Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Sep to 22 Sep 2011
Nicolae Giurescu: (3PRO-LAB Consulting SRL)
Fernando Albernaz.
Pascal LE LEANNEC: (AgileSoft.NC)
Aaron King: Be Agile and Be Happy.
Douglas Reynolds: (Douglas Reynolds Consulting) Agile practices, most importantly, provide us a better means of continued discovery throughout the project lifecycle. We are better able to communicate and understand user requirements, break them down into logical chunks of functionality which defines our development of associated tests. From test-driven-development, we are able to rapidly produce functional deliverables that meet the needs of our stakeholders and reduce the amount of un-needed code. Developers, Project Managers, Sponsors, and users are all involved in the process, interacting and supporting the project. Software is being developed that meets requirements, a collaborative environment exists, and we are able to respond to change requests in a dynamic manner which is supported in many ways, including Object Oriented Programming and Test Driven Development.
bhupendra: ( I Support the Agile Manifesto and also use Agile Software Development process.God shall make agile Software Development process more and more successful.The electronic information on this site is very useful.God bless everyone
Christoph Oberle: (IT Consulting) To solve our complex problems we need these simple rules!
Kourosh Sanaeimovahed.
Somesh Chaturvedi: I have been part of team struggling to understand the agile approach and is marred by the traditional thinking with aspiration to become agile development team. However, it is understood that the 4 point manifesto does not only overs technical aspects instead it also shows considerations of real life challenges such as human interactions, adaptability , and agility to survive and deliver best softwares in world.
Lukáš Bizoň: (Tieto)
李鑫: (qunar) 敏捷开发中的很多经验之谈是我亲身经历过的, 其中的一些观点在我的管理经历中使用过, 例如TDD, 经验主义等, 我希望能在以后的工作中使用真正的敏捷开发来提升团队的能力及产品的质量.
Germán Escobar Villada: (miPYME Libre) miPYME Libre: Tecnología Libre y Solidaria es un proyecto solidario de base tecnológica orientado a la prestación de servicios de consultoría, implantación, desarrollo y capacitación en soluciones informáticas Software Libre (GNU/Linux). Nuestro propósito es fomentar el uso del Software Libre como instrumento para el desarrollo socio-económico endógeno, ético, sostenible y sustentable de las microempresas (MIPYMEs) y emprendimientos del sector solidario en Colombia. El principal elemento que determina nuestra forma de trabajar es el Desarrollo Agil de Software.
Dustin Essington.
Chris Gunawardena: (
Sayan Bhattacharyya: (Storybridge Software)
Ivar Andreassen: (eLogic AS)
Nicholas W Annor-Adjei: (Fisco Labs) I suppot the Agile methodology due to its style of implementation. Draws a total connectivity between the Developer, the software and customer or the user.
Jan Inge Husby: (Itema as)
Asuri Saranathan: (Mphasis HP) I think these principles definitely stand out. However, what i have observed during my experience is collection of large errors that have crept in the past and now we seem to be undoing what has been done so far. There has to be a lot more thrust to the agile methodology as a concept and i would welcome organizations impose a penalty if not followed properly. If we think of the drain on the economy as a result of all these failures , i think we could have made Somalia as rich as USA.
nick horne: (NHSBT) We have been exploring the benefits of adopting an Agile approach to developing systems having taken a largely waterfall approach to development which has not been largely unsuccessful. However as part of our drive to improve process efficiency we have adopted aspects of SCRUM and are exploring DSDM Atern, we have gained significant benefits from the adoption of some of the approaches and continue our journey to further adoption and improvement.
BENOIT Vincent: (Laetis)
nebu joy: (Tata Communications)
Claus Eier: (Eier Enterprice) Stay agile, my friend!
Dan Moldovan.
Jeff Fango: (Designer Mens Clothing) Always been interested in the Agile model
Laurent Delvaux: (Zenika)
Robert C Holsberry, PMP: (Innovative Primary Solutions, LLC) I was first introduced to the use of Agile concepts and methods in mid-2002; admittedly there was more than a little trepidation diving into it. Any concerns I had disappeared during the initial sprint and I haven't looked back. Agile has only continued to enhance the quality and success of the project management efforts I have overseen.
