Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 22 Sep to 04 Oct 2011
Christopher Haney: (KPMG, LLP)
Rudy Hernandez: I fully agree with this manifesto. It is the right approach and points to the challenges facing those who truly want to produce working software that end users will happily use
Gerald Michael A. Calaguian.
Shaun Wilde: ( Keeping these values at the forefront of one's mind is a must for every team member; but so is understanding that there has to be a balance because sometimes the environment demands that some of the other "stuff" has still got to be done.
Abhilash M A: (Multunus Software Pvt Ltd)
Mathias Lin: (Meta Healthcare Systems Ltd.)
Kenneth Lee: Be Agile for our humanbeing
Helen Snitkovsky: Signed
李卫江: (Neusoft)
Matt Jones.
Cathal McNally: Definitely the correct approach to agile development.
Thomas Greenway: I see this effort as a direct evolution of principles orignally brought up in "The Mythical Man Month" - which was our mantra back when I first started developing software in the late 70's. From FORTRAN to C to C++ to JAVA - the principal remains the same - tear down the silos - build as a team - know your customer - and focus on techical excellence. Proud to add my name to this group. Cheers.
Edward Corlett: (eDevelopment)
Mike McLaughlin: (Adams Gabbert) Right on! Making progress each day.
Asdrubal Núñez: (Toolsnet)
Pedro Fernandes Vieira.
Riaz Ahmed: I have worked with both Agile and "anti" agile approaches. Agile is not just a methodology to work by, is a methodology for life! The growth in developer and consultant support for Agile technologies over this time is really great!
Mehmet Serhat OZENER.
Joel Krooswyk: (Rally Software)
Iain Wright: (White Horse Web Services)
Arindam Basu: (IBM) To me being Agile, is being more customer centric, so that customers use the software that is being built for them and have a feel of it early on, in the project life cycle
Abdul Qadir Memon: (
Pieter Hendrikx: (The Next View) Glad to be able to have taken notice of these great concepts in an early stage of my career!
Vivekananda Reddy.
Robert Choquette: (self) I've worked in agile environments and I've worked in waterfall environments; and I must say that the production results (e.g. the end result) delivered from an agile environment is really, really what the customer wants! The customer simply want's the product to work! That's all! And when the product work's better than expected - then you have a customer for life! In one waterfall environment, I was assigned a critical objective that had to be met; with a really, really serious deadline... Months away, but still very serious... The environment knew that whatever it was that they were doing (e.g. they were applying the waterfall method); this simply was not going to work on this particular project assignment… So, the instructions given to me were to "Do whatever you think is best – and reach this objective" - so - this presented an opportunity to introduce agile (by example - through results). And the end result? On time and working better than expected… A very happy customer… So, if you discover that you have unintentionally landed in a hard-core waterfall environment, what to do? You may very well find a perfect opportunity to introduce agile... My advice is - Show them - Deliver the results - and – Lastly – when they ask “what is your secret?” - Let the secret out... It’s agile… So, if you want to introduce agile into a hard-core waterfall environment… "Slide-in” an agile evangelist… Do we have any converts? Can we make converts? Do we have an agile evangelist?
Guy Vinograd: (Softimize) Softimize deeply identifies with the Agile Manifesto and works in the light of its guidance. We apply Lean thinking to create User Stories that are Minimal Marketable Features and use a Kanban board to manage their cycle throughout the project. Our customers are more than welcomed to join our periodical project progress demonstrations every few weeks.
Ben McKay: (Just Me and My) Supporting this as part of the Scrum principles. Always happy to support productivity initiatives, and when managed effectively, this seems to be a hugely helpful framework and mindset.
Jose Fineza: elegant simplicity. well done.
Darryl Lynch: (Dubbo City Council) Exactly the form of methodology I'm comfortable with. Totally support collaboration with stake holders to get the best solution for them.
Firoz: Agile methadology has proven itself many a times as per my experience.....
Anna Angelacci: (Barling Bay, LLC.)
Mark Spitzer.
Luc Bertrand: (SuperSonic Imagine) Don't Panic ! Be Agile !
Debefve Luc: (EIA)
Anirban Pal: (Mahindra Satyam) I, as an Agile coach and instructor of Agile Practices, find the Agile Manifesto very valuable and essential towards delivering projects successfully. In an Agile environment with value delivery and team motivation being prime, the manifesto is very much common sense that is frequently overlooked and hence explicit stating and following the same creates useful impact.
Daniel Silverman: ( This is my endorsement.
Matt Sell: (Improving Enterprises)
Gilles Renou: (2consult)
Martin Fredriksson: (Canyala Innovation AB) Agile ideas are of great value if you strive for working software and systems benefitial to both customers and producers.
Joe Zajac: Having managed projects using both waterfall and agile methodologies, adopting Agile tools and techniques certainly works for the vast majority of projects I have encountered. The Agile Manifesto embodies the essence of agile without requiring the reader to spend hours pressing the page down key or flipping through many trees' worth of paper to understand it. The Agile Manifesto is--well--AGILE, as it should be. Thanks to the authors for that! Joe Zajac - Bahama, NC, USA
Borja Bravo Alférez: I Support the Agile Manifesto. Software is just a tool. Not an end by itself. I will try to implement its values whenever it does not go against my employer interest. Happy coding
Gerhard Friedrich: (360PM) It is such a wise statement, short but adressing precisely the really important issues of managing software. Thanks to the authors.
Karabo Tabane.
Nigel Baker: ( I believe in these principles. I live and breath these principles. Let's transform the world of work
Paul Shaw.
Ko Chan Hyuk: (NHN) People said, agile is not a silver bullet. Of course! Agile is not a sort of bullet. It's about how to use your gun(in the software industry). Be Agile!
Irfan Ansari: (Applying Agile Ltd) Its just the way software development should have been in the first place
Christoph Pickl: (Vienna University of Technology)
Claude Emond: ( I have been aware of the manifesto since its begining. I apply its underlined values since the late 1990s in other domains besides software development. So I am happy to join officially this happy crowd and to continue to promote Agility with a capital A in all spheres of activity. Claude

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