Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Feb to 21 Feb 2013
Jian Feng Liang : (AOH Studio) I love agile, that is very great!
Emiliano Ricci.
patrick beauchemin.
Stephane Rolland: I do support the agile Manifesto: technical excellence, simplicity, versatility...
Michael Cooper: (Tiger Cat Software)
Chas Mastin: (Control Group) It works.
Shobhit: (Business Analyst) I started my career as a Unix System Administrator which includes spending considerable amount of my time in Data Centres , then moved on to Dev-Ops in Cloud Environment and now as a Business Analyst I have seen the Agile full cycle. This experience makes me more inclined towards Agile methodologies like SCRUM compared to original SDLC like Waterfall . With a shortening business cycle , business leaders are compelled to respond to its field performance and feedback on a real-time basis . Therefore speed response becomes a necessary parameter, without compromising the quality of product or services. Also in Agile , the need for continous innovation triggers an "explore and evolve" approach and enterprises are increasingly looking for mid course corrections to maintain value leadership. Agility of business and associated processes not only means rapid response , but also how it can embrace predictability in uncertain situations.
Ashok Kumar Kalbhor: Agile is good.
Hayo Weinschenk: (Cocomore AG)
Naoshi Pfeffer: Fundamentally responsible and sound philosophy.
Carl Rogers: Now, more than ever, getting *working* software to our customers *faster* is critical to surviving the speed of information. Getting waterfall companies to support the principles and process of Agile Software Development will only make them more successful in the long run. Getting the majority of our customers to adapt the Agile methodology (short iterations vs. a detailed project plan with Gantt charts) is the next big challenge.
Serge Rogatch: (ProsperityIT) In most cases the principles help rather than damage.
Richard Dolman.
David Polo: (Senior PeopleSoft Technical Consultant) The power of the simple, the best way to achieve common objectives.
Muntasir Abdallah H. Eltom: (Free Solution Architect) I strongly support the agile manifisto as it has strongly proved success in real projects
Tim Arthur: (SAS) I support the agile manifesto.
Tim Jernigan.
Matt Ball: (
Jesús David Zapata Betancourth: (Jesús David Zapata Betancourth)
Brennan Russell: (Transamerica)
Stephen Booth: ( Having seen (and sometimes worked on) too many projects that have been a slave to over processing processes, produced more documentation for the project than software and documentation for the software combined, been all about contract terms and continued in one direction to the original requirements for months or even years before the client saw even an actual screenshot rather than a mock-up produced in Photoshop (which never looked like what was, or even could be, produced on the screen by the actual software); I love the responsiveness, callaborativeness and generally 'getting the job done' of Agile. From the outside it looks scary but after a few weeks you wonder why you ever did things differently and after a few more weeks you find yourself cursing (maybe planning the demise in a freak golfing accident) of the managers who just won't get it and require every requirement defined in full, in a 200 page document, signed off by 20 different people (9 of whose job exists almost solely of signing off project documentation) at least 6 months before the first line of code is written and then set in stone for all eternity with no chance of change due to changing customer needs.
Jeff Brand: (Mobile Software Canada) I cannot disagree with a single point. So often we become distracted by our tools while the tools are largely irrelevant. Too easy it is to rely on documentation to overcome a lack of functionality or usability. To focus on the Contract is to put more weight on the Lawyer than on the Customer or the Developer. Refusing to respond to change means limiting your ability to delight the client. The only thing I would personally like to add to the manifesto would be some statement around planning to exceed expectations.
Stephen Martin Melnick: ( I fully support and endorse the Agile Manifesto!
Vladimir Calderón: (ARTEXACTA SRL)
Sergio Infante Montero: (
andrei rotenstein.
Fernando Alarcon.
David Russell: (CareCloud Inc.) As a seasoned veteran of large and protracted application development initiatives using waterfall SDLC (which rarely led to great software being implemented) I sought a better way. After discovering the real power of Agile framework I embraced it and firmly believe it is the most effective way to deliver software. I will never willingly manage another software development initiative another way.
Marcel Lamothe.
Ed Bonenberger: (Zenith Insurance Company) As companies move forward to compete and maintain their competitive edge, it becomes more evident that leveraging their technology is crucial to this objective. Historically, projects were too expansively planned and deliverables were too large, difficult to manage, and often tied to dates that were perhaps more popular than feasible.By embracing the priciples of Agile project management, smaller deliverables are presented consistently to the Product Owner on a timely basis. This strengthens the levels of interaction, trust and committment between all parties involved, yielding a final deliverable that the Product Owner(s) expect with the quality they deserve.
Joseph Remesar: ( I'm not sure why I write this. Maybe it has to do with the persistence of my subconscious that tells me that there is something more out there, that the Agile is more than just a manifesto. Software could be a form of life.
Rajesh Aadi: I completely support and respect the Agile Manifesto and I try my best to put these in action at work and at home.
Kris Gholson: (Green Umbrella Software)
Mary Jo Slingerland: (GMIT Agile Methods and Processes (AMP))
Akzhol Imangaliyev.
Dinesh Pokhrel: (Khiljinews) this is very good method. i will follow this.
Michele Fabbri.
Marcelo Pattacini Martins: (Neogrid)
Willy Stadnick: ( because bad and old legacy code must vanish!
Olivier MOLERO: (Mediatree SAS)
André Brás Simões: I support the Agile Manifesto!
Giuseppe Torchia: (Capgemini BST) After 15 years in the industry software I confirm that agile software development is better approach for delivering real project and real software.
Stephen Haunts: (Dollar Financial Corp)
Dhruv Rajput: (Accenture)
Johann Gomes Barros Lima: Agile manifesto really helps software development, i have seen with my own eyes.
Anup Kulkarni: I love Agile because of its dynamic nature. Being in the QA domain, Agile methods provide a constant learning experience for the individual.
Joan Tolós López: Periodically review the Agile Manifesto, wondering each time if what you do meet the assumptions, helps the implementation.
Marcelo Miranda.
Jerry Nelson: (Nike)

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