Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 08 Jul to 17 Jul 2008
frederik maertens: (
Arno Zeitler: (Der Computer Flüsterer Arno Zeitler) Motto: Life is agile is life! Oder zu Deutsch: Leben und leben lassen!
Denis Pasechnik: (Innovative Business Consulting) We support Agile Manifesto. It's something we have been doing since we started to work in consulting and software development business
Eduardo Bobsin Machado.
Alessandro Precioso.
Damian Martinelli: (DO2)
Denise Carli de Freitas: I support the agile manifesto!
Anthony Si.
Bryan Smith: (Rally Software) After 8 years with Rational and the unfulfilled promise of RUP, I came to Rally with the hope that an Agile approach could significantly improve an organization's ability to develop and deploy high-quality software. I'm a believer!
Markus Mühlhaus.
Jim Basler.
Ahmed Al Jabri: (Saudi Post) go ahead.
roham: (httP:// heppy team, motivated developers, best results Agile is wonderful !
Ryan Richards: (Brightpoint LLC) After working for several years in corporate development groups I have had a front row seat in seeing and contributing to large immovable processes that generated many artifacts due to process requirements rather than a genuine need. Agile practices have given me the ability to produce excellent results while providing information and deliverables that MATTERED. At the same time providing more satisfaction for the craft itself.
Gil Broza.
Qasim Ahmed: ( If I was born as an atheist and somehow i have to chose between god and Agile Methods, i will definitly chose the latter.
Mark Howie.
Kate Merriman: (Convio, Inc.)
Chris Didyk.
Justin M Hughes: (
Allan Tan: (ideyatech) At Ideyatech, we use Agile methodologies to deliver software faster to our clients. We have been constantly striving to seek out process, tools and training on agile development. Read some of our agile blogs here:
Christopher Gordon Carr: (Selkirk Systems Inc) Selkirk Systems: Wildfire and Emergency Management Software
Jim McCormick: In the parlance of my corner of the Internet, ^This.
Albert Wu: Great Idea!
Syed Amzad Ali: (Tech Mahindra )
Ken Clyne.
Pedro Carvalho: (i2mobile)
Volodya Kolesnikov: (Yandex)
Doktor Bro: (Рифма мира) I developed office software for 8 years. It was allways near to "agile", but the communication was bad, because the people I work with prefer the "old school". It was frustrating. Since I heard about the manifesto, I learned how to implement the 4 values into the development. Now I have a mighty team of young people for making an online community. We work fast as hell, the process is much effective. It's 100% agile.
Hermes Mendez: (Orange County Public Schools) Delivering the best full functioning software while constantly and continuously collaborating with the customer is of the utmost importance.
Jurgen De Smet: (Agfa Healthcare) We've been implementing Agile-Scrum/XP within our organization in different cultures, teams, projects and it works out very well for all types of work, from sustaining engineering to research projects. We love it, I'm a strong believer and promoter of the agile way of life, it helps us work in a more natural way.
Stephan Brenner: ( I've developed software the agile-way for several years and I don't want to imagine how our projects would have worked without.
Andreas Andersen.
Patrick Hétu: (Koumbit)
Steve Haak: (Redstone Media Group Inc) I have been using Agile for more than 5 years in the interactive agency arena (most recently at AvenueA | Razorfish) for web-based application development. Currently, we are using Agile and SCRUM at Redstone for the design and development of a digital signage software suite (offered ASP style as SaaS).
Kiran Hegde: (Puzztech Ltd) I have been in software for 20+ years, and last year became a certified scrum master. Over the last 6 years I have used XP, Test driven and SCRUM. I truely believe in agile (SCRUM) methodologies gives momentum to a project.
Fernando Carrillo: (BSD ENTERPRISE) We are in a race of doing the things focused on customer value.
Mithun.A.Vaidya: i also believe strongly in agile menifesto.
Christophe Bliard: (Parkeon) Agility is a nice way to enhance software quality and to ensure both client and developper satisfaction. I fully support it !
Vijay Sreekantan: (
Clara Ko: (
Vishal Sapre: I have come to the same views that the Agile manifesto talks about completely through personal experience. It feels great to find support from so many well known people and companies who have come to these conclusions. Thanks and best regards, Vishal Sapre
huyong: (ethos) I am a new agiler,I love this way after three weeks I will support the agile manifesto from now on.
Paul Riley.
Naouel Tlili: XP is the practice that delivers good and fast results. Working in XP projects is a joy!
Robert Curran: (Orange County Public Schools)
Neil Crookes: ( Agile is the way forward!
David Levine: This counter-intuitive religion takes a leap of faith.
Cotiso Hanganu: (Q&Q Info Consult) My values 100% ! Thank you for underlining them so well. Sempre fi, Cotiso Hanganu

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