Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 16 Jun to 28 Jun 2006
Allen Hurst: (Valtech Technologies)
Yuri Vrancken: (QNH) Development is done by humans. Software is written by humans. Humans like an easy way of living and working. This way of working clears all the fog around the Software Development process. People who are afraid of this approach simply aren't human.
David Gageot: (Valtech)
Bob Tabbiner: (BayRidge Solutions) To my surprise, someone had documented my beliefs in software and architecture development. The most successful teams I have been part of have lived the principles of Agile Software Development for years prior to it's formalization. I called it taking a pragmatic approach to meeting customer needs. Now I'll call it the Agile approach!
Arval Headrick.
Carlos M. Recalde: (Successful Technology, LLC) I've taken too long to sign this agreement (but that's mostly because I was stuck in a Dilbertesque organization for most of the last few years.) Now I have no excuse. I'll be asking all of my development partners to at least review this site. I know where to find new enlightened partners if any of the existing ones don't feel comfortable with this Manifesto. Keep on changin'
Bernad Pakpahan: (PT Netway Utama) I'm very intereset with this manifesto. I glad to recieve more information from this community
Konrad Pawlus: ( Agile works, it is proven.
Nick Coyne: (Glasshouse Multimedia) Agile processes and Ruby on Rails. What a great combo!
Nate Elston: ( Sweet.
Ogun TIGLI: Today, the software requirements are moving targets, everything is dramatically changing and yes, they are changing so fast. Expectations are quite high. I believe the Agile process is one of the important cornerstone in software development that can help us with these on going challenges in the software development process.
Kevin Spencer: Big things are made up of lots of little things. Complex things are made up of lots of simple things.
Marc Stock: I'm a strong supporter of Agile practices and, more specifically, XP software development.
Raj Kamath: (Youngsoft Inc.,) Agile keeps software development simple...
michelle sheiman.
Reeve Fritchman: (Ayers Rock Software, LLC) Software lives and grows. The Agile Manifesto is the best way to nuture that growth.
Søren Weiss Hansen: (ACURE, an IBM Division) I have implemented scrum in the project.
David Cancel.
Vinod Kumar Dorairaj: (Vcustomer technologies) Agile software development is where software development started from, we must accept that. Plainly because of the fact that everything that starts starts simple and gets complicated due to hte growing demands of diverse groups. It has today given birth to intensive software development practices, the cmm, itrix, iso etc and surprisingly is being treated as a new comer, which is sad, not bad though. When we want the best we must get it from several worlds, why worlds, even universes. Good wishes to all the people in all their drives to make software development great.
Rohit Ravi Bhat: Change is the only Constant in the world. So it is better we accept the reality and act in time to adapt to the change . Time to Market is what makes a company different from others so i think time has come for the Agile development to become a standard in the industry.
Marcel Heemskerk: (
Mohammed Qattan: ( Allow me to share with you the true story about user stories. Warning, User Stories are nothing but addiction. once you get used to them , everything in your life is just another user story. clients just LOVE it when you take notes. they also ask you to write things down. i used to do it on a laptop, instantly, and agian the customer had doubts that i did. but now I go to the client with User Stories. another note and another user story. Use Cases are a waste of time for the developer. and it takes 5 minutes to do something that you can just do in less than a minute. User Story ..... this is my story with the user story
Colin Goldberg: (MacMicro Inc) Since the growth of complexity in software development (when did that begin?), Agile Development, under its various names (Spiral Methodology, Rapid Application development,...) is the most effective (and only) way to provide solutions these days. Having subscribed to these ideals for many years, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this site.
Alexandro Dias de Almeida.
Lucas Rodriguez Cervera: (Nevant - The process documentation company) Trying this approach for the first time...
Jonathan Lindsay: The principles are so obviously correct and no one would try and argue with them. However, getting management to sign up to this new paradigm and change their dictorial habits is exremely difficult. Perhaps i should just take Max Plancks advice and simply wait.
Terry Oswald: (Pathfinder Systems, Inc.)
John Lovell: (CodeValve)
James Gutholm: (The Evergreen State College)
Dariusz Klupi.
Tapasvi Mehta: (India transportation) I have spent about 16+ years in the technology field, and had never seen such wonderfully crafted language, that even a novice would understand (Including the business and product teams :-) Thanks to all for making it esthetically and linguistically clear.
chaitanya Narayanam: Agile is the positive process to reach customer requirements
Luis Artola: ( Nowadays this manifesto has become a standard for software development. I´m a newbie on this discipline but it´s giving me incredible results!
Sajith Kumar: (RMESI) I believe in this methodology more than any traditional SDLC models - provided I have the right set of people with me.
Anthony Vranic.
Roy V Wilkes: (WTFC Ltd)
Connie Mitchell.
Tyler Black: (PiXPO Inc.) Consumers rule the world. If one cannot respond to the changing needs of the consumer, that person will be left behind. We do not create software for process, we create software for people. I'm proud to be a part of the Agile Proletariat, and thank you for creating this manifesto.
Vincent Bakker: (Miranet Webdesign)
Greg Hutchings: The Agile Manifesto acknowledges the criticality of people, results, collaboration and adaptation in our work in software development, and I am glad to be a signer and an Agile practioner. Thanks to Gregor Hohpe, Matt Short, Martin Fowler, David Rice, Robin Gibson, Aman Bhutani, Merhdad Rashidfarruki, Tom Looy, Craig Larman and many other practicing agile developers and team leaders who I have learned from at ThoughtWorks, Valtech and independently.
Oli Young.
Larry Thomas: I support the Agile anifesto to the tenth degree. Larry
Viswanathan Subbarayan: (Posdec Technologies) Iterative or Agile development is a way to get a working software. It gets us the key problems at early stage than developing everything over months and stuck on the problem when integration starts. Now loads of companies are trying to get into agile methodology stands as vindication for the process itself.
Julie Gardiner: (QST Consultants Ltd)
Don Hussey.
Robert van der Meer.
dror levin.
Ben Rigas.
William F. Nazzaro: (IconATG )
Adam D Bachman: (Independent) Everythin that is really great and inspiring can be created by the individual who can labor in freedom. - Albert Einstein

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