Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Feb to 17 Feb 2012
Mina Gereis: From my 12 years of consulting experience (customer & vendor sides), Agile is the best way forward to get things done swiftly & efficiently. I fully support this methodology as it has the best end result.
Sibin P. Thomas: Sound principles/values which are so fundamental that one wonders why didn't someone come up with this earlier!
Harald Andreas Aamot.
Tim Paulman.
Javier Gacimartin: (Analitica Google) Yes, I want to learn Scrum very soon
Fred Nias: I'm doing Agile three times every morning.
Bas Nielander: (
Prasanna Narayanan.
Joel Aud: (Lean Tail Labs) This is at the core of what we attempt to bring to government and private solutions and has been the foundation of our greatest successes.
Mingyu Li: (Ericsson)
Kevin F. Gibson: (Deloitte) Agile/Scrum practitioner since 2002.
Gorazd Kozmus.
ANIL UZUN: (Vitamin Job)
Adam Lewis: ( I support this manifesto
Lisa Lewis: (Lisa Lewis Interior Design) I support this manifesto
Eric Hogue: (
Ashly Tiller: (Now We Comply) We fully support the manifesto and all it stands for
Gert-Jan van den Brink: While chaos is an uncomprehended order, Agile offers grip!
Ardriel Olsen.
Rodger Edwards.
Tom Weber.
Siva Kumar Naramsetti: (Alliance Global Services)
Fabio Mora: (
Peter Broszeit.
Elysha Anderson: (Verify Brand)
Jim Siler: (Kovitz Systems, Inc.) In a climate where methodology becomes dogma and process becomes an end in itself, the delivery of high quality software becomes an active goal of secondary or tertiary importance at best. it is good to know that there is a movement afoot to strike back and regain the high ground. The principals of agile development are nor new; they are a formal statement of what was once standard practice. The fact that we need to formalize them now is a sad statement in itself.
Neil Sambol: In my years of experience, I have found the words of the Agile Manifesto to be correct, not just in planning, but also in implementation, and in delivery. Do you want software that meets business needs, even unstated ones? Do you want to be able to change priorities within a software cycle? Do you want to keep your engineering talent highly motivated and excited about coming to work? Please consider the words of the Manifesto carefully.
Badrinarayanan K: Perfect core values with excellent guiding principles. First look at these reminded me of how I learnt to ride a bicycle with a group of friends. Brilliant!
Jose Grinage.
Andres Herrera.
Vasileios Topouz: (Cyclops Web Studio)
Panyam Babu Veera Prasad: (Rayalaseema University) Agile Manifesto effectively contributing to up-lifting the poor people globally, by distributing the fruits of successful project management. I am sure that this will improve the living standards of the humans.
Tony Plank: Waterfall is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get. Agile is like a box of dark chocolate truffles. Dark chocolate truffles are good.
Iurecê Sena: ( Principal segredo nos projetos é compartilhar a decisão e conquistar o comprometimento. E com o movimento ágil conseguimos isso em um bom tempo.
Rashid A. Cheema: (Bank AL Habib Ltd.) During the tenure of my working experience, I've come across various methodologies. However till this point in time I've found the lines of Agile Manifesto to be convincingly applicable through out all the stages.
Jessie Aguas: I agree and support the Agile Manifesto.
Elizabeth Rebecca Martin: (Blushpackages) why would you work any other way
John Mitchell.
Paul L. Hamilton: (CSC Australia) Approximately 70% of projects fail to deliver the value articulated at commencement. The majority are either waterfall or no formal method. Bringing software development to a client centric paradigm is crucial to deliver a client success. I commend the endeavours of the Agile Manifesto to move software development forward in a practical proactive manner...
Ali Qoul.
Maximiliano Andrés, García Federico: Me adhiero!
Finny Khan: (Intuit) Finny Khan
James: (Spray Paint) I started learning by using the principles of the agile manifesto, I am now able to create and support working environments following these brilliant concepts. Thanks for everything.
Ale Di Gangi: (
Vasudeva. S: Agile is the way forward for all software development works in future. The way the innovations are happening it becomes that more hard to plan things in advance and without allowing change in scope you are robbing yourself the opportunity of having a better solution when required.
Ameet Shah: (Be Flirty Dresses) I totally support the Agile Manifesto
Filip Franczyk: (Future Processing) I do suppport the Agile Manifesto.
Roham Gharegozlou: (Launch Labs) We support this manifesto and its principles.
Joe Dent.

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