Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 20 Jan to 30 Jan 2014
Mohammad Gufran.
Ramya Iyer.
Deniz Tuna.
Markus Bours: It works not only with software development, I use it also with great success on IT infrastructure projects.
Charles Hufnagel: (Education Elements)
Lasitha Ishan Petthawadu: (Zone24x7)
Carlos Omar Suarez: ( Let's build better software!
Aaron Goulet.
Dan Radigan: (
Shantal Pillay.
Karel Deman.
Glauco: (Reinvent Tecnologia)
Amy Pasko.
Eric Renaud: (WSP Canada Inc.) In a constantly changing computer environment being able to adapt and be flexible is what makes Agile so actual and important. The techniques and tools might evolve but the concept stay the same.
Jonathan Harden: (Moonfruit)
Guillaume Mourier.
Prachi Bijlani.
Jose Baiocchi.
Navneet Hegde.
Nashir: (Software Company Bangladesh) I believe Agile Software Development. This customer collaboration and Responding to change to add the revenue is higher.
Kasturi Rangan: I completely endorse the agile software development manifesto. It is easy, simple and original method of software development. Through time the original methods got changed and software engineering became complicated. Agile Software Development Manifesto has retraced the path.
Onur Ozcan: (ACM)
Peter Lundbäck: (Mirror Utveckling AB)
Zsigmond Imre.
Vladimir Tursin: (Belitsoft) Agile software development gives opportunities to implement impossible things.
Jo Segers: Agile methodology = best methodology
Johnathan Hegg: (Vivaresa) Supporting Agile Manifesto. Simple and effective, easily adjustable software is the best for any business
Luis Ruiz de León: (IngeniApp)
Saad Janjua: The collaborative nature of Agile software development leaves out less room for archers and more room for productive employees.
Michael Servaas.
Phillip Bossardet: For the past 34 years have always had an underlying force driving me to develop the best software I could. When I discovered that in the Agile Manifesto I found form to that driving force.
Kendra Klocke: (Build Custom Solutions) My company takes agile software development very seriously. The involvement in the client in every stage of the creation process, from the initial contract to the support work the comes after release requires that continues contact and flexibility in order to ensure the best product to meet the client's needs in the ever changing environment of today's business technologies. We support the Agile Manifesto.
Steven I Osa-Idehen: (WesternMall) Personally, I think the Agile Manifesto paved the way forward for dynamism in Software Development. And I'm a cool fan of its principles and ideas. All the best!
Adam Wojciechowski: may all organizations and people become Agile. :)
Ahmet Bekman.
Oleg Leonov: (Ericsson) I like your values - these are what bring life both into the product and the process of it's creation.
theo bohnen: (
Jesús Fernando González Tadeo: (SSINCO) Siguiendo lo más posible estos principios, se acerca uno como profesionista, a la manera sustentable de desarrollar software.
Kynaston: (SUTD) The world is changing, flexibility is what matters now. There is no fixed way or plan to get anything done.
Nuwan Gunawardena: I have been using Agile practices for almost 8 years and have seen lot of improvements to the way we develop software and providing customer more business value. I would really like to support the agile manifesto.
Daniel Jørgensen.
Richard Keating.
Angelo Radici: (Mediawest SRL)
Mark Byers: (ibCom) It's all about supporting the human spirit, not getting machines to compile code.
Cemil Foxworthy: Happy customers and happy team -- that's the sign of success.
Steve Dalton: Love the emphasis on people over process, particularly the tenets of self-organization and self-management. Agile thinking has paid big dividends for the three teams I manage.
Amit Bhandari: (Magic Software) I think these principles definitely stand out. However, what i have observed during my experience is collection of large errors that have crept in the past and now we seem to be undoing what has been done so far. There has to be a lot more thrust to the agile methodology as a concept and i would welcome organizations impose a penalty if not followed properly.
Jonathan Maier.
Juan Garcia: (Hosting Wordpress) I agree with the principles of this manifesto and I really consider there are better ways of developing software through cooperation.
Sajid Rashid: (Software Pattern Inc.) Promote and value open communication, trust, and teamwork.

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