Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 13 Mar to 20 Mar 2015
Dipti Trivedi: (Cybage) Committed to Agile Software Development.
Sonya McChristie: (The University of Sunderland) I am the Senior Learning Technologist in Web and Learning Technology Services at the University of Sunderland, currently learning Agile and Scrum to improve on how we develop and deliver both software and learning materials.
Tomislav Grospić.
Renato Barbieri: (IBM) We have come a long way since the early attempts to make software development an engineering practice in the 80s and 90s. I remember the comparisons betwen Construction and Software; the latter is fundamentally different, and it requires a unique approach. The Agile Manifesto embodies a philosophy that values harmony; amongst developers themselves and their customers. Collaboration is the key to success -- no more finger-pointing. Accept that failure is needed in order to learn and better ourselves, one step at a time. Software is the ultimate malleable material; change is part of its DNA. This Manifesto represents the soul of the Agile movement, clearly stated in its 4 values and 12 principles. A guiding light for a brighter future in the IT industry. Embrace it, live it, cherish it.
Fabrizio Machella: I'm an Agile passionate and proud member of Agile community. Everyday I use this manifesto and its principles as a metric and i observe as much more we adhere to it better product we develop. Adopt this Manifesto you too!
Tommaso Torti: I'm a proud member of one of the first xp team in Italy. After ten years, all the manifesto principles are still inspirational !
Ivan A. Dudorov.
Federico Fontana.
Vineet Kumar: I am a software developer who hates to follow the long processes and documentation for developing softwares. Agile principals are inspirational. I am committed to agile and a proud member of a scrum team.
Darren Onekhamphoui: I support the fluidity of the Agile methods. Change is always a good thing, especially when encountering problems that require creative solutions.
Victoria Foster: (
Jonathan Watrous: ( I use these principles to transform companies and my life!
Ricky Berba.
Mansur Ikhlas: Agile is the best thing that has happened in software development so far.
Sean Chandler: ( For too long the development process, whether software or website, has not been a collaborative process. The client usually has close to zero knowledge of what's involved in the development process, and developers tend to see client's requests as the incoherent ramblings of the uninitiated. I believe the manifesto addresses these imbalances, and it 's up to the developers to implement it and the clients to embrace it.
Kai-Alexander Goernt.
Ravi Gumpu: I support Agile Manifesto as it supports collaboration which is the backbone for successful project delivery
James Pepe.
Ronald Alwyn Pinto: (Direct Impact Group) I endorse Agile Principles and methodology for organisations working not only in software development but also in construction (realty) and for Civil Society Organisations.
Daria Marani Toro: (Training Hub Italy) Thank you for this enlightening Manifesto!
Shawn Wallack: I support the Agile Manifesto, particularly with respect to software development. People create software, so it makes sense that we would focus on human interplay to reduce waste and increase value. In an ironic coincidence, people also create the processes and tools whose insipid expansion often burdens teams with convoluted, expensive, and ultimately unnecessary hurdles. Keep procedures, standards, and systems lightweight and be mindful of their voracious appetite for pernicious expansion. Documentation is an abstraction which describes, but does not inherently deliver business value. The value in what we create stems only from its actual creation. Scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski observed that "the map is not the territory." The abstraction is not the thing itself. Disunion between customer and developer decelerates delivery of business value by introducing avoidable waste and cost. Ironically, the false protection which a contract-mentality promises serves only to exacerbate the underlying distrust and animus from which this division originates. It is only through genuine partnership and mutual respect and understanding that we can optimize outcomes. This fragile condition takes time to form and must be continuously nurtured. The notion of formulating and following a detailed proposal for achieving a goal is intrinsically valid. Where some teams stumble, however, is in considering the initial manifestation of that plan to be an immutable object. Unwillingness or failure to adjust based on performance and changing conditions dooms many projects to history's graveyard. Part of the plan (perhaps the most important part) needs to be changing the plan. Over the last 20 years, I have managed (or been a team member on) several multimillion dollar projects for some of the most recognizable brands and well-respected companies in the world. From that vantage point, I have observed and experienced the immediate and lasting benefits of transitioning from Waterfall to Agile (Scrum in particular). I cannot recommend strongly enough that serious consideration be paid to making this fundamental shift in your organization. Scrum's iterative, incremental, and collaborative approach to software development accelerates delivery of business value; builds-in quality; and improves productivity. The Agile Manifesto succinctly captures the essence of the practice and serves as the foundation upon which great project success may be built.
