Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 05 Jan to 13 Jan 2015
Vanessa Rose V Castro: (Accenture)
Brett Novak.
Ready Huang: (TEDxNTUST)
Michael Frahm: (KBPM)
Ilya Gerasimenko: (
Andres: (Student) Agile is the way to GO!
Niels Andersson Badsberg: (Public Funk) In Public Funk we believe in functionality. We support the agile manifesto, not because we develope software, but because we share the ideals of being agile in our search and work for functionality in the danish society.
Nelson Burgos: (Stratominds) i agree
Andrea Sicari.
Keith Pugsley: (BEnergised) I believe the manifesto encompasses sound principles, placing human values at its core.
Fernando Ortega Vega: (Righttek)
Jon Wong: (Zenith Media Canada)
Rafael Queiroz: (Catho)
Efozia Onwuejeogwu: (NIIT/SEI Inv) The Agile Concepts are very dare to my heart. I have always felt that gut belief in them intuitively and naturally since I started working formally right out of college in 2005. I feel extreme joy today knowing that the founders and supporters of this great philosophy read my mind and proactively developed a framework that has touched millions of lives - including mine, in the most positive way.
P Majik: (PM Majik) Now that product cycles are greatly reduced due to the need for speed to market, agile presents an approach that allows for spped but with control.
Luis Parra.
Nils Löwe: (Leadercraftsmanship)
Ricky Barry: (Dialatec)
Heather Heirbaut.
Mahesh Kumar Raju.
Horacio Gonzalez : (LAN Airlines)
Dave Willis: Agile makes me feel empowered in humility like an effective dogma should. I am nothing before the altar of hyper-productivity and the forces it represents. During daily standup, I do not stand; I instead prostrate myself.
Philip Wong: (Fujitsu) Coming from the world of System / Infrastructure administration and working my way to Services, this manifesto is the first area of principles that I felt touches on the true issues of system and application development. As at the end of the day, to reach true collaboration and inter-operability in this growing world of Cloud based applications the essence of communication and cross knowledge becomes an ever important factor.
Jordan Alimi-Tollgreve.
Cristián Lisboa: Development Engineer (Santiago - Chile)
Richard Lynn Paul: (Rock Solid Internet Systems) I support the aim of moving away from waterfall and moving towards continuous improvement for faster delivery of value to the customer, better working environment for the practitioners, and more successful projects.
Allan Rennebo Jepsen: (Rennebo)
Amol Gandhi: I believe using this, we can solve major problems and render good solutions to our valued customers.
Marijn van der Zee: (Serra ICT Diensten)
Ralf Gruber: (Ford) Based on my experience, both on tradtional project management as well as on agile projects; I am convinced that agile is a great way to faster create business value to be more flexible to change and at the same time increase the satisfaction and motivation of the team.
Joe Cross: ( Agile is one of those deceptive ideas that makes most people dismiss it as overlysimplistic. But once you embrace it in its fullness, you realize that all of the answers are in there.
Gigi Paul: I endorse Agile Manifesto!
Markus Hof.
Pallavi Daga: ( I am solution architect come tech lead. I support agile development as I also experienced its need while working in mobility domain (mobile apps development) especially when client comes up with the concept or some basic idea they want to build. And requirement keeps changing most of the time as we progress either in design phase or development. Agile development definitely improves delivery and quality of what we deliver.
Gürkan Aylin.
Ion: (DMS) We also encourage the agile manifesto! Many tahnks!
Vic Dionson: Collaboration makes the work more efficient
Travis Green: It is my belief that Agile Development not only provides the client with a product that most closely fits their needs; but does so in a shorter time frame and with less cost. Agile also allows developers to work on a product with more confidence due to frequent interaction with the client.
Yashima: (JP Morgan) I strongly believe in these 4 principles as these are based on empirical process control and not just theoretical.
Bas Pouw: (Valori)
Chanduru Pushpalingam: (NMSWorks Software Pvt Ltd)
Alem Zolota.
Sean Davis: (ChannelLauncher) More value created in less time and our clients know exactly what's coming their way at the end of every sprint.
hugh sheridan: It is our future today.
Andy James: (Pebble Learning Ltd) Allowing us to really understand our own performance in development, and gives us a flexible, responsive and predictable pattern to our work for continuous results.
Wladston Viana Ferreira Filho: (Coding is Awesome)
Tamer Yacoub: (Abbvie)
Anjali Leon: (Pragmatic Project Leadership)

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