Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 28 Feb to 13 Mar 2015
Jhon Jairo Roldan Restrepo: (Cooagroantioquia)
Francisco Herrera Hernandez: (MySelf) Absolutamente necesario mantener una mejora en el proceso de desarrollos
Shivani Rangwar.
Selçuk Cirit.
David Colorado.
Raimund Klein: (IBM UK Ltd) To sum it up: Bring amazing people together, give them the right environment, and they will produce something great. Get them stuck in a too strict environment with too many unavoidable rules to follow, and their output will deteriorate.
Espai Interiorismo: (Espai Interiorismo y Reformas en Alicante) I believe that the Agile Manifesto is key for time efficiency and to overcome recurrent blockages. I Support it!
Tien H. Nguyen.
John Macki.
Yogesh Lonkar: Agile really like puts power in hands of developers who can drive the project to its destiny. Agile truly is natural a selection, letting us evolve & do things that actually matter.
Harold Gomez: I believe in the power of an agile team. I endorse the Agile MAnifesto!
Sony Shahani.
Robert Armstrong: ( We don't build projects, we build products. To me this is why Agile makes sense - constantly reviewing, adapting and delivering valuable product, over the products entire lifecycle not just the length of the project. Focusing on what stakeholder want, embracing the fact we don't known everything when we start a complex task, and not getting distracted by trying to plan things we simple don't know yet... Concentrating our time and effort into the things we do understand, and that we know deliver real value to the stakeholders.
Sivasangari Vasagar: This is Win - Win methodology for all participating parties. User would be happy to see the desired outcome developed, developer is happy ensuring customer satisfaction and Scrum Master and Product Owner are happy acting as liaison between Business users and Development team ensuring both teams are happy growing and sustaining Business with good outcomes.
Rolf Irion.
Jack Smith: (Work Force Software)
Upesh Amin.
Rajesh Ramdass: It's about value creation collectively.
Wittawas Puntumchinda: (Burapha University)
Jonathan Bagshaw.
Phil Coleman.
Don Girman: Believe in the benefits working in self organized, highly communicating, activated teams
Anthony Pelosi: Believer since 2008 when adopting Scrum over Waterfall doubled our efficiency, producing every 6 weeks what previously took 12 weeks.
Shahid Rehman .
Rodrigo Florez Morales: Another way to see the IT solutions world
Ideyatech: ( Using agile approaches, we have successfully delivered software for initial release within 2 months.
Ozge Salih.
Rob Hyde: (IT Cadre) Brilliant in its simplicity. Profound in its effectiveness.
Slobodan Nikolic: (Avnet Services)
Angelita: (RCHLO)
Antonio Rega.
Derrick Aubin: Agile methodologies have helped transform our team from erratic delivery schedules to more predictable output.
Daniel Jonathan: Agree. Human interaction is the most valuable resource available for Software development.
Cody McCain: (GE Global Research)
Stephen L Rademacher: Customer collaboration not only improves the quality of the solution, it also improves the quality of the experience.
Hans Vledder.
Marek Möckel: ( To me, agile software development means bringing together the most relevant people in order to create an efficient, effective and flexible process to create products and services that bring high value to the customers and fills the people with pride who built it.
Roland Ray Dingal.
Francis Peixoto.
Bob Bretall: There is no denying that when done properly Agile yields a number of wonderful benefits. As I learned about and implemented the core tenets of Agile over the years there were several concepts where a light bulb went on and I said "Ah Ha! I’ve never thought of it that way before!" For most of them I found that the underlying principles of Agile were things I was aware of and using to greater or lesser degree (depending on the organization) but there are some really useful ideas promoted by the Agile Community on how to technically approach topics from requirements gathering to development and test that when applied help deliver the benefits that Agile promises.
Rosendo Lopez: Believer since 2006. Proved effective since then in countless projects/organizations. It is not hard to sell, is hard to change mind biases but it always delivers, and delivers good.
Aridane Álamo Morera: ( After 15 years of software analysis and development i've came to some of the same conclusions supported by the agile manifesto. Now i have been using agile methodologies for about 3 years, not only i had been able to stay on time in all my projects but i am also delivering more to the customer. The manifesto and many experts gave me the tools, arguments and confidence to be able to convince customers and managers to switch to agile methodologies... Now I am CTO.
Srivas Seetharaman: (ACMIT GmBH) Though, I am still a beginner, I do believe the manifesto has a visionary rather than a missionary approach.
Andrew Graham: Too long in the tooth now to be using anything else!
Alberto Saito: I fervently believe in the advantages of working in self-organized, highly communicative, motivated, and fully engaged teams, that are able to respond to change as a way to add value to their customers.
Cindy Marsh: (Corning, Inc.) I absolutely support the Agile Manifesto - it is stated perfectly!
Jean-Baptiste Neuhaus.
Sharmila: As a product manager I have found immense satisfaction working in an Agile team. We transitioned from Waterfall to Agile a few years ago and are moving from strength to strength. The team is growing and maturing through this process. There is more interaction and its great collaboration!

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