Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 30 May to 13 Jun 2006
Pádraic Brady: ( A relatively new convert seeing the light...
Stefan Kyntchev: It Just Works!
Michael W. Barnett: (Gensym Corporation) Over the years we have seen all sorts of best practices for software development. Good software can be created in many different ways, but behind the success of all our best projects are the practices outlined in the Agile Software Development Manifesto. Thanks!
Fabio Lessa.
Irakli Nadareishvili: (Picktek Ltd.) Agile methodologies are the best (if not the only) way out of the stagnation that the software industry has fallen into during/after the Bubble Burst.
Jibonananda Sanyal: (Sasken Communication Technologies)
Itai Hochman: It works for my team....
Yaton Bowens: (Virtual Premise)
Frederic Minne: (
Mahmoud Al Gammal.
SHAJI JOHN: (SHALEM MEDICAL SUPPLIES, INC.) I support the Agile Manifeto!
Moti Abudi: (RADCOM) Making efficient and effective mehtod of software coding and development, is really about harnesseing the development team and each developpment individuals into a common company target with an ongoing confrontation with both the success and failures of the team along open face-to-face team conversation.
Mark Easton: (AGILE 4) We have embraced a balanced approach to "Agility and Discipline" in the delivery of software development services out of China and India and into New Zealand and Australia. At the heart of all that we do is the Agile Manifesto. Thank-you to Beck, Cockburn, Fowler, Jeffries anf others!. I first attended seminars by Grady Booch (about 15 years ago) where he provided a free copy of Rose Solo and talked about the coming of UML. From that time I embraced RUP and then later became a keen observer of XP.
Carlos Alvino: Agile is a great!
Sajin Kokkad Jose: (Ophyr Technologies) I would like to add my signatory in support of the Agile Manifesto. Using the Agile developement model, we can have people working together, delivering fully-functional frequent builds, incorporate requirement's change even in the later stages of the development, thus by obtaning a quick release meeting the Business requirements, all within a short span of time.
Krzysztof Borkowski: (Noktrim) I really like the idea that software development should be based on people, especially programmers, interaction. I believe it is the only way to get the software quality, customers' and programmers' satisfaction, and, what I value the most, good relationship with coworkers. I'm grateful to all Agile methodology Inventors and Supporters for bringing Agile methodology to light.
Andrew Brown: Yes yes yes.. I have been looking for an organisation that is finally attempting to bring together all agile methodologies.. Well done guys.
Delia Maria Castro Rojas: (Universidad Regiomontana) I believe user center's methodologies are the next step in software development. The use of prototyping is a useful way to improve use and reusability. Is one of the better way to assecure a final product that satisfy the user requirements.
Rodrigo Andrés Salinas Ojeda: (D&T Systems)
Thro Gottwald: (it-berater) New ways of developing software will be found in the upcoming century. One very important step into this direction has been made. Movement, life, agility. This will be important concepts in the new century.
Padmasankar Jadu: (Accelrys)
Bart Hansen: (Mobile Innovations) It must be clear that software development is a team thing .. Failing management that push or delegate their problems over to ICT must be stopped ..
Orlando Paz Berrocal: (Independant)
Srinivas Rallapalli: (Reliance) I have recently adapted to the agile pratices, liked the approach. I think it more interactive than previous approaches. Try to learn more and more and making other people aware of this.
Allie Gentry: (SwiftKnowledge)
Sunil Kashikar: By defining these principles you are putting the software development activity on higher ground. Certainly, very motivating and helping to remain focused on key things like quality, customer and cost.
Jacques Botha: ( Agile makes me realise how human software development really is. It more closely matches our thinking process and the way humans prefer to do things.
Matthew Bass: (
Mike Bennett.
Daniel F. Twum: (SecureData Co. Ltd.) We support the Agile Manifesto, and have been using it to develop software for the past 6 years.
Dave Braseth.
sanjeev shrivastava.
Wolf Johansson: (TRIII) I believe through experience that good software cannot be developed when creativity and constant change is removed from the development process. I have also found that constant review of the teams own method is also a success factor. Adaptability is the key for both people and software projects. Thank you for taking your time to write and publish this manifesto! This is one movement I support 100%.
Bhaskar V. Shankar: (Impetus Technologies) I'm in a very nascent stage in my career as a software engineer & have already realized the need to be open to changes & be good at adapting. I realize process are important. But if people are good, the can outperform the process hands down. Agile is a fantastic way to entrust quality people with good work & get a get amazing results !!! Giving a gree-hand to software engineers can only prove produtive !!!
Johan Tibell.
Harish Gururnathan: (Virtusa Corp)
Jens Riis: (
Célio Santana: (ATI - Pe)
Krzysztof Supinski.
Sofia Pizarro.
Ivon Lewis: OMG! I found intelligent life!
JJ Smith BEM: Having worked in software development from 79 through 95; I felt I was forced to move to data administration (codasyl and relational), if I wanted to remain at the coal face of software development. 10 years on I see that programmers have, in the main, been replaced with tool operators with an extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word and the ability to quote 'Codes of Practice' - and at the same time struggle to recall the basic constructs of a computer program!!. There is all too often a layer of non-technical management between the software producers and the software consumers resulting in software below expectation and a protracted process to make good to the clients satisfaction. Although I'm a bit wrinkly now and I don't wish to undermine this movement; in fact I fully support it, I have to say though - that I think we have come full circle to getting back to the main principles of yesteryear programming: IF A USER CANNOT UNDERSTAND YOUR SOFTWARE OR SEE BENEFIT IN IT'S USE - THEY WILL NOT USE IT AND IN EXTREME CASES WILL SEEK TO UNDERMINE IT. Certainly not a win win scenario and I personally have no pride or sense of achievement in producing such a product. However I gotta eat!
Sujan Kapadia: Humanity has a history of underutilizing the most valuable resources in favor of something that is supposedly more available and cheaper: it is no surprise that we act the same in software development. The customer is the most underutilized resource in software development... People think its cheaper to look at contracts and requirement documentations, which are out of date the moment they are written. Why build a product without any customer input? Let's stop building software in a vacuum. Let's stop reinventing the wheel. Let's stop placing our egos between us and the end goal. Let's stop assuming people are dumb. Let's start valuing humanity.
Ravi Kishor Shakya: ( I support Agile practices for Software development.
Etienne Robillard.
James Witt: As a IT Manager the Agile Methodology has enabled me and my teams to deliver concise applications that meet our clients needs in a quicker time frame. This has led to a a better client satisfaction and repeat business since the team used the client as an integral part of the process. The clients know and understand the product that is being delivered.
Bernd Schiffer.
Neil Tiffin.
Horia Slusanschi: (Essence Networks Ltd)
Arpit Gupta: (Self Employed) This is a good and more natural human way to deliver software products. This jells well with highly intellectual teams and nevertheless cuts the hipe and hoopla aroun a lot of processes. This is the way I like 2 work and most who r not used 2 this might also like 2 work out this way. regds Arpit Gupta Group Program Manager (Telecom) New Delhi India

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