Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 01 Aug to 16 Aug 2013
Austen Constable.
Christoph Witt.
Martin Dimondo: (ProgramadorJava)
Daniel E. Hutti: (DEH Consulting)
Adrian Brown: If you need to deliver organisational value, on time and budget Agile is the way to go.
Ian Partridge: Following the simple values outlined in the Agile Manifesto leads to the delivery of quality software that meets customers requirements in a short time frame.
nabeel: (ericsson)
Carlos Escobedo Orea: (http://
Christoph Heumader.
Mike Wyatt II: (
Greg Jordan: (EBSCO Industries, Inc)
Wayne George: (Digital Frontier Partners) The agile manifesto is the purest embodiment of how software products should be conceived, planned, and delivered. The proof that agile works is now irrefutable and my consulting organisation takes pride in promoting the benefits to our clients.
sharon cryan: I am only just learning the Agile way but already it feels like a much more productive approach to software development.
Otis Liddy: (Ericsson)
Arthur Richards: (Wikimedia Foundation)
David Hetherington: (Asatte Press, Inc) For Social Media Apps, Agile rapid iteration is absolutely the only way to go. Formal specification is a complete waste of time and a danger to the success of the project. In other applications - reactor control for a nuclear submarine - there is little room to be informal. The consequences of accidentally missing a requirement are horrific. Nevertheless, even in these sorts of projects, considerable value can be gained by using the Agile approach of functioning code on short cycles as a form of iterative construction and project risk reduction.
Alex Dorandish: (HSBC) Well though through and well defined manifesto.
Julien Mrad.
Lester Sjoblom: In my mind, customer collaboration and responding to change should be common everyday occurrences. Beyond that, you are just another cog in the wheel.
Jeff Quirk: (Corchen) Agile has proved invaluable to clients large and small that I have worked with. A true application of common sense without diluting quality.
Wilman Franco: (Universidad de los Andes)
Chris van Voorst: Bravo! My University instructor in 1991 was encouraging these behaviors to me with my computer lab assignments. I entered the work force in a small data security shop that expected the programmers to also be the business analyst, so the fundamentals of the Agile manifesto was alive and well in that shop! I find it interesting that the human element at work is becoming a hot topic - especially with the entry of the Millienials! Long live Agile!
Daniel Laviola.
Venkat Raghav: (Motorola)
Dave Hay: (IBM UK) We're using Agile on my current project, and, as a n00b, I can see why it's often the best way to go, especially when compared with the traditional PM approaches, such as RUP, Waterfall, PRINCE2 etc. Deliver quickly, deliver often
Broda Noel: (Freelance) Apoyo el movimiento Agile.
Andreas Esser: I endorse the values adding another one: Realizing value over endorsing values.
Mikal Ziane: (Université Paris Descartes and LIP6)
Huehuehue Br..
shynimt: (SunTec)
Michael F Stone: (Gestation, Inc.) Agility is a concept I have followed and believed in for years as an important approach and element of success. I fully support The Agile Manifesto. Being customer-centric and flexible to adapt to changing conditions and information is not and should not be an option - but must be an imperative.
Johanna Gallo: (MakeMyTrip) Product Manager
Sean McLaughlin: ( Agile coach and Scrum Master since 2008, for three companies. The principles of the Manifesto are fundamental requirements of any organization hoping to become Agile. Introducing scrum-butts that conflict with these core values results in failure.
Ernesto Cohnen: (
Oscar Forcada.
Vinicio Bolaños Puente: (PROYECTOS.COM.EC)
jp singh: (Trignos Inc) I support Agile manifesto because it gives more value to the customers and their business and helps to develop good software iteratively.
Dean Shoesmith: (
Kyung Un Choi: In being "Indiviuals and interaction", "Responding to Change" by "Customer collaboration" and producing always "Working Software".
Михаил Чижов.
Sebastian Bruckner: (
Nils Caspar: (Nine Internet Solutions AG)
Peter Birlem: (Picksoul Creative)
Patricia Bowyer: (PAR Group, Inc) An excellent set of goals that can only support the individuals and organizations who work to bring this vision to fruition. As a long-time Project Manager and functional applications consultant, I applaud the ideas here, and am grateful to be able to share them, encouraging my clients to embrace this logical and effective approach. Sincerely, Pat Bowyer
Jeff Hendricks: Doing the right thing at the right time for the right solution...always move forward
Frederik Wallner: (
Anniel Menezes Cruz.
Julian Cox: There is so much "agile" out there - the term has become overloaded and abused. I often refer people back to this site with the challenge "You reckon what you're proposing is Agile? Assess your approach against the values/principles etc." How about extending the site to incorporate Agile in non Software Development domains? I don't reckon it'll be that different.
Gregg Bourdo: (http://@gbyrdeaux)

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