Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 03 Nov to 15 Nov 2011
Jesse Piasick: (Innobuilt Software LLC)
Nicolás Moreira: (linkuy) Es la mejor y natural forma de desarrollar software de calidad empresarial, que cumpla con las necesidades de nuestros clientes, que de alto valor agregado al negocio, de la manera más rápida y correcta. Saludos desde Uruguay.
Jakob Weidlich.
Clint Munden: (Verafin Inc.) Delivering frequent and constant value. Magnificent.
Brian Lucas: (Computer Aid, Inc.) I have been working on Agile concepts before they were popularized in 2001. Agile is an organic and natural way of developing; and in its truest sense forms and reforms itself along with its team to adapt to changing circumstances. Under optimal circumstances, there is actually no directing or managing activity on an Agile project. Work is identified, accepted and flows to and from the most appropriate person smoothly and naturally. The same is true for ideas. The productivity and the quality that results from this level of Agile are truly astounding, easily in the exponential factor range. When the Agile concepts are applied to the organization structure as well; even more benefits are realized. This is a frightening concept to some because it eliminates (or at least minimalizes) the need for administrative management, but it is inevitable, driven by the laws of economics. Will Agile ever die? No! Agile will ALWAYS evolve. Like genetic code, it is subject to Darwinian influences and constantly adapts to meet the needs of the enterprise. The seed of Agile has been planted by the Agile Manifesto! It is up to all of us now, to develop it into its full potential and utility though infinite diversity.
Edgar Maass: (Siemens AG) Agile development comes near to the natural way of human interaction. It makes working in software projects more pleasant, and therefore more efficient.
Wopke Postuma-Bijl: (Atos)
Elvis Lee: (NextreeSoft) Agile is the one of best development approach that I ever have experienced. The value is continuous in software development.
Gurhan Mermer: (
Tony John.
赵化冰: (zte)
Scott P. Hunter: (ScottHunter.Org) Using Agile and nightly builds with great success. My customers are happy.
Anjani Kumar: (Royal Bank Of Scotland) If you need to experience the results of most successful software development projects. You will find that most of them where the team has incorporated these principles and ideals into their daily practices. When I write this, I should not forget the effort and energy of my great colleagues David and Jeremy for putting this.
Goetz Heller: (Dr. Heller Information Management) Agile is common sense applied. Great! Makes you sleep much better.
Kwamena Appiah-Kubi.
Rob Meijlink: (Intranet Solutions & Consultancy) The Agile Manifesto has my full support.
Anton Christopher.
Bruno: (IPHOTEL)
Alan Tiedemann: (Airbus Operations GmbH) I introduced Kanban and am eager to learn and try out more agile methods. Continuous Improvement is the key to success.
mangesh bedekar: (BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla, Goa Campus)
Stefan Kalmelid: Resistance is futile, you will be Agile.
Javad Ahmadzadeh: (Fara Rayan Iran Zamin (Faraz))
Daniel Pardes: Teams that work together with the dedication to the agile principles get more done, better.
Muhammad Talha Bin Masood: (Mazars) I support the idea of having a standardized business analysis practice covering agile software development, as according to my experience most of the innovative and new generation software products are being built following the same methodology. This is something i found missing in the current BABOK principles and I now hope it to be there adding a must flavor and more practicality to it. As a 6 year experienced Business analysis professional I really would like to appreciate the effort.
Kingshuk Chatterjee: I believe in the fundamental principles of Agile Development. All that I have learnt in my career till date is this that agility and flexibility is of primary importance in the world of software development. It is critical that customers or the stakeholders see the practical utility of their vision early on, so that course correction can be applied with minimal impact on budget and time. This alone makes Agile development a veritable force.
Bruce Bookman: (
Klaas Reineke: After working with agile methods that are based on the principles stated in the Agile Manifesto I can wholeheartly sign them.
Matt Norrie: (MJN Software) Agile development ought to be at the core of any team that develops software.
Nicholas Hance: (Reenhanced LLC) We build software that just works. This is our manifesto.
Angela Maness-Klodt: Well said!
Paula Shubock: Agile works in the real world. Accommodating change, particularly the unique transformations in understanding that occur as a result of stakeholder learning, is essential to satisfying their needs.
Jacqueline Hewitt: (Info-Tech Research Group) Agile has transformed our IT department!
Tiago Almeida Reul.
Sam Sullivan: (Phillips, Hager & North (RBC)) I endorse the principals of the Agile Manifesto. I've seen them work. I've witnessed how swiftly individual interactions can overcome difficulties that no amount of plan and process seem to be able to. The tight feedback loop fostered through frequent deliveries of working software and the value given to team members as empowered and accountable individuals puts pride back into software engineering.
Zsolt Palfi: (Omegapoint AB)
Yossi Gil: (Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology)
Joel L. Aguilar: I preserve this manifesto...
Aaron Hauter.
Pascal Marcotte: ( Having had the good fortune to develop and implement information management solutions for Fortune 100 companies, I've had first hand experience of bumping up against the wall of "process and tools," as well as seen millions of share holder dollars evaporate while "documenting and following a plan." We, at DataEmporium, have enjoyed continued success due to our natural desire and ability to quickly implement what end users actually need right now to do their job well. Go agile!
Christopher Berkompas: (Manage My Property) We have only used Agile on a few projects but we have been excited about how my customer satisfaction ratings have increased since we have begun using this methodology.
Scott Shafer.
Mohd Kamal Ariffin Bin Md Kassim: The Agile manifesto really make sense and a win-win scenario for all. Client: Get their end product closer to their requirement. Adjustment is less costly and can be realised early in development. Can see a workable product quickier. Developer: Small chunk of work, thus less pressure more creativity and more focused.
Brian Stevenson: (VHA OHI Innovation) I fully endorse Agile boldly go into the future, supporting our nation's Veterans and fastest, cleanest, and most cost effective way.
Mikle Zaborov: (CUSTIS)
Antoine Aarts: (Offshore Solutions) Evangelist of interaction with customers, Software of high quality and invest in the controlling and measurement of software. Changes driven by business are important. Myself as a IT manager like, from a Distance to measure the agile process to show the added value of responsible people low in a organization.
Kathleen I Connolly: (Connolly and Associates, Inc. ) The principles of the Agile Manifesto embrace the basics of business solution development. Over the years, we have lost these fundamentals: 1.Listen to the customer and our colleagues 2.Be nimble in our process 3.Ensure OUR success achieves goal congruency with the customer and our company. No process is perfect, but these principles embrace a roadmap for perfection. Thank you for framing this manifesto so well. Kathleen Connolly President Connolly and Associates, Inc.
Giuseppe Vargiu: (Stelnet srl) and Agile practices were selected by Italy Agency for Innovation among the Italian best innovations in Italia degli Innovatori 2011-2012
Cyril Moreau.
Florian Sesser: (IT-Agenten) When I was beginning my CS studies some years ago, agile methods were still new and not on a big issue on my curriculum. I learned waterfall, funny spirals, the V model, and asked myself how anybody anywhere could produce software in time and on budget while adhering to processes that rigid. Learning about agile methods later felt natural and sane. Nothing about XP felt extreme. Now I am just glad I have been born after the time of the slow, huge process models of the past. Thank you all!
Anja Stiedl: (moccasoft) go agile, think agile, live agile

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