Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 11 Feb to 20 Feb 2008
Stevie Borne.
Carmelo P. Romano: (Clever Solutions Ltd) Implementing Agile is more difficult than one thinks, but worth all the effort.
Steve MacGregor.
Miguel A Gonzalez.
Gijs Peek: (Trinair)
William Ryder.
George Gastaldi.
Joshua Hoepner.
André Pinto: ( Things must really be changed regarding Software Development... Otherwise we'll continue suffering with development.
Alex Petty: (Edenlogic) The Agile software development methodologies truly represent an evolution within the art of software development. They are a prescription for bringing order and the possibility of deeply satisfying results to the extremly challenging endeavor of efficiently building complex and powerful tools/systems for business, government and science. Edenlogic, no stranger to Agile practices, is pleased to be part of the Agile Alliance. Cheers!
Damian Monogue.
Ovidiu Matan.
Gaurav Aggarwal: (Microsoft India) I believe Agile methodologies are needed to build quality software. But one need to be careful in putting required controls and validation points.
Dominic Farr: ( Sounds good to me; may be one day I'll get to use it.
Jean-Baptiste Escoyez: (Belighted) Agile web development makes our lives and our clients every day happier.
Brian Hallkvist.
Keith: (Alliance) This is just what we need.
Rahul Viswanath: This is the practical result oriented methodology! The Customer is focused on the deliverable; Begin by building the features that delivers value immediately
Luca Ferrari: Agile Development represents to me agood way of thinking the development of a complex software. What I like the most is that changes are not scaring, but they are accepted as the development proceeds. Moreover, forcing small and frequent releases gives you and your client the feeling of having a product, even if still not complete. This is very important for the client, that can feel the development and can take control on it (meaning that she can collaborate with the developers in a "just-in-time" way), and it is very important for the developers too because they are forced to concentrate on incremental and significant changes, and they will not blow away a build.
Emilio García Ferreres: ( Good work! Agile world!
Samuel Crescêncio: (OnCast Technologies) Agile thinking have completely transformed the way I develop software. In fact, not only myself, but all people around me who I could infect with these ideas. Today my company is utterly dedicated to use and to spread these concepts, and we have got outstanding results in our journey so far. I highly recommend you to learn about it, because it will certainly impact your life as a developer.
Felix Guerrero: (iware)
Chad Tennesen.
Aaron Scribner: (ThyssenKrupp Elevator)
Tapan Shah: (IT Consultant) The more I try to get into "organized" (read documented) projects, the more I come back to Agile systems. The more we argue with the clients for changing requirements, the more happy they are for responding on time. The more processes I try to implement in my projects, that much more interaction I do with my team and end up getting fantastic ideas. Agile systems make small and medium companies function efficiently and grow fast.
Jason Curry: Amazing how something so simple can seem to produce such a bright light. I think that may of us developers need to be reminded of what is really important... The customer...
Karen Cote: (URMC)
Liviu Gabriel CRETU: (Jxee Lab) Developement team members are the most valuable asset of any software company Developement team must be self managed. Creative people must be encouraged. Leaders have only to provide strategic vision of software architecture, general rules, code standards, and design higly reusable components. Also they will mediate between development and client. Software development have to be engaged in a business process oriented fashion. UML documentation must be kept as lite as possible, providing only the general aspects of the software architecture, domain model and services' design. No analitical details here The SOFTWARE is THE KNOWLEDGE BASE!
Michael Stephenson: (Jewelry Television)
Richard Smit: (Thistle Contracting Ltd)
Kristian Nissen: (eteneo ApS)
Thiago de Oliveira Quinelato: (Virtual Business Solutions)
Janos Mucsi: ( Agile development makes the world a better place.
Bastian Krol.
Leo Battist: Agile methodology works by putting the focus where it should be - delivering on the business value of a technical solution. Additionally, it does so in an iterative process that easily adjust to change and provides quick customer feedback to stay on track.
Alexandre Vidal Pinheiro: (Connecty)
Lior Friedman: (Typemock)
Vishal: (DenComm) Agile is really useful for fastpace development process, where customer satifisfation is ultimate breakthrough for competion. It is especially useful for startups like us, where we can't afford waterfall model for our deliverables.
Amber King: (STG Rational Solutions)
Mervin Katjouanga: (Oretu Computing) This methodology keeps the customer happy and helps developers to remain excited about the project. There is no better way of developing software.
Gene Dennebaum: (Wingman Enterprises) I learned to develop software the hard way, by doing it. After years of learning hard lessons, I had solid, people oriented methods that rapidly produced working software and very satisfied customers. I was thrilled to find every one of my methods beautifully stated in The Agile Manifesto. I whole heartedly agree. Thank you all.
Vanessa Amaya, Mexican Software Enginneer: (ETISA) After seven years of working with big models full of knowlegde for projects that only appears in a fantasy world, I can asure two things: 1) Someone realize that creating big models and quality "certifications" can do money but not success software, so of course, they care about money. 2) Agile doesn't mean less control, it means under control. I Support the Agile Manifesto.
Sukumar Pisupati.
Christian Schultz: ( I endorse the agile manifesto completely. In combination with discipline its simply unbeatable.
John M Deal: (Necessity Software Incorporated) Necessity Software endorses and promotes the values of agile software development with all our customers. This practice has allowed for an exceptional number of successful project deployments that, while rarely what our customers originally asked for, have turned out to be what they needed. It often amazes our customers when they look back, using 20/20 hindsight, and realize that they would not have been half as happy with the project's results if it had been built as originally requested; we however have come to expect it. Flexibility and communication are our keys to project success and customer satisfaction.
Abdul Subhan: I strongly support this Agile Software Development Strategy. This strategy is very much helpful for all the stakeholders of the project and promotes the communication and interaction among them.
Paul Milner: (IBM) Hursley
James E Shivers: (IBM WAS Release Services)
Nicolas Quagliata: (QBMedia)

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