Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 14 Jun to 26 Jun 2011
Aleksandar Penić: (Fusion ITS)
Andre Castro: (Yoga Box)
Raphael Pantaleão.
Christian Heger: (
Josip Bugarcic.
Manu Sood: (NeuralTek)
Dayan C. Galiazzi.
Inigo Soto: (Capgemini) I believe in the values that the Agile Manifesto highlights, and I believe that they are an enabler for better software and better projects.
Bassem Hamdi : Agile evangelist !
Benoit Christophe: The way it should be
Bonnie Aumann: ( While written for software development, Agile manifesto causes ripples up and down the business value chain and spreads into other fields.
Dmitry Wolf.
Michael Wong.
Julian Weber: (Secure Link Services Ltd)
James Root: (
Nate Morrow: (JELD-WEN, Inc.)
Rohit Karajgi: I fully support the principles behind the Agile Manifesto and I believe that they are the key to great software and an efficient development environment.
Juan J. Moreno Pina: (Studio M2J) Agile/Scrum for software development
Jan Slavík: (
Audrey M. Wilson: I support Agile Development for all types of processes because if you keep doing things the way you've always done them, while others keep moving forward, you'll fall behind.
Steve Lochmoeller: (Clearly Inventory) We've been using the Agile Software Development methodology before we even knew what it was called! Our inventory management software serves such a diverse group of customers and users that without following the agile development methods, we'd be doomed.
Rick Beerendonk.
Eric Bicknell.
Akshat Paul: ( I am a fan of awe-inspiring agile software methodologies like Scrum, FDD, XP. They help me reaching my ultimate goal everyday that is keeping my clients happy, and they're happy coz we bring them one step closer to cheap changes. Improve quality and pace of work for peers. Challenging ourself everyday coz no matter how simple this cure sounds its complex in implementation, but it is something to learn all the time.
Justin Naidl.
Christian Giacomi: Honesty, Respect, Taking Responsibility and Kaizen.
Alexander Weichselberger: (SEQIS Gmbh) ... agil implies a human centered, modern, honest approach to develope best class solutions. Open to problems, focussed in solutions using the potential of the individuals, accepting not know everything and being therefore a more flexible: Companies, that's the way!
Marco Cabrera: (
Dan Merriman: Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Traditional methods are failing repeatedly, a new approach is long overdue. That approach is Agile.
Dave Foreman: (Interactive Limited SEO and PPC) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools!
Nikita Barvenov.
Claus Polanka: (
Mario Alberto Ribeiro.
Dayn Jackson: (Raytheon IIS) Employed several of the agile methods in the execution of a 2.5 year development effort, which had very volitile requirements and the agile approach worked! I could not fathom how we would have been successful given the customer requirements volitility and interim compressed schedules had we followed more traditional methods.
Arlen Cuss: (
Nicolas De Irisarri.
Sándor Kőhalmi.
Narendran Sivakumar: I totally agree with the Agile Manifesto. It gives us the freedom to develop the software in a creative way with lot of colloboration with the team and with the customer. Documentation has always been a pain in the wrong places :-). A good programmer knows how to give meaningful names to variables, methods etc, hence makes it readable for other real programmers. Long live Agile!!!! - Narendran Sivakumar(
Tray Williams: (DevGuy) After 15 years in the IT industry as both an architect and project manager, I can tell you that Waterfall as it stands today does not work. After becoming a Certified Scrum Master and practicing my craft, I fully endorse the Agile Manifesto. Success rates are much higher and my customers are happier for it!
Glenn Friesen: (Glenn Friesen) I have been living by the agile manifesto for years, and fully support it. Agility in process! Self-Organization! These are my battle cries.
Rick Madden: ( JFDI
Dr. Phil Golinsky: (Dr. Phil Golinsky) I support the values of Agile Maifesto
John Willson: (DSS Ltd.) Successful projects are architecture driven to exceed customer/client satisfaction with high software quality craftmanship. Until the world acquires thought to software, agile and its variants is the way to capture requirements, exceed expectations, and measure progress.
Krit Kasemosoth.
Andy de Vale: (2d Cargo Ltd)
abhishek pareek: (Zensar technologies)
Jocson, A. G.: I'm using Agile Methodology in all my projects and those projects are successfull either small, medium to large scale projects. I'm continuesly studying, developing and improving the details of this methodology, tailored for specific organiztional needs.
Ezz Wahid .
Eswara: I agree to ALL the Agile principles and hereby pledge to support them in their TRUE SPIRIT as much as possible in all applicable environments. So help me God.
Asher Bond: (Elastic Provisioner, Inc.) Success is 99% failure and probably almost 1% knowing when to quit. Iterative practices designed by project, innovation, and engineering focused field experts who share information from past failures in a way that leverages past experience for a greater good are the characteristics which make project stakeholders realize the difference between the inefficient "fire-fighting" modes by which they used to operate and the innovation an Agile methodologist brings to the team and to the table. Even in a time of realizing elastic provision, and even with the immensely measurable impact of Agile methodologies... we have only begun to realize how much the Agile movement has shaped the innovative software which remains usable today. With this software, which has become a toolbox for the future, and with the innovation gained by the Agile project framework... we have been provided not just a toolbox with instructions, but the scientific ability to build a "tunnel" of test-driven and quality-assured collaboration beneath the once hyper-departmentalized walls of confusion. Collaboration is like competition on steroids and the interactive individual is the smallest, most highly flexible component in any organization. It may seem to the inefficient individual as if this is the end of their job security, but for those who practice innovation from cradle to grave this is only the beginning of what we can achieve for our customers and stakeholders. This is only the beginning. - Asher Bond

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