Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 27 Jun to 11 Jul 2013
Michael Adaixo: (
Tajinder Singh Minhas: (Webdunia) I Support Agile methodologies to develop any project. It gives me the ability to precisely work on my risk management, help in scalability of the project, help to handle customers with fixed amount for the project and with much feature request, easy to handle my development team as well and utilize them according to the resource need of the project. Helps in Team Building, working on project as team and prone to any tough situation. Agility is bringing easy to mould feature as per the situation in our team. This is the great thing which i liked most in Agile.
Jan Michael Soan: I support Agile and it's manifesto.
Colin Orffer: (Linksys) Agile has been a great starting point for us to develop optimal engineering processes for Firmware, Desktop Software, Cloud and Mobile Application engineering. The Agile Manifesto has proved to have enduring value, as its tenets still apply to aggressive Scrum 3.0 & Expedient Agile customizations, such as employed by our organization for optimal efficiency.
Quality Villas France: (Quality Villas France) We entirely support and endorse all aspects of the Agile Manifesto. We have seen a large, positive uplift in both productivity and efficiency as a result.
Dipesh: (Allied Biztech Solutions) Agile methodology frees us from the shackles of bureaucracy and concentrates on getting things done. Spread the word!
Andrew Slyadnev.
Richard A Sheridan: (State of Alaska DHSS) As a web developer, and someone with great interest in mobile app development immersion, this manifesto represents a sort of Constitution or guidelines for future development. In the 90's, software developers were rocket scientists to most of us. Then an emergence occured whereby the tools themselves were improved upon adding functional GUI, organizing code better and finally the tools themselves became more intuitive to the developer's needs. Finally we started to see the gulf bridged between the developers and the customer. It is wonderful to see ASDM take it to the next level. Rich
George A. Vassilopoulos: (PMO GR) Agile as flexibility, innovation & quality
Jaroslav Delapedraja: (HP)
Emanuele Pace: (Roche)
Sebastian Sztajnert: such simple and such revealing
Romain Trocherie: Being an Agile adept for a while now, I hereby present my support to the manifesto, its community and more importantly to software development.
Onur: (Care Systems Inc)
Victoria Helena Thompson: (Petrobras)
Aslam Chagani: (CodePainters)
Ricardo Santa: (software ultimate SAS) We use the principles of the Agile Manifesto ("Manifiesto por el Desarrollo Ágil de Software"). We understand that developing imagination in our working groups, provides best products and satisfied customers. The self-organized groups are the foundation of the organization, cooperation and teamwork are the force that achieves the objectives.
Ben Buxton: As I've learned to leverage the power of agile methods, it's become clear that this pragmatic approach that values people and the value they deliver is the best way we've yet found to develop software and systems for the benefit of our customers.
Arthur R. Ahimbisibwe : (Victoria University of Wellington) I love Agile philosophy of software and i absolutely endorse it. The sky is the limit with Agile.
German Viera: (Globant) Simple rules for complex scenarios. It just a matter of value. I support the agile menifesto!
Amir Kashani: Anyone passionate about collaboration, team building, and achieving quality results in their projects should follow Agile principles.
Alfred Perez: (GVTC Communications)
Francisco Alderete: (FCA de la UACH) Chihuahua, Chih., México
Max Westerveld: (Raad voor Reschtbijstand) You wouldn't swim down the Niagra Falls. Would you?
Abhishek Singh.
Chijioke: (PAENL) Agile Manifesto implores you to K.I.S.S more.
Adi Cheo: (Carleton University) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Andrew Korbel: I support the manifesto and have used it as tool to help guide individuals and teams over the past few years. As simple as it is these are powerful values in and outside the software domain.
Hemanta Chandra Bhatt: (Quality / Process / Excellence Professional ) Agile offers certain practices which when integrated with other schools of thought can serve as a potent methodology for software development and maintenance. As Fred Brooks said there is no "No Silver Bullet", so it is helpful to adopt Agile in a holistic sense. In the end the purpose is to develop "quality" software regardless of what the method is called as. The goodness and appropriateness of the exact method employed is, of course, very very important - Hemanta Chandra Bhatt
Tsiko Netshipise: (Software Arkitex)
Peter Kottenhagen: (Systeminformatik) Let's think agile. Let's work agile. Let's change the way of making software.
Clemente Borges.
Linda Silverthorn: (Blue Screen Consulting, Inc.)
Jeanne Carey: I support the Manifesto. These values apply to software and other types of projects as well.
Gordon Oheim: The Agile Manifesto is the long overdue acknowledgement that Software Engineering is not only a technical profession but also an inherently social discipline thriving on interaction, collaboration and communication - something we have secretly known for years, but neglected to develop and cultivate. With its core values the Agile Manifesto constantly shapes and re-shapes my thinking and guides my every decision.
Arno: (wibas Netherlands) Understanding the root off all Agile software development methods is key to understand and appreciate change and improvements. Turning points in history are typically triggered by individuals. The masses follow later. Being part of improvements like DevOps, Agile Operations and Lean Adaptive Leadership I feel strengthened by those who preceded me in defining the Agile Manifesto. Thanks.
Navin Philip: (QBurst) This is a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to software development. It treats the product owners as Kings as they should be, by involving them actively and allowing scope to evolve the product enroute development. I fully subscribe to these principles and encourage thier adoption in the organizations I belong to.
Oleg Kalmakhelidze: ( I fully support principals of this manifesto. And I hope that more teams and individuals will start to follow it in their daily practice.
Rick Grashel.
Jonatan Lezcano: (Universidad De Buenos Aires)
Agustin Varela: (MontevideoSoft) People over Machines!
Edwin Omar Cárdenas Alarcón.
Richard Beaulieu: (Impulse Fiji)
Conan Hatch: (Whiz Toy)
Konstantine Muradov (kosmur): The Agile Manifesto recognizes that doing projects is people-work and that the only result that counts is working software that represents value to the customer. Software engineering educators should investigate the agile approach. I believe Agile Software Development is the next Evolution in Software Development.
Naveed Nazir: Being a Business Intelligence (BI) professional I certainly agree that the Agile methodology pays dividends when developing BI implementations. The close working of stakeholders with developers ensures a more robust, cost-effective implementation every time.
Fola Ajisafe: I support the Agile Manifesto!
Kim Mao: (Banque Nationale Assurances Auto | Habitation) Everyday, we use these concepts for several months now. Our project managers are delighted with the results! Long Live Agile :-)
Nicholas Ward: (Koddi) Let us build things instead of documents, let us create value instead of debt, let us turn customers into friends instead of adversaries, let us ship, and let us enjoy the process the whole way through.

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