Sanjay Kulkarni: I have found and experienced that the probability of succeeding in building a software product is much higher practising AGILE
Jason Knight.
Pouya Rismansanj: (Utopuia - Community-supported Business)
Madhu Babu: This site gives and crisp and clear meaning of agile. 12 principles gives the best product
Marco Brunelle: (Revenu Québec)
Alessio Bianchetti.
Trevor Martin.
Jerry Stubbs: ( Passionate believer!
Kalid Ordóñez: I support the agile manifesto.
GIRISH ADAT: Principles of Agile Software Development always attracted me. Now an advocate of the same. Basically it connects minds in software world, which is of high importance as we all work intellectually.
Francisco Javier Banos Lemoine: (Illyum) Agile is a way of life; a state of mind...
Louis Lam.
Joseph Anthony Cruz: (
Syed Tehseen ul Hasan Shah: (Student of Software Engineering) Requirements are changing day by day. In our Software Project many time we make significant changing during project due to new requirements. Agility provides a best solution for such cases. I support Agile Manifesto!
Mauro Pavia: I have been fascinated by the simplicity and rationality of the agile project management methodology the first time I've heard about it.
Mauro Pavia: I have been fascinated by the simplicity and rationality of the agile project management methodology the first time I've heard about it.
John J. Hayes: (hjbx consulting services) I use agile, I enroll business sponsors and engage in daily communications to vet the design decisions.
Gail B. Evans: (University of South Florida) I whole-heartedly endorse the Agile Manifesto. I am a recent newbie to the Agile World, having just recently completed a Scrum Master training course. The Agile Manifesto speaks to me at my core and the role I emulate as a servant leader within my organization. To value individuals and interactions over processes and tools, how AWESOME is that! To have a customer feel this as you work with them on a project that they are what is most important to you! You are co-partners with them. You both share in the joy and pains of the project together working as a cohesive, collaborative team. To value a working product over comprehensive documentation! What a novel idea! LOL!!! To value customer collaboration over contract negotiation, to care more about your working product that meets your customers’ needs rather than ensuring your contract eliminates or deters scope creep. Wow!!! Lastly, to value responding to change over following a plan, to be able to say to a customer that it’s ok if you changed your mind. To be open-minded, flexible and understanding of change that it can and mostly likely will occur on a project and it is fine. To know, the world as you know it will not stop revolving for you or your customer because of a change. You both can and will overcome it and learn from the experience. To appreciate the items to the right of the Agile Manifesto but to value those on the left more! I LOVE it!!!
Edgar Kimathi: (online switch)
Veranildo Veras: (SOFT Domain)
Dr. Paloli Mohammed Shareef: (QTEEM Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Heiki Roletsky: (ISST)
sanal pillai: (cybage)
Weinan Li.
Tomasz Barbaszewski: (Emeritus) Customer driven solutions are THE BEST!
Abhishek Shanthkumar: (Waverr)
Eliza Abraham: In my opinion Agile captures a more realistic approach to work with Software Development as compared to more traditional approaches. It is also flexible to fit perfectly the dynamics of different teams.
Michael Carapellotti: (HSB/MunichRe) A solid, well though out, structured proven methodology for any organization. I am a believer and excited to be a part of bringing this to my organization.
Julian Dario Bermudez Trujillo: (Sunset Software House) Escribo en mi idioma, en español, porque en todas las lenguas posibles debemos reiterar y apoyar que en cualquier parte del mundo el individuo como ser humano debe estar por encima de los procesos; porque el cliente y el equipo son importantes; porque los resultados visibles hablan y porque este mundo cambiante necesita adaptación.

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