Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 31 May to 11 Jun 2010
Nico Suria: (Devex)
Carlos Díez-Gil: (Aubergin Tecnologies)
Ram: (HCL TECHNOLOGIES) I support the agile alliance manifesto. It gave benefits to the customer/stake holders/business as well as developers. In our team we work applying Agile Methodologies & are gaining a lot of benefits. The iterational model and the defect addressing make an Agile Developing Life Cycle. In this way customer needs are kept in mind by everyone and there wont be communication gap and is easy way to track the status of work in bits and pieces and some thing is there to show the business to keep them happy.
Martin Tallett: (Martin Tallett Ltd)
Douglas Oliveira Camata.
Muhammad Shafique: (International Turnkey Systems, Kuwait) Agile is real natural strategy and positive attitude which helps in customer satisfaction by providing them the best Quality Product. The customer required/accpeted product is best quality product and it is only possible through Agile.
Denish Bissessur: (Independent) I support smarter and intelligent ways of working, Agile just makes so much sense!
Ilyas Kadri: I have used Agile methodology in multiple projects, find it very practical approach. Lovely Human way of executing projects. Let me know if you need some help in adopting or preparing for the same. Regards,
alan wahnefried: (Comerica Bank) Amen!
Etienne Rugeri: ( The correct way of managing human intelligence !
Sharad Bhushan K: (ecomZera) The principles are real true and i could see ajile being understood more by having a manifesto. The Values are the real play
Cory Baron: (Alion Science and Technology)
Charles Clark: I'm all for increasing our focus on the items on the left and decreasing our focus on the items on the right.
Craig Vacura.
Morten Max Andersen: (
Guus Bosman: ( Great principles for more effective software development.
saeed khalafinejad: Agile development corresponds to the real process of software development !
Robert Abbott: (MontGuide) I am a firm beleiver in the use of agile techinques and best practices.
Rick Ligas: (LR Communication Design) Individuals working together, collaborating continually with all the stakeholders while responding to the (changing) business needs? Producing working and useful software every few weeks or months? It simply works.
Giulliano Morroni: (IBM do Brasil) Analista de Sistemas; Desenvolvedor de software sob arquitetura JEE;
Todd Danielson: (SCMWise) I have witnessed the transformation power of Agile. It turns development teams into well functioning units.
Ricardo Valeriano: ( When i read the manifesto i was bored with my job and my hobby. I did not like to develop software anymore. Just because i was not able to deliver the quality i demanded myself. But suddenly i realized that i'm the only responsible for my work. And a personal agile atitude could maybe bring me back success on do my things. Man, it works! =)
Mohammad Hossein.
Michael Norton: ( Years later, these statements still ring true. We've a long way to go in our industry; despite the clear momentum, the majority of large companies continue to embrace the right-side of the equation. I vow to continue to share, teach, and coach the agile values.
Reuel Cruz: I have proven in my 10 years as Business Systems Consultant and developer that customer collaboration and being adaptive to change as well as producing just enough in every delivery of the software on each iteration is very effective. I have seen many colleagues over analyzing and producing too many documents that stakeholders and even developers do not necessarily need. I believe that in this ever changing technology, there is really no final delivery of software but there is a deliverable product that satisfies the customers requirement at any given time.
Hansjörg Lehner: (Legon Informatik)
Martin Heltai: (Regence BCBS)
Kartik SHAH: (HP Enterprise Services)
SriHarsha: (Wipro)
Steve Gibson.
Eduardo Alexandre Amaro Duarte Santa.
Osmany González Ferro: (HavaSoft)
Christian Amado: (Privoid) I am new in the Agile Software Development world but I find it very interesting and I will continue to practice the Agile Software Development Manifesto. I support it 110%!!!
Scott G. Ames: (Good-To-Go!) As long as we remember not to dismiss the value of the items on the right. Its "over" not "instead of" for a reason.
Nicola O'Donovan: I am a firm beleiver in the use of agile techinques and best practices.
Robert: (Agile Devs) We use bits of code in inversion tables to measure the user's vitals...I use iterations and increments a lot to save space and make code smaller. And I always know that success of each project depends on how my and Customer teams are ready to collaborate and flexible in changing environment.
brian fidler: (brian fidler interactive) I've used the agile approach both in a team environment and at an individual level. It provides a simple and clear set of beliefs that help us focus on what matters most.
Heiko Seebach: (LessCode) I develop web applications for 13 years now and luckily the methodologies were most often agile even if I heard of the term "agile" only about 5 years ago. Until now the LessCode platform is my most serious effort to actively support the Agile Manifesto.
Richa Jain.
Austin Aldrich.
thomkearney: (Rowanwood) I am in. Just makes sense.
Aamer Inam: I have read the Agile Manifesto and here by endorse it , getting fully agree with it . After reading the manifesto and in lieu of rapidly changing project requirements ,I must say that Agile way of working seems pretty suitable.
Norberto C. Bezi: (
Gabriel Dadivas.
Sergi Fernández Cristià: The democratic and pragmatic principles of the manifesto has changed my working life.I give my full support to make better software the agile way
Gabriel R. Maffia.
Guillermo Rugilo: (Huddle Group S.A.)
Caiuby Freitas: Yes, it seems to work pretty well.
Drew Stark.
Carlos Eduardo Pauluk.

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