Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 29 Aug to 10 Sep 2013
Sanjit Chudha: (Consultant) Through considerable experience gained from 15 years' involvement in working with organisations moving towards digital delivery, I have found the Agile Manifesto to be both an inspiration and a guide. Clear, simple, articulate and above all meaningful: in essence, put your users first.
Robert Kasperek.
Andreas Leidner.
Michel Geyer: (Alcatel-Lucent)
Jonathan Lara: (http://@jonathanlarav) Agile is beyond just software, is a way to continuous improvement and having these 4 principles as a guide have improve my way to organize myself and of course my way to create software.
Jade Naaman: I support the manifesto, as it is preferable in most cases.
Najeeb M. Al-Majeedy | نجيب المجيدي: (Al-Majeedy) أنا مؤمن بالقيم العادلة التي أعلن عنها في بيان الأجايل, وأثق بأن الشركات التي تطبقها ستكون في صدارة صناعة تطوير البرمجيات. I believe in the fair values Agile Manifesto, and I am confident that companies applying them will be at the forefront of the software development industry.
Daniel Dimitrov: (
Christian Treber: (
Sylwiusz Pytka: (SCRUM GROUP)
Deepak Narang: (Bank of America) Agile is the best way to match current business requirements with project deliverables.
Om Wadikar.
Jon Osborn: (Bell Tracy, Ltd.)
Claude de la Caffiniére: (Leadership Training Company) As the General Manager of L.T.C. and established in Algeria for around 15 years, we are ready to use and apply the AGILE logicial in our training and coaching activity with the most out important companies. we know and use the Lean system (toyota Productio System )so,....ready to develop and apply the agiles methods.Best regards
Sujatha Kulkarni.
Zandor Yandari Sánchez Agreda.
Jeff Rector.
Arkadiusz Paździerski: (extranet internet creator)
Devraj Saha: Ericsson’s emergence as one of the world’s largest software companies may be a surprise to some outside the telecoms industry. But software has been one of our success stories for many years – especially following a customer-focused transformation of software-development processes to increase customer responsiveness, reduce lead times and improve quality. The industry-recognized Agile approach has played a key role. Most of Ericsson’s development organizations use Agile practices today in some form or another. For me, Agile development is important because it is about empowering developers by creating an environment where they have control over their work. Agile is an important part of our vision of providing the best software services and products.
Raghu Angara: (Infosys Technologies Lmited) I endorse the agile manifesto. I believe it to be effective in helping manage and deliver products in shorter increments.
Robert F Wilbert III: Agile is a healthy evolution of software development towards a "Needs of the Many" outlook instead of selfishness and greed
Nayan Parikh: (Cybage Software Private Limited) Agile has changed the way i view software project management and development methodology. Knowing such principles in Agile Manifesto really has motivated me to go with Agility for my next future set of assignments.
Taini Andrea.
Serkan Özkaymak.
Gautam Bhatnagar.
Stivenson Rincón: (
Sofiene SAIDI.
Vinicius Costa.
黄宜宾: (Li He Inc.) We're now adapting Agile in our team, and there's no doubt if everyone set their minds in Agile(Scrum for now, maybe XP next year), we'll be more and more efficient and effective during the days.
Gabriel Puliatti: (Adzuna)
Corsin Capol.
Jhon Alexander Holguin Barrera: (Geminus Software de Colombia)
Brad H.
Mark Salamango: (University of Michigan Medical School) In my prior experience transforming the US Army's Pervasive Computing Lab, offshore software development houses, and the University of Michigan Medical School, our guiding principles have always been the Agile Manifesto. Without these beacons, our ship would have run aground long ago.
Rafael Miceli: (http://
Pablo Fernando Cargnelutti: (Intel) To be able to support change, the code must be easy to change. We must focus on code, since it's the only document accurate enough to build the system.
Adrian Guerrero.
Adriano Biolchi: Support the initiative, I believe we are the future of softwres using agile methods.
Jeff Sanders.
noel Delumen.
Khaled AlShami: (CCC)
Michele Cozzolino: (
Christophe Weiffenbach : ( Yes, i agree and i support.
Yvonne Berset-Hogg: Scrum was how we used to do it in the 70's. It is how we didn't do it in the 90's. How I want to do it today. Client's need will always drive a good IT system and motivate the team to produce better software.
Kaan Keskin: (ASELSAN)
Sanjay kumar: Agile philosophy is the best software methodology, which enabled to meet business objectives faster and with quality.
Christopher Shanti Burkey: (EnterMedia Inc.) Been following the ideals for many years. A natural way to work and collaborate.
Kyle Baardson: With our transition to Agile Scrum we have been able to build up outstanding trust with our Product Owner. This trust was built by delivering useful and demonstrable capability every sprint. The ability for the Product Owner to have so much input and provide direction along with total visibility was something that the Product Owner really enjoyed that they did not previously have. This has led to producing some of the highest quality and most useful products that I have been a part of.

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