.
Abdiel Ledesma: (Equation Group)
Chris Egelhof: (Siemens Healthcare)
Alex Goncharov: (Custom Software Development) With the help of agile methods our business has moved to completely new level! And of course we do support the Agile Manifesto!

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