Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Oct to 23 Oct 2011
Matthew Hicks: (Booz Allen Hamilton) I support and will abide by the Agile Manifesto.
songwen: (mash5) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Rajendra Vishakantaiah: (Mformation) Having been part of Agile development for the better part of this year, I have realized it's importance and the value it has brought to our organisation.
Bret D. Wortman: (TMA, Inc.)
Bernadette Haidar: I support all Agile Development, as it is an impressive methodology to work with.
Travis Wiltshire: (Nationwide Insurance)
Gary Reynolds: (
Adriano de Palma: (Ci&T) I work in a company that runs 100% Agile projects. I've participated in successful projects using agile principles and clients have been very pleased.
Paul Pleasant: (WebTech One Inc.) As a signatory of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development we find that we agree, more often than not, with the tenets of the manifesto. Agile software development has solved a great number of problems associated with other SDLC’s that put more emphasis on getting paid than creating great software. The times of fixed bids and long lapses between communicating with customers are over and we applaud the reasoning and tenacity of those who helped shape a better way for developing software. There remains in many segments of the business world a reluctance to sign on to a project with no defined end and no real budget. How can a business person with years of experience suddenly throw caution to the wind for such important constraints as time and money? Of course, the answer comes in educating the customer about the merits of incremental work and the pitfalls and perils associated with maintaining the status quo. Still, it is important to stand our ground and maintain our proof-is-in-the-pudding philosophy. From our customers we ask you to open your eyes and ears and allow us to help you realize the success possible with this paradigm. From our contemporaries we ask that you understand our pain just as you live it yourselves. We will continue to preach agile on every street corner until there are no antagonist’s left. But please do understand if we qualify our endorsement of the manifesto, if only for our own sanity.
Peter McKay: (CA Technologies)
Barry Shirota:
Satheeshkumar Gandhimurthy: I expect agile to be the methodology in the coming days to deliver benefits to the business in the shortest possible time.
Glen Hamilton: (InstantROI) I embrace and fully endorse the Agile manifesto and it's principles. I've used these principles at multiple companies for over seven years. I have found them to not only work well as a philosophy of product management/product development but also easily translate into highly actionable methods with outstanding outcomes.
Adrian Barkus: (Driven Action) I live and breathe the Agile Manifesto
Mehrdad Khanjani: (Samasoft ) We have used the Agile methodology in a limited way since 1999 Without knowing! Always we have working software, quickly responding to changes, and closely collaborate with our customers.Agile help we organize our experiences and maturities.We start adapting scrum back in 2007 and now we are proud to be part of an Agile community...
Matheus Haddad: (Webgoal)
James Jashinski.
Sachin Prasad: (Fluid India Consultancy)
Wilfrido Pérez Medina.
Peter Mitchell: (Australian National Car Parks)
Vagner Amaral.
Robert Egginton: (Maderlock Design) It's what's truly behind "release early and release often". There is also a Frank Lloyd Wright axiom that applies here: "the only valid test of a model is what it allows you to do." That applies to agile development in that technologies, processes, approaches and paradigms are only as useful as what they practically allow you to do now and in the future.
Dennis Counts: (The Boeing Company) The four basic values are ones that each of us must find a way to balance. I believe the farther we are able to lean to the left the more satisfied our customers will be.
Andrei Giurgiu.
Nicoleta Chindris: (ISDC)
Bogdan Emil Mariesan: (ISDC)
Ciubancan Paul Mihai: (ISDC)
Tomas Pettersson: This is a natural way of doing this kind of things.
Kevin Hough.
Grant Bowman: (Dreamfish)
Cucu Oana Teodora.
Egon Elbre: After being in software development for 5 years and studying development process, different parts development (architecture, implementation, testing), program structure (OOP, prototype model, functional)... I believe that this is the most comprehensive way of looking important and useful things in software development. Anything on the left is the important part, everything on the right are the things that should support the left being easier and better.
Leonardo Quintas: (WWEvolution) Agile frees our hands from the heavy chains of the system. Is the first step to a New Good World.
Tom Holman: I've been doing Agile since 2009, have worked to build an On Going support team to a more Agile practice and saw how powerful that was. I will continue to push this in my continuing career.
Raluca Pondea: (ISDC)
Shahrooz Bhopti.
Avijit Das: I do approve Agile Methodologies.
Tom Bronston: (Erase Debt Online) I want to say a big thanks to the Agile Manifesto and all the great work.
Hassan Adekoya.
Guillermo Montoya: (DEISER S.L.) I support the Agile Manifiesto, I support the principles and values. I also believe that these principles can also be applied at any company, not only related with software development, but also related with other technological areas. We will try to extend the Agile values to big companies and break the walls between Corporate Managers and software development people and other IT roles
Mohammed Asgar Ali: (Cognizant Techonolgy Solutions India Pvt Ltd)
Aylin Yolacan: Be Agile and save your projects!
Thomas Holt: (Sendouts)
Primož Verdnik: (Intera d.o.o.) Adopting agile principles transformed our company's organizational structure from 3 departments to just 1 big happy family.
Sarah L. Stewart.
Ginga Calin-Vlad.
Anders BIßmeier.
Jean-François Cloutier: (Departement of National Defence of Canada)
André Ricardo Zavan: (LEARNINGSI) Peço que aceitem meu cadastro. Obrigado a todos do manifesto.

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