Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Jun to 27 Jun 2013
Juan Olveira.
Max Dannenburg.
Joseph Abrahams: ( As a web developer and project manager, I endorse the principles of the Agile Manifesto. I believe that Agile emphasizes the the needs of customers and end users and affords developers the ability to adopt changing requirements late in the game with very little headache. Though it is not a silver bullet solution, in my experience Agile has reduced project timelines by up to 40% when compared to Waterfall.
Bill Taylor: (Alpha Project Management Group)
Alexander Shaykhrazeev: (AISS Ltd)
Syed Ali: (Knowledge Convey) I completely agree with Agile Manifesto because this is the best way to align business and technical objectives with each other. It helps to reduce the gaps that we have seen using other methodologies to deliver the business values through IT and projects. The agile approach helps us to produce high business value products within less time and cost.
Wolfgang Hagemann.
Tomasz Pietka: (Sabre Holdings)
Jen-Liang Wang: (CTCB)
Matthew Kuss: (Video Gaming Technologies)
Sajag Agarwal: Best way to satisfy your customer in the most practical manner.
Brian Lichtman.
Dara O'Mahony : (
Christian Beaulieu.
Mohd Fairuz Fidzal: (SAND IT!)
Antoine Gauchet: (M&NT Solutions)
Alejandro Vasquez: (Software's Force) I support the Agile Manifesto because I want to make better software in collaboration with my clients and users. I think this is one way to change the life of others through technology.
Vishak Sampath.
Miles Jordan: (Australian Antarctic Division)
Pankaj Pilaniwala: (MBApedia)
Marie Dela Torre: (
Paul Eyre: (PP Eyre) How things should be done in programming and team. We fully support the Agile manifesto.
Robert Reid: ( Agile embodies the "Performance, Feedback, Revision" mantra. It facilitates the software evolving naturally.
Paul Vitug: (
Mark Cody: (GK First aid training) I would like to endorse the manifesto for agile software development. The principles of open and honest communication and helping others can only help to this end. Regards Mark cody
Víctor: A great way to change the software and even the world.
Kai Schlüter: ( I try my very best to apply the Agile Manifesto everyday in my life and I strongy believe that those days where I succeed are the more successful ones, no matter if it is related to Software Development or anything else.
Remco Nabuurs: (iPROFS)
Marcello Colombi: (Frog communication)
Olga Cusumano: (Open Text)
dhanunjay reddy kalvapalli.
Ian Darwin: ( I believe in change, in agility, in evolution (just look at my last name). Agile Development is a good way of getting your software to the place where the user/customer wants it to be.
Stefan Brehmen: (Kemso Comm. V.)
Vijayram Raghavan: (Towerstrides Inc.) Started Agile development as Extreme programming in 2001 at Qwest communication Pioneered by then CIO Al-noor Ramji. Great experience then. Now practicing as Scrum.
Giovanni Melis.
Andre Almeida: (BL Informatica)
Erik-Maximilian Mandke: (
Brian Wied.
Tomin James.
Corneliu Manescu: (MSFT) I agree that the software development process should be a discovery, iterative and transparent, process, where the customer and other stakeholders are periodically exposed to latest developed features, and allowed to provide feedback and requirement changes. These are then used for the next development iteration, and so on, such that the development of the product always stays in close alignment with user needs and wants. IMO, this is the most agile model for developing software that is aligned with user & market needs.
Vinay Mohan Das: (Ballistic Learning)
Ranga Ramasastry: (NetApp)
Willie J. Turner.
Peeyush Maharshi.
Anthony Gibson: ( The potential for realized value is at the core of what drives everyone, everywhere, everyday. Each person defines that value differently, and those values change over time. But the goal is consistent: do what is of the most value. Agile Development doesn't conform to the constant, but accepts it. We accept that we must produce the most value sooner than later. We accept that change happens, and the definition of the value must be adjusted. We accept that people are the linchpin in any process and must be respected as such. Agile Development doesn't exist to change the way the world works. It changes the way we work to match the reality of the world.
Abhinav Rege: (TSS Service Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) I support the Agile Manifesto, being from Telecom, Project management background, the perspective of quality as a factor for improving Agile framework is not considered. I would like to extend my support to incorporating quality factor into the Agile development
Raoul Signorile: (GHIGHO) - Software as a new artisanal process of collaboration and excellence - Il software come nuovo processo artigianale di collaborazione e di eccellenza
Ryan Mendivil.
Krzysiek Szłapiński.

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