Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 08 Jan to 21 Jan 2016
Christine Tenney: I am a true advocate for the Agile Manifesto and methodology as I am in the process of becoming a certified SCRUM Master to expand my tool kit and advance in my career.
Abhinandan Shekar: (Tarento Technologies Private Limited)
Gergely Mancz.
Sascha Luithardt.
Thejas Swarup A Kethini: (Navitas LLP) I support Agile Software Development Manifesto. It's great to be a part of the Global Community that Supports Agile.
James Hui.
Fred Mastropasqua: (Clearly Agile,Inc / BrainTrustGroup) I believe in the manifesto and 12 principles!
Lev Ananikyan: True in 99%
Sabine Ackerbauer: (dataformers)
Michael Barron: I fully support the Agile Manifesto! Throughout my career I always felt there must be a better way to deliver projects. While I learn the Agile methodology I feel my focus can shift to delivering quality products not spending all my time on process and procedures, focus more on delivering results vs spending all day in meetings. Agile feels so natural!
José Veraldo Áli Júnior: (ALITEC Soluções Inteligentes) Trabalho com desenvolvimento de software a quase duas décadas, e pude ver e sentir na pele a agilidade obtida com essas novas metodologias. Apoio totalmente esses novos métodos ágeis de desenvolvimento de software.
Floyd May.
Matheus Augusto Bodo.
Dimitri Mehelo: (Izone5) I Endorse Agile Approach for effective software development and quick delivery!!
Craig Garlick: (Moneysupermarket group)
Efthymios Kokkalis: (FIS)
Nigel Fernando: The more involved in agile I have become the more flaws I can now see in what I originally thought was the correct way to run a project. Agile works!
Zehra Kanji: Agile has made a fantastic impact in our organization. It has helped us communicate better and deliver software on time.
Mourad Bouali: (ITM)
Dorian Xhixho: [Engagement Manager - MuleSoft] - Agile for me is a philosophy, which has revolutionalised not just the software world, but is being embraced in the business world too. I fully endorse the Agile Manifesto, as I cannot think of any other approach of delivering working software, which is adaptive and responsive to change, whilst reducing risk and proving the business value early in a project. Many congratulations to pioneers and visionaries like Martin, who saw the value of such approach since 2001.
Deepak Desaraju: (Liventus technology Solutions) I am a web developer who found the Agile development very encouraging for the regularly changed project requirements. I am willing to proceed further with these technology building models.
Amit Kumar Srivastava: (HCL Technologies) I have been working as agile evangelist, helping different projects at HCL Technologies, to transition to Agile way of working. Couple of years back, I managed a project following iterative methodology which was a success story. After I started working in Agile, I realized that unknowingly I was primarily doing all the things adhering to Agile Manifesto and that's the reason it was successful. We delivered 100% of what customer was expecting, though it was just 70% of the requirements that client gave in the start.
Bruce Francis: (Tellcross Investments (Pvt) Ltd) After 11 years of producing software commercially, I wholeheartedly agree with the manifest!
Jerry Tipper: Over the years I have been fortunate to see how an Agile transformation has helped many companies achieve their goals and bring products to market faster and with a more customer focus. This manifesto proves to be a solid starting point for any companies understanding. I do and will continually endorse Agile.
Anantha Subramanian: (IBM) I endorse the principle.
Michael Lin: (Harbor Health Systems)
Sumit Rajan: (Geoconcept )
Bev Hull: (Moneysupermarket Group)
Thomas Deniffel: (Skytala GmbH)
Amie Walton: (LiveOps Cloud)
Pawel Mysliwiec.
Greg DePasquale: (Red Sand Systems, LLC)
Steve Ruston.
Antony Hutchison: (Hutchison Technical) I wholeheartedly agree with the principles of the Agile Manifesto, and I've seen first-hand how it makes a very tangible, positive impact on the execution of development projects.
Daniel Gallegos Ibarra.
Raffaello Risso: these 12 principles are the most sustainable method for today software development. I strongly support all these principles as I am sure about their applicability
Aatmesh Aaloke: I fully support Agile Manifesto!
Cody Dostal: I absolutely agree with the principles of Agile Development, and as such I agree to adhere to them in any and all projects I have the pleasure of developing.
Mamdouh Elnamla: (Public Pension Agency) Agile Methodology, and Agile Manifesto are a great achievements in software development industry and revolution in software project management.
Dave Hutcheson: Individuals are empowered to make a difference. They must commit and bring themselves not just their title. They must own it. People over process, processes support people, people do not serve processes. Collaboration across the organization on shared goals, not individual agendas. The deliverable is the goal, the plan supports reaching the goal but the plan is not the goal itself.
Paul Hyland: I have been using agile principles for over a decade. But I'm still learning how to incorporate these ideals; new tools, tricks, and techniques; and most importantly, convincing others I work with to adopt them as well. A never-ending process of continuous improvement, or something.
Matt Hartign.
Biniam Asnake Kefale: I agree and follow the manifesto
Nick Prignano: So much yes.
Isabel Allen Gomes.
Gregor Ruthven.
Adam Maddison: (GDS) A set of values and principles that truly help deliver value.
Richie: (CSG International) :)
Venkat Voruganti: (Texas HHSC)

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