Ramakrishnan Srinivasan: Agile is good. It is an attitude. It just makes horse sense. Think simply. Keep learning new things. Talk to the people around you. Run your thoughts and ideas by a few people. Build some good karma. Take your work seriously, but relax. Smile. :) Its ok. You will get it done. Be natural ... be agile ... be happy.
Darko Kantic: (Cyber Sundae) After 17 years in IT, I can only say, why wasn't this invented earlier! We were kind of using bits and pieces from a non-exsistant Agile on various projects, but it was considered "bad" and had to be kept hidden from managers and customers. Now we can do it openly, great stuff!
Manoj Kumar Joshi.
Mahmoud CHALLOUF: (NetSystem) We have started working with Agile Process last year and it really have benefits on productivity, team mindset and customer satisfaction.
Petra Stoppel: (
Ovidiu Pitic : (Pivocon) My 2c: Common sense for most people, easily adopted if properly tailored and valuable especially when compared with the guidelines of more formal methodologies. Dear fellow supporters, more than a decade after the creation of the agile manifesto, we've learned to see software value differently. Thanks for your help!
Frank Witte: (Web-Analysen) Agile Testing for test management, especially to be used in web-testing, for better quality and improvement of software delivery.
Ibrahim Hebeish: (EgyptNetwork Company) it is very effective way for managing teams, WOW
Costel Ureche: (Logikon)
Iain White: (
Daniel Jander: (pwc AG)
Najeem M Illyas: (Ed Ventures) I'm with Agile process for many years and recently published articles on agile methodology and practical approach. I can support Agile Manifesto.
Konrad Pogorzala: AGILE mindset helps me to live a better life!
Steve Jovanelly: Inspect and Adapt!
Dave McGowan: (Accenture) I support the agile manifesto. I've yet to see a 'true' waterfall lifecycle implementation in any of the roles I've been in. It has always ended up being some kind of ill defined ad-hoc hybrid where lessons are never learned and the reams of documentation produced are uniformly never looked at again. I support not wasting effort.
L Mark Higgins: I've believed in these principles for years. I have a memory of signing the manifesto years ago. But it must be an implanted one, because I couldn't find my name anywhere.
Leon Kehl: (BoxBrite Inc.) I've been developing software for many years and have pointed numerous people to the Manifesto. Some truths are eternal and I think the Manifesto captures the essence of what leads to good software. Only creative people can create good art. People following a paint by numbers kit do not. Software like art is a creative process and the same rules apply.
Cahit Bağdelen: (ENO Information Technologies) Promising principles, which may dramatically increase productivity and quality, provided that the individuals collaborate with a team sprit.
Dontrell L. Banks: (NetServices, LLC) Who would've thought that simple rules and guidelines could solve large and very complex problems? I introduced Agile Software Development to a new team I had taken over to improve accuracy and reduce time to delivery for our software initiatives. After only two release cycles, we have earned the praise of our customers and continue to grow as a software development and support group.
Randy Schmidt: ( It just works... As a warfighter with more than 23 years of living with what the "engineers" and their "R"equirements I have given up on that word and the old waterfall process it cannotes. Agile/Sprint/Scrum is the best method and pattern I have seen after more than 10 years of software development in the other practices. In it's purest form, there are no requirements, only desirements and realm of the possible.
Daniel Bechtel: So much better in delivering usable results earlier than the "usual" approach.
Colin Moore: (Thoughtcorp Systems Inc) I've worked in a waterfall environment most of my career. I had the fortunate opportunity to learn and experience agile software development while on projects over the last 1-2years. And what an eye opening experience it was! We were able to successfully build a complicated portal on time and on budget...and most of all we were able to deliver value to our customer early and often. In the end we not only delivered working software but working software that the customer wanted and valued!

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