Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 03 Sep to 15 Sep 2011
Douglas Carter: (OMEX Systems, Inc.) My development Team in Karachi Pakistan! Omex Technologies!
Anders Roxström.
John Conklin: (US Army Contracting Command)
Thomas Lee Johnson.
Denis Dwornitzak: I definitely support the agile manifesto! Ninja's can't catch you if you do it the agile way!
Alan Jones: (Novadatum Computer Services) I fully endorse and support the Agile Manifesto having used, and proven, it's principles in software development projects over the last 6 years
Todd Zinkgraf.
Armond Mehrabian: (Portofino Solutions, Inc.) I wholeheartedly believe in the principles and practices of this document.
Mahesh: (Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd) Hi All, The Agile way of doing project management realised a very valuable working business software produced with a very high quality and technical excellence within a low-cost and constrained economic environment. Thanks to the evangelisation and exposing of the Agile Practices to the community for the betterment of the world. Mahesh
Stefan Koulouris: (Binary Mind)
Ivaylo Makariev: (Grand Systems OOD)
Paul Kvamme: I have witnessed Agile and adaptive teams deliver projects that more completely satisfy and delight the customer, simply because the customer saw progress, which allowed them to continue supporting the development. The customer is satisfied. The management is satisfied. The developers are not burned out and can take pride in what they have developed. And the product does exactly what it was designed to do.
Max Cruz.
Juan de Villiers: (SyllogisTeks) Implementing agile processes, although challenging, has been extremely rewarding. The team members have greater freedom and the software delivered has been very pleasing to the customers.
Luis Fernando Torres: (2Towers: Training and Technologies) Agile has many application as any other methodology but, more focused in people instead of process. Agile is client-driven instead of result. The result should add value to client instead only result. Agile should fill a blank that project management has been calling scope creep, Agile is the right size for that!
Daniel Swid: I agree and endorse the manifesto.
Sanjay Vamja: (Max Bohr) Agile is liberation of mind over rules. It is not for those who fear. It is for those who deter to give their best and comes out with miracles!
Sharmila Banerjee.
Sameh AboulDahab: (Ministry Of Planning _ kuwait )
Shalini Muthoo Chandra: (NIIT) Agile Development is one of the best ways to maximize productivity within the project.
bhupendra chakradhar: ( I always vote for agile.A best idea from Agile Software Development Manifesto.
Mario Haza: I have always believed that the software development process should be done on small chunks on timing; right now the ever changing situations must be attained regularly, not at the final stage of a monolithical vision
Oskar Lissheim-Boethius: (OLB Productions) Good enough to give a fulfilling development experience.
Luisa Albera: I agree and endorse the manifesto.
Dan Gower: As a freelance Digital Project Manager, I endorse the principles of Agile. Why? Because allowing developers/designers/clients (and ultimately the project) to follow the path of least resistance, with the emphasis on "working" iterations simply makes more sense. Given that anything we build is going to change, during and after deployment, Agile is the only sensible way to work.
Jose Marie Maranan: fascinating. significant values that changed how i view software development as a discipline. makes me rethink my principles over and over again. thanks!
Ankit Dhingra: (ThoughtWorks Technologies)
Thomas Heppner: (Envers AG) I am walking the agile way since years, not knowing that someone give it a name. I do so, because it is consequentially. I endorse the Agile Manifesto, absolutely!
Jeroen de Zeeuw: (Imago Systems)
Steven Bonacorsi: (International Standard for Lean Six Sigma) I have been applying the Agile Methods since 2001, when I first signed the Manifesto. I regret I was traveling when asked by Jim Highsmith to join the first Agile Meeting, but kudos to all the initial members for sharing best practices, and helping to mature software development model. As the President of the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma, I am excited to see the non-value add waste removed from the software model and a focus on the daily delivery of working software that has been developed with customer collaboration.
Steve Deal: Best philosophy for developing software, delivering value to the Customer, and having a great time while doing both.
Nelson Y. Akkutlu: (Wells Fargo)
Deivide Martins.
Stefano Ansaldi: For a better working life
Lucian Revnic: (HP Software) What I'm considering the most important are the mindset and the customer collaboration. It's nice to have people accepting their imperfections and then willing to improve the process.
José D'Andrade: I'd say I have been working this way since the first time successful visual development tools were available (1991). In my case, it all started because I wanted to satisfy customers 100%. So, constant several times a day communication became part of my way of doing things. I became used to constant changes, working prototypes and involving the customer in the process. I am glad to join and support.
Chris Farrell: Full support and commitment. Changes the way we think, work and succeed. Happy (upcoming) Birthday!
Norberto L. Herz: ( As an IT professional, I found and find in Agile methodologies a differential methodology that not only makes my teams to work more efficiently, but also, more relaxed and happy. I have been working with several methodologies with different purposes. As a team leader turning into Scrum Master, I found in Scrum an incredible way to manage requirements and project life-cycle. As an IT Architect, I found AMDD a wonderful technique and method to construct solutions in a changing environment. As a Developer, I found TDD, and XP an exceptional way to fulfill the requirements->user stories->tasks.
Martin Drapeau: (Planbox Project Management) I am a software craftsman. Agile is my hammer.
Christopher Duraj: (OPTeam SA) Agile Manifesto = answer to problems
marcello borzi: (jobrapido)
Alan Markey: (ProjectDynamix)
Elias Allayiotis: (UVIA Technologies) We find that agile methods are the most effective in developing software.
Artem Kudymovsky: (
Michael Miller: I have been utilizing Agile development for over a decade and am fully in support of the Manifesto. By adhering to it's tenets, all success measures will be achieved as a by-product of a healthy development organization and team.
Bayo Akinola-Odusola: ( I endorse this cause whole heatedly for the benefit or clients, organizations and professionals. Bayo Akinola-Odusola (Business Transformation Consultant)
Mohit Garg: (Syntel Ltd)
Piotr Leszczynski.
Mrugen Deshmukh: The Agile way to develop the software is the most enhanced and it's takes into consideration factors that really mean and matter .
Gleb Galkin: (

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