Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 04 Jul to 15 Jul 2014
Dario Simoncini: (Complexity Institute)
Kiran KS: (Cubet Techno Labs) The demand for high quality software applications are are increasing day in and day out and Agile manifesto has been offering a solution to meet this demand in the most effective manner.
Caetano de Andrade Silva: (CS Technologies Ltda) Os métodos ágeis utilizados para desenvolvimento de software é um diferencial que vai aumentar a satisfação do cliente agregando maior valor ao produto final, produzindo software alta qualidade e acelerando os prazos de desenvolvimento de projetos.
Selcuk Alimar: (Avea)
Anton Rossouw: (Tabar) I trained as a programmer in the 80's and always loved delivering software that delighted my clients. Those days it wasn't called Agile but we knew "it" when we did it, and it was great! But its not always that simple because sometimes one stumbles into projects where it seems impossible to succeed against all odds and one almost loses hope. Like the story in Robert Redford's movie "All Is Lost" . So when my faith is tested and it seems as if all is lost then I go back to the Agile Manifesto for inspiration and energy - and it renews my faith every time !
Stefan Luyten: (Triton Consulting bvba)
Chris Hashley: (Blue Sphere Solutions)
Russell Copeland: Keeping to the agile manifesto leads to more useful solutions that can be delivered in a useful time frame. It helps me focus on what is actually important in delivering solutions. Any organization that is serious about meeting the needs of their customers should embrace the agile manifesto.
Paweł Jarosiński.
Ayaz Hemani: (The Nielsen Company) Agile methodologies work excellently for setting expectations, having constant communication (both internally and externally), and by producing incremental value to any client(s) throughout the development of a program.
Sergej Pshetotskyi.
Ismaila: ( Agile Manifesto and scrum methodology
Richard Carter: (bolser) The manifesto is so simple but can have a profound impact for the better on any company. We use agile as a methodology for software development and project management.
David McMonigle: (Coder's Nook) Amen!
Jonn Louie Lim: (
Simone Romei: Ad astra per aspera.
Matthias Wolf: (AS&P)
Mike Neville.
Max Malik.
Dave Warren.
Raj Kosaraju: (Maxil Technology Solutions Inc) I support Agile Manifesto because I am part of an organization that faces requirement changes during product developments. Agile manifesto principles are the base of our scrum methodology implementation. Agile’s modular nature means employing better suited object-oriented designs and programmes, which means one always has a working model for timely release even when it does not always entirely match customer specifications.I strongly favor three critical recommendations for selecting and deploying agile process solutions: empower business users, bridge the silos of the enterprise content infrastructure, and tightly integrate content and process technologies for satisfying compliance and performance monitoring.
Michael Hanson: ( Businesses have long been saying: 1. Quality 2. Cost 3. Time Pick two. However, we are entering a time when it's necessary to include all three. Agile can allow for this with it's simplistic, value-added, iterative approach to delivering value, regardless of industry.
Kaunain Ali Abedi: Hi folks, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a SCRUM Team, in my previous organization, in the role of a servant leader (SM). I have learnt the importance of valuing people over processes and have had the satisfaction of delivering a working piece of code at the end of iterations. We have burnt fingers implementing Agile in our organization and have learnt from our mistakes. It is important to follow SCRUM the way it is designed, in order to be successful. Changes take time and when organizations implement SCRUM/Agile way of working, they should understand that and be accommodating of initial failures. We had zero velocity for the first two sprints, but once we got into the groove, there was no looking back! I truly believe in the agile way of working and I'm planning to implement SCRUM in the new organization I am a part of. Regards, Kaunain Ali Abedi
Vishal Prasad: (Weshall Prasad) The Simpler way of creating software. It reminds me of my school days when joy was - working in a lab with friends - using a notepad and a pen - working software programs on 64MB drive - making quick changes with new ideas to thrive. That's Agile.
Grégoire RIST: (EXPEO) After nearly 15 years, the application of these principles on a daily basis still leads to the production of high quality software.
Lawrence Lilley: (The Open University)
Vinay S. Ghule: This should be considered as an additional wonder of this world! Agile principles have amazing power to change the world. I can’t express my gratitude enough for this precious gift to the world! Let’s “Reduce” waste from this world of developing software. Let “Agile” Reign…
Sergio Unia: I believe that this approach is the only way to develop professional software. I wonder why many people do not understand (but maybe they think it's better not to understand). A satisfied customer is a great resource for us. A satisfied customer will be a customer for ever. To win a dispute is only a sad satisfaction. Anyway I'm a programmer, not a notary. Thank you for your valuable work!!
Newton Costa: (Hi-Q Soluções em Tecnologia)
Keith Yeh.
Francis Joshua Flores Calabia: (IBM Solutions Delivery Inc.)
Mark Galbreath: (US Department of State) Agile development requires agile minds.
John Caliri: Lovin' Agile! Has proven to be the best way to get the best product into the customer's hands.
Sushant Patro: (I.T.) I support Agile Methodology.
Oyewale Oyediran: (
Adetunji: (dkreators) I endorse this movement
richard seldon.
Jahnavi Puppala.
Cihan YILMAZ: (Türkiye Finans) crazy about agile...
Glendel Joubert Fyne Acosta: (Worldwide Systems Services SAS)
Imran Khan: (Tata Consultancy Ltd (India)) I support Agile Methodology. It brings a faster, efficient and Futuristic environment to work. The best way you can deal with the dynamic World.
Mike May.
Muhammed Zafer Yahşi: (ING Bank Turkey)
John Gunther: (Kyazma Business Consulting) I support the Agile Manifesto wholeheartedly. Not because I think the Manifesto in and of itself makes me more capable in any way, but because it is a triumph of abstraction over obscurity. It represents the power of simplicity over our tendency to overcomplicate. For me, putting these ideals into practice helps me uncover the real problems that a project should solve. It cuts away the superfluous layers that distort our perception. Implementing the Agile Methodology in my professional life has been a transformative experience.
Jurdanas Kriauciunas.
Marco Agner: (marcoagner)
Nina Tekwani.
Luke Pivac: (Unleashed Software) Here at Unleashed Software we use the Scrum framework for all of our development. We work in small teams and adhere to scrum methodology to ensure we are always improving our processes; and well adverse in the world of agile. As the Scrum master, I enjoy the hands-on environment. Scrum works well for us, because we get to inspect and adapt our development regularly.

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