Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Nov to 06 Dec 2011
David Jurczyszyn: (TAKK Project Manmagement Limited) It works and it delivers, what more do you need? Get on with it.
Kimmo Koskinen.
Peter Mohr: Agile Manifesto: That's it!
Damian Andrew tamburri: (VU University Amsterdam)
Matthew Ford: (Bit Zesty - Ruby on Rails Development)
Reza Mirsalari: (Ecole PolyTechnique de Montreal)
Kamal: (Innovites) Yes Its the way :)
王庆付(Scott Wang): (HP) the Agile Manifesto is the future of the software development industry
Catherine Clarke.
RJ Salicco.
Rodrigo Cubillos Corrales: (solviT) The importance of the principles here I share fully and have been the basis for my job working for the past 17 years. but only now find many people who think so openly.
Christopher Lawless.
Mårten van Rheinberg: (Arkatay Consulting AB) As a project manager I value the use of Agile development in most development projects, with regards to both better quality, improved productivity, better adaptation to change, etcetera, as well as better team interaction, commitment and work satisfaction.
nicolas: (Brain Powered Consultancy UK) as a Business Intelligence/ETL Development professional, I can testify to the value of Agile philosophy when designing solutions and working with my clients.
Geoff Goddard: It works for me!
Gary Miller: (Sumwise)
Steve Finikiotis: (osprey)
Tim Saunders: (The Cogworks)
Mauricio Murillo Rosero: ( I am a Software Developer, I work with open-source software and agile methodologies. I believe in agile because it focus on people and continuos feedback.
Jason Tanner: (Enthiosys, Inc.)
Vuk-Danilo Turanjanin: Agile development is fture of software development because the change is only thing that is everlasting!
Tracy Bridenbaugh.
Diógenes Moreira.
Curtis Miller: (Flatterline - A Ruby on Rails Development Company) Flatterline fully supports the Agile Manifesto. It provides an effective and flexible approach to developing software that we have been using, with great success, for many years.
Benjamin Miller: (Firejack Technologies) We are constantly pushing to make our development process efficient, effective, and rapid based on the Agile Manifesto. We are having great success internally and with our customers because we embrace this philosophy.
Tommy Sköld: Good thinking! Improvise, adapt and overcome. The whole life is agile when you start thinking about it..
Klaus Schmaranz: (Consonya GmbH) As a project-manager, developer and technical consultant with 25+ years of professional experience I can only say that agile development is unequalled in performance and quality if you honestly stick to every single point of the manifesto - but it's important to mention that it's the entirety of the manifesto that makes it great. On the other hand, picking out single points while neglecting others is definitely the road to disaster...
Laura Woten: (Pioneer HiBred) I have been working in an Agile environment for a year and a half and love the collaboration, the open communication, the transparency and our customers love all of these aspects as well. This was a huge paradigm shift for the project team, but they have worked through the challenges and love the environment as well!
Venky Kumar: This methodoly is simply great. The amount of value add generated is unbelievable: - The collaboration between Dev and Business teams - The quality of product - The communication mechanism amongst stakeholders resolved seamlessly - The detailed level of estimation - The continuous delivery for better customer engagement and many more..
Murilo Kunze.
ivan: (lz) Pretty cool thing. Much philosophy in it:)
Christian Heeren: (IFW)
Pascal Sem.
David Uhler: (Slalom Consulting)
Marcelo Alvarez.
ERHARD : (Kefir)
Tracey Richardson: (Sabre)
Irfan Ahmed Khan: ( I have used Agile Software Development techniques to enhance the productivity of my teams in a blend of Project Management environments/frameworks. Agile Software development has not only enabled teams to better restructure themselves, but also to initiate their own tasks, track and re-write code with the constant revisions that are a part of Agile Software development philosophy. Agile by itself, or with any other Project Management Framework used to develop any technology product/project is by far the best matrix to track, adapt and realign client and vendor goals in the minimum time required. All it really takes is BETTER Scrum! However, I do find that though there are alliances trying to "standardize" the Scrum definition, the truth is: it is experience, versatility and adaptability that makes one a better scrum master and thereby leads to better Agile Implementation. Agile Software Development is: flexible, adapting, self re-aligning and innovative.
Juan Pablo de la Rosa Moro.
Levi Van Zele.
Andres Cespedes: (Consult-Soft)
Palle Eric.
Nathan Lee: ( I think agile is an important type of honesty in the field of software engineering: acknowledging the iterative nature, frequent change and uncertainty in software development is critical. Without the honesty of admitting that people talking, working software, customer feedback and rolling with the change is a good idea - you simply can't have a sustainable approach to development.
Matthew Ward: (Manage At Home) We at Manage At Home fully support the manifesto.
Chandra Upadhyay: I totally agree with the Agile Manifesto. Agile is the way to go!
Joseph Garro: (Goldman Sachs & Co.)
Paul Hosking: (Aid Training) We fully support this manifesto and the values it looks to uphold.
Mike Pollard: I Support the Agile Manifesto!!!
Sanjay Roy: (Professionalaccess) Being a agile practiconer, i endorse the agile manifesto as i strongly believe it address the fundamental challenges faced by current Waterfall model.

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