Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 May to 23 May 2010
yshai levi: (Worldmate)
Yann Coste.
Weiqi (Wayne) Guan .
Tom Garbutt: The Agile Manifesto has my backing.
Dougals Castro: (SENIAT) Los cambios son constantes y las ideas a veces muy variantes por ello debemos trabajar de forma Ágil, interactiva, incrementada e integrada.
Javad Noruzi: (Adak Co) I'm agree with agile development and this manifesto
Joël ANDRE: (SEMANTYS) Provide more flexibale process for deciding, estimating and deployed valuable functionalities to users
Michael Bielinski: (
Jeff Stauffer: (Ineos Olefins & Polymers USA) My team has been following these principles since the late 80s, long before we knew there was a name for it (when I joined the company in 1991, the team was already using these principles). In 1992, we began designing and creating a mission-critical enterprise computer system from scratch utilizing these principles. Today, the system (TechSys) now stands at over 80 integrated applications serving departments across the company. In any 90-day period, approximately 500 employees at 4 sites run these applications for a total of approximately 135,000 hours! By general acclaim, the system has been the most successful computer system in the company throughout the last 15 years! All this from a team that never had more than 5.5 people dedicated to it and now stands at only 3 people! These principles really work!
Rodrigo Fernando Grings Finger: It's complicated to make something simple, but that's what we programmers must do
Katya Mustafina: This is the only thing that works! From my experience: if you are writing a software product - you have no other way than to follow the principles. If you do not - you simply not the one who actually involved in the development.
Ghanbir Singh: (Tata Consultancy Services)
Luiz Rauber: (Independent Consultant) Go 2 Live ! Go 2 Rock ! Go 2 Agile Development !
Caspar van den Bogaert: (heptagoon)
Ting-Wei Shieh: The correct way of managing human intelligence.
Wasif Farooqui: (Synoptic Information) Synoptic is a Solutions Provider/Systems integrator based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We practice and promote agile principles. For us they provide a brighter, more human feel to the all important processes involved in projects.
LCharles Andersen Sr: (Milwaukee Area Technical College) I used agile before I started teaching. I teach it because it works.
Parveen Kumar: (Hughes)
kirankumar k.s.
Jun Huang: I am actul fans of agile, agile is power, could make any project successful. I want to apply agile in my dialy work. do best practise of agile to share other teams and people who don't use agile.
Bas Geerdink: (CSC)
Scott Daly: Commitment to the Agile Manifesto, allows teams to make good on delivering value to the customer. There is too high of an opportunity cost to not produce what is needed, when it is needed. I firmly believe that the only way for teams to improve is through change. In the end, teams will be more engaged, and customers will be begging for more.
Aloke Bhandia: ( I started using agile methodology in late-1990s at HP. We used to call it "Evolutionary" product development as compared to the traditional "Waterfall" product development. Since then I have become a firm believer in the organized Agile product development process as proposed by Time and again the Agile process has proven its merit to me by accelerating the development process and more importantly by making the process more predictable while delivering a higher quality end product that is aligned with the market requirements.
SrinivasMadhusudhan Kandada: (MahindraSatyam Computer Services Ltd)
Claudio Procentese: (Infocube srl)
Ahmed Owian: (
René Hoffmann.
Hariom Mall.
Cristian Scuotto: (Infocube srl)
Abraham Gibson: Agile is intuitive, it just makes scenes. Thank you for those of you who have done the work so that I can step off the platform of learning you have created.
Peter A. Murray: (
Jon Wynacht: (ObjectEvolution) 100% love it!
Aditya Tayade: ( This is a manifasto which values human interaction and collaboration over the hitherto existing methods of hard planning which led to inflexibilty!! The manifesto is sure to be one of the most widely adopted methods in software development in the times to come.
Jamie Rothfeder: (
Thulani Chivandikwa: Certainly support the manifesto. Way to go, get educated and educate |
Amirali Rajan: (
JavaFanboy: The agile manifesto is really nice - sadly some people see "agility" as an excuse for "hacking" but that is another story!
Paulo Carvalhal: (Scrum User Group Rio de Janeiro) One of founders of Scrum User Group Rio de Janeiro.
Myke Tarver: (IBM Global Services ) I started work on large Agile programs or projects since 1998 and I have enjoyed the challenges, thrills, and a host of successes!!
Soumen Mukherjee: (SafeNet Inc) I completely endorse the Agile software development methods , we have indeed reaped the benifts of being Agile and have been able to meet impossible deadlines by being Agile.
Jon Waters: There is plenty written about these techniques and tools to support them that does not illuminate the advantage Agile offers, the essence of it is really just sticking to the principles.
Shariq Islam: Agile vaules are the values which will remain applicable in all eras of software development. I support the Agile Manifesto!
Ayaz Khan: (Nextbridge Pvt. Limited)
Patrick Donegan: ( )
Justin Connell.
Andre Allen: (Nuisoft Systems Inc) Agile, simply works. Care should be taken to understand and work with your team to get buy in on the methodology. Failure to get understanding and general agreement can result in problems but over time the process works.
Jay Zaveri.
Brian Cordle: (CoreSys Consulting) never sacrifice quality.... only features
Michel Kraaij: (

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