Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 20 Jul to 01 Aug 2013
Todd : (Health Care Associates)
Calvin Park.
TJ Fredrikson: (TJ Interactive, Inc.)
Shaun Dashjian: I support the Agile Manifesto because I truly believe that it's uncovered better ways to develop and deliver high quality software. I have seen it work and coached teams to use the Agile principles and become happier and more productive as a result. As a Scrum Master and Agile practitioner, I am proud to be a supporter of this movement.
Michael Tiller: (MLM) Here is to...Simplicity...Elegance...Genius...and...Team... Oh Yes....And...Beautiful Code.
Markus Zenner: (CSC)
Philip Rogers: (Santeon)
Atul Ballagan: (Autodesk Singapore) Agile capture market trends by introducing new users stories and features every sprint cycle.It give freedom to team to plan and do work their own way which is really awesome.Iterative development and continuous feedback is best approach in current market environment where every day new frameworks and features are introduced and others become outdated.
Janos Biro: ( At EU Edge we've been following the principles written in Agile Manifesto for more than 8 years with great success. For us, it's natural that our clients cannot give us a detailed software specification in advance. Instead, we work with them closely, with short development cycles and frequent presentations, taking their feedback each time. By constantly adapting to the changing requirements, we can guarantee that the end product will perfectly fulfill their real business needs and will be delivered on time.
David W Tuffy.
Martin Rösch: (Rösch Consulting GmbH) I endorse the Agile Mainfesto, because it is a step forward. But it is not enough. Because software is automated knowledge about how to act. So we need to learn how to describe knowledge, how to measure it and how to convert it to software - precisely, without adding or omitting anything. This must be the next step, I think. Martin Rösch
Ilias Tsangaris: (American Express)
Sean Moir: (Facilligent Ltd) After some 15 years programming, I was delighted to find such a well thought out manifesto and set of principles. I should have signed this years ago!
Ralf Schmidt: The Agile Manifesto focuses the result (software) rather than the bureaucratic act (management) of realizing a project. Just for that reason it's worth to sign it!
Tobias Becker: (Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe) My philosophical statement is: Agile development turns the process into a fine, sound ensemble. Agile Entwicklung lässt den Prozess zu einem feinsinnigen, vernünftigen Ganzen werden. English version, German version, ...
Alonso Robles: (
Juan Manuel Martínez Del Cerro.
Carol Pakula: Working with a truly agile team and delivering better software, faster is what makes Agile so successful. It has evolved from thought leaders and through experience and should be embraced by development teams across the world. Great Manifesto! I'm an advocate!
Rob Leland: Probably "Customer collaboration over contract negotiation" is the most compelling aspect since contract mile stones can take away from meeting the clients highest priority items.
Tobias Becker: I would rather improve my German statement. Agile Entwicklung lässt den Prozess zu einem feinen, einwandfreien Ganzen werden.
Christopher Winter: (Winter Communication Design) Ever since I have really accomplished Agile, I have seen that I have been in the dark before. It has changed my way of doing things and getting things done completely.
Ole Thy: (NCR)
David Golding: (SAI Global) The easiest way to improve competitive advantage whilst giving the client true value in the shortest time possible
methusael cebrian: (PCM Sarcom) I believe that Agile has already proven its worth not only in the the Software development process but also into the mainstream projects such as in industries. Agile has streamlined the PM process, improved the value stream by reducing wastes in terms of time and output. I support the Agile Manifesto and swear to promote it in my area of influence.
Hemant Sathe: There is really nothing to disagree upon in the manifesto or the principals. I fully endorse it.
Collin Bakkie.
Ansar Kanhiroli: (McFadyen Consulting INC) Definitely this is the way forward. Agile Manifesto truly encapsulates the whole ideologies on Agile incorporating Lean. This helps to develop and orient organization to be a more user centric and value driven software development.
Paul Siebers.
Tim Threlkeld: (Medical Simulation Corporation) You must believe in *all* of the values for Agile to work. To believe in only a few will not allow you to optimize your development activities and might actual harm them.
Dmitry Kunin.
Alexey Utkin: (DataArt) I believe that it's crucial for anyone involved in software development, especially those involved in agile one, regularly validate what they do against the manifesto.
Fernando Flores Valenzuela.
Sean John Ryan: (Emeris) I fully support and commit to the Agil Manifesto. Sean John Ryan
Wayne Chen: (myhome3d corporation)
Jason Madhosingh: I <3 agile.
Roy Cheng: Yes, I enjoy it!
Anil Narendra Jaitly: I am happy to learn the methodology. I some time or the other are doing / following it knowingly or unknowingly. Now, I will will do it in full knowingly. I will share this with others as well.
Matthew Weaver: (Objectivity) Four simple statements that, when followed, can truly transform the way we build software.
Ganhua Zhang: I Support the Agile Manifesto!
William Harrison: (Fast Frog Developement)
Paul Martin: (OEConnection)
Arnulf Christl: (metaspatial) Agile has helped me to implement better solutions with less effort and more fun. We are also increasingly using agile development outside of core software development. My most important insight is to understand that people are different and should do what they can do best. A prototype developer needs different skills than are required to optimize an existing process. Creativity is great unless you need somebody who can control things. Interestingly in my experience a mix of different people gives the best results.
Ed Graham: (Common Systems) Speed of software development is valuable as it gives time to improve the result.
Ján Krajčík: (Swiss Re) I see in the Agile Manifesto the need to return to the times when software development was a creative game and fun!
Paul Ryan: (Step Up Software) The manifesto empowers me, as a software developer, to be the best developer I can be
顾俊程: I agree with the views of the Agile Manifesto
Pierre-Eric OUDIN: La méthodologie Agile est parfaite pour la gestion du cycle de développement et de vie d'une application quelle qu'elle soit. Au delà du fait d'assurer une vraie synergie entre tous les acteurs d'un projet, c'est à mon avis devenu une philosophie de travail à part entière. --- Agile methods are perfect in order reach our goals in every application lifecycle. Beyond the fact agile's methods ensure an entire synergy trough all the actors of a project, it has become, to my mind, a new whole working philosophy.
CARLOS J. DUARTE: (VisionIT Consulting) A través de este documento formalizo mi apoyo al manifiesto ágil.
Brad Cole: (Agilex) I support the principles of the Agile Manifesto and I am proud to be a proponent of the use of Agile in the U.S. Federal Government space. At Agilex, we have built the Agile methodology into everything we do, from software development to infrastructure modernization. Adapting traditional Government Systems Development Lifecycle processes to Agile has been a challenge, but is one I've enjoyed helping to solve.
Bassel Alkhateeb: (Syriatel) I have started loving agile the first moment I read it's four principles. I then started a personal project with a friend based on Scrum and was really impressed of how thing got changed.

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