Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 04 Oct to 17 Oct 2011
Mrugen Deshmukh: (Equal Experts India Pvt. Ltd.) Agile methodology has given us a new way to look at software development and we look forward to enhance and add value to our efforts to grow with agile and deliver value to all stakeholders.
Stacey Pulkit: (Agile BOK) We are proud supporters of the Agile Manifesto and are working to further promote it within the greater community.
Don Sarno: (Sopheon)
Tim Klande.
Rahul Kumbhar: (BKTB Infosolutions) Must say that Agile methodologies have changed the way project management was supposed to be.
Ivan Kostial: ( In between is agile a brand. But "Agile Manifesto" gives always correct direction to orient myself, teams and organizations in hard times. Thanks!
Robert Gormley: Agile QA is a beautiful thing.
Juan Alejandro Condori Cabrera: Prometo involucrarme ágilmente!
Norm Hanvich.
Kathy: I endorse the Agile Manifesto and can tell you first hand, it works!
christopher nel: I met Alistair Cockburn, a founder of the alliance, in 1998 and was inspired by his style and innovative approach to delivering software with teams; particularly his focus on understanding the traditionally softer elements of projects - the people and their interactions which I believe are a cornerstone of the agile manifesto. Since then, my own projects have learned from and followed many of the values and practises now espoused in the manifesto. Grateful thanks.
Hollis Tibbetts: (Artemis Ventures LLC) insanely great software is good business.
Jon Blackburn: (Capgemini)
marouane gazanayi: Think agile, be agile !
Peter Koch.
Betty Cortez: (Cox Target )
Prasham Ajmera.
Dave Green: (Readywebgo) Without knowing we have employed the Agile methodology in a limited way since 1999. Web development concepts turned traditional software development on its head with rapid design and deployment methods. The Agile Manifesto sets forth a set of standards and practices that we are now learning to apply to very small business and nonprofit endeavors.
Mohammed Al-Assal: (EgyptNetwork)
Prateek Shrivastava: (Nokia Inc) I truly support that Agile practices are in the best interest of customer, team and management.
Oleg Reshetnyak: (SHAPE Services)
Marco Tolk: ( I've been doing this for years. Is it easy? No, not always. But it works in this ever changing world.
Vladimir Markovic.
Alex Robbio: (Belatrix Outsourcing)
Daniele Cruciani: (smartango)
Saurabh Jain: (OpenClass (SKJ Technologies Private Ltd)) Through experience, I think that Agile Manifesto is correct.
Thierry Cattel: (Agridea)
Vitaly Voronin.
Weder Vieira: I think this is the best idea for software development. I became very influenced by this manifesto and principles.
Walter Lonjino Lodwa: (Government of South Sudan) I endorse the Agile Manifesto.
Fernando Jaraba Nieto: Dividing to rule. Be agile!
Michael Pelletier.
Al Mahbubul Alam Rony: The value I’ve seen in agile over conventional development process is unprecedented. In agile software development we value our customer’s need in every single step. Working software every 2-3 weeks keeps client confident that we are going to pull it off and waking to the right direction...
Monika Konieczny: Because agile helps increasing team's happiness and creativity
Vincent Ryan: It promotes self-organizing teams, that can rapidly adapt to changing landscapes within a project.
Patrick: (Qualityhouse) After working as a software tester in waterfall development models for many years, I am finally working in an Agile (SCRUM) environment. I am happy to finally work in a way that makes sense, and is effective!
João Vaz de Carvalho: (Banco BPI)
Adilson Junior: (Squadra)
WEBER: (Astek)
Barry Shirota:
Astrit Desku.
Ramil Joaquin: (Nielsen Field Web Solutions, Inc)
Heidi Laubenthal: (Laubenthal, Inc.)
Beji Jacob.
Bogdan Zaharia.
Kefah Jizmawi: (Tatweer Software) The Agile manifesto is great ! Software Development activities are invisible for customers, Agile make it visible. Software development has thousands of places where things could go wrong, Agile minimise it to hands count. The sooner we discover a mistake in Software Development the easier and less time, to be solved moreover the less impact on the whole project, Agile make this possible.
Emerson Jose Morgado Brito: (swquality)

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