Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 Sep to 18 Sep 2013
Jonathan Goodall.
Joshua Stern: (Joshua Stern Team) The Agile Manifesto simply is the right way to develop software, and other things for that matter, in a way that ensures the best end-user experience.
James Hockett: As a senior software engineer, I agree with the manifesto.
Joe Davidson: These principles have proven well in my experience. They have guided me to lead very productive, collaborative, and adaptive teams producing high quality enterprise products in a variety of industries.
Brian Bell: (Zuora) Definitely a believer.
Ilir Kondo.
Stephen Oburu: (International Organization for Migration) I agree with the contents of, and fully suport the Agile Manifesto
Nicolas Delalondre.
Chiedozie Hez: (Briar & Gash Limited)
Zhongjie Wang: (Harbin Institute of Technology)
muhammad ahmed: I have found agile software development as a very flexible and development friendly method which also satisfies customers with early delivery of working software and providing flexibility of changing requirements also.
Chris Coram: (Paradigm Agnostic) Agile is not a process. It is a work ethos for productive engineers under any development process.
Des O Dea: (Ircona) I was initially doubtful about the effectiveness of this methodology, but, having spent the last 2.5 years immersed in it and being part of multiple successful and timely incremental releases, I quickly beacme a believer!
Lisa Dominy: Thank you for this manifesto, it is what I have been wanting from the first day I was introduced into the corporate world of IT. Happy to help in any way possible.
Evgheni Poleacov.
Attie Heunis: (Vectorsoft)
Jessica Lee: AMEN! Especially to collaboration over contract negotiation. :)
Steven S. Martin: (CEO, Blue Cross Blue Shielf of Nebraska) We have integrated Six Sigma and Lean methods into our culture over the last decade. Agile was introduce a few years ago and has spread through our culture faster than I thought possible. The best metaphor I can think of post Agile is like living for years under a clouded sky and suddenly having "sunlight" burst through the clouds. The "enlightment" of Agile has increased product quality and speed to market and has built stronger, trust based teams across our enterprise. Returning to our old methods is not an option.
Mostafa Favaedi: (Tadbirpardaz Computer Group) I love agile development
Ben Castleton: (Partners Healthcare) In developing applications for the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, I have found it of inestimable benefit to value the items on the left more than those on the right of the manifesto. To a large extent, these principles also create meaningful benefits in my work as an analyst and privately in my endeavors to be a good father, a good husband, and a reasonable person in general.
Peer Eland: (Bluegarden) I hereby commit to the agile manifest. We are using the Agile principle build on top of the Manifesto and our company values are link to the Agile Manifesto
John F. Bremer Jr.: (A really big aerospace company) I believe that following the Agile Manifesto and principles helps be deliver value to my customers.
Steven Koh: Software development without agility is like eating without digesting
Mark Gunn.
Ken Quast: Finally, a simple set of guiding principles that encourages us to conduct project activities in a natural, effective way that allows us give the customer what they want, not what they ask for.
Bipul Kumar.
L. E. Cortez.
Jeff McCleary: (OEConnection)
Matt Labonville: Agile: not just for software
antonio martinez.
Kaveh Kalantar Hormozi: Short, but Deep. Simple, but meaningful.
Alexander Duytschaever.
Volker Seibt: I agree with the manifesto and I wish id would be followed more.
Mary Miller: (Unitedweb) I recently had the honor of being in a SCRUM Master training course that was instructed by Mike Beedle. Having been a long-time believer in and implementer of Agile development methodologies, I greatly appreciated the real-world examples and first-hand knowledge and expertise that Mike incorporated in the class. I see Agile methodologies as ideal for not only development but other areas of the business, such as corporate strategic planning and marketing.
Antriksh Saxena: (Sourcebits)
伍春银: (Li He inc) ding!
Renato Chencinski.
Myles Lagolago-Craig: (
Hendrik Kleine.
Antonio Pirrello.
scott lau: (NTC) I support the Agile Manifesto unconditional.and i will use the agile develop the software.
Derek Almeida: (Rays TechServ Pvt. Ltd.) It's amazing how long we've been doing software development a certain way that was inherited from various methodologies but customized to work for us, and then someone comes along and provides the agile manifesto and principles giving us the reason "why" we do things the way we are doing it, and structure on "How" to perform and improve on the way we do it. The agile methodology works. Thank you.
Daniel Luna Rodríguez.
Mark Higham: I fully support the Agile Manifesto. I supported it 10 years ago, but now I understand what it means.
Sam Morrow.
Michael Baldwin: (OA Systems)
Girish: (CareerXperts)
Adrien HADJ-SALAH: (MyMeetwork)
Neha Verma: (SoftProdigy) I positively support Agile Manifesto :)
Peter Liljenberg.

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