Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Nov to 25 Nov 2011
Abhimanyu Singh: (
Kamlesh Ravlani: Developing Agile mindset requires thorough understanding of the principles and disciplined approach to put them in to practice. Agile teams would put the traditional ones out of the business in any field where cross-functional team(s) are assigned to solve complex problems and/or develop new products.
Peter Gvozd: (VRP inc) If you work in an environment of data integration, it is difficult to adopt an approach that ensures maximum results with minimum costs. As a result, one comes to understanding and acceptance of the concept as the only suitable Agile. And the result exceeds your expectations.
Ashish Bhandari: (QSI Healthcare)
Sheldon Hage.
Andrzej Korasiak: (Net Resolve)
P. Ellis: (MyPivots)
Mohanish Kulkarni.
Alex Shishkin: (redsoft )
Olga: (SBMT BSU)
Madusudana Reddy.M: I fully support Agile Manifesto!, which i believe fullfill the customer needs.
Cristiano Oliveira Passos: I think that the Agile Manifesto is the natural way of developing software.
SAFDAR HAYAT: (Iqra university Islamabad) nice helping information........
Paul Nikonowicz.
David Quarnby: (Guitar Practiced Perfectly) We at GPP fully support the manifesto
Raz Carcoana: I endorse this manifesto fully.
Jason Jolaoso: It is an open secret that Best Practice and Great results stay on the same street. But what is not commonly known is that Agile is the trustworthy next door neighbor you can always rely on.
Cláudio Baptista / Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.
Mohammad Khatib: (Alcatel-Lucent) Some of us have been doing this since a long time, but perhaps it has taken some time for people to get an agreement on this manifesto. As an individual I have always preferred interaction over lengthy processes to expedite my deliverables. Note that not following process may be seen as rebellious (specially in Europe)and hence there is an imminent risk of victimisation. Hopefully Agile will change this and encourage disruptive and innovative thinking in product developemnt world. Keep it up! Regards Mohammad Khatib
Charlie Kariampuzha: I would like to endorse the manifesto. I have started practising it. 3 core values- Understanding the product, Team discipline and accountability, skill level of all team individuals on the team
wajid arshadAbbasi: (UAJ&K)
Joseph Zhang: (PTC) Agile is the principle we hold to resolve any conflict between us and the customer.
Paolo Bertino.
Simon Griffee: ( Thank you for this helpful definition of a natural way of working together with computers.
Nour-eddine El faddouli: (Mohamadia School of Engineers)
Shubham Goyal: (National University of Singapore)
Anees Haidary: (Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd) Items on the Left over items on the right.
Michael Barone: (Michael Barone, Consultant) To be agile is to survive. In today's ever-changing business climate prompt reaction to change is critical. Embracing Agile and the components within allows for effective, customer-centric development.
Ravi Jay: (MyMzone) We strongly recommend the Agile manifesto because we are reaping the benefits that the methodology offers.
Steve Yurick.
Arijit Sarbagna: (Aashaa Consultancy)
Todd Abraham: (Independent Telecom Consultant) Common sense simplicity. If we were developing necessary software for our own household use, on our own schedule, using our own personal money, this is how we would do it.
Robert Hasanen: (
David: (Seocom)
Chris Callaghan: (Transpower) I love the trust embodied in the manifesto. How can such an environment not thrive?
Srinivas Varada: (CIBER) Very good frame work for software product development. Results churned out using this frame work will staisfy all the stakeholders in the business.
Carlos Defelicibus Junior.
Max Pushkarev.
Michael Lynch: It is a bad plan that admits to no modification. -Publilius Syrus
Marko Heller: (Agilitos GmbH)
Shounese Khan.
Osama Zahran.
Valmir Santana: ( Agile é a forma natural de se desenvolver seja o que for, incluindo software. Traz ótimos resultados.
Charly Lowndes: (Applewhite and Husband) Iteration and teamwork - yes
Joe Gibson: (Escape Fitness) I fully support the agile manifesto. It just makes sense by giving great benefits for both developers and customers.
Alexander Gesinn: ( We fully support the Agile Manifesto and its principles.
Nick John: (EvolveDB) As software developers, we at Evolve fully support the Agile Manifesto
Nikola Stjelja: (Novatec New Technology) The principles described here showed me the path of software development and guide my work everyday.
Donald Beerens: (Die Münchner) We love the new agile software development we just implemented within Die Münchner! The results are quicker, faster and better!

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