Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Sep to 09 Oct 2012
Gareth Hendry.
Berenice Buenrostro Ramirez.
Andrea Riccio: (Kre8tive Law Group)
Daniel Ketter: (EsE Design) I have followed and endorsed Agile design principals since I began programming at age 9. This ,for me, is more akin to common sense design with the human element protected.
Dave Collins: I believe in Agile development. Having implemented the core concepts across many diverse teams. Agile provides context for tailoring software strategies to meet the unique needs of the situation that your team finds itself in. My primary aspect of adopting would be to mature your focus from just producing software, to providing a solution which meets the needs of its stakeholders, within the appropriate economic, cultural, and technical constraints. It simply works.
Donald L Palmer: Fully supported
Dave Thomson: (IBM Jazz Project) The Agile Manifesto was a game changer, and the 12 principles are solid. I often go back and re-read them to make sure I really believe we are following Agile practices at the IBM Jazz Project. There is always the risk that some teams focus most on the practices that "protect" the development team or make the life of the developer easier, and gloss over the practices that are important for the stakeholders and essential to achieving the right outcome. I think one of the hardest for teams to really internalize is "Welcome changing requirements, even late in development".
Vinayak Kamath.
Marcus Leander: (Gechi AB)
Marti Madias: I have been using this method of managing projects for years. It is nice to see it officially defined, and to get recognized as the right way to manage projects.
Tomasz Kaczmarzyk.
Samson T.: (CMG) Recently new to agile but loving every minute of it! :)
Shaiene Pardo.
Lars Messmer: (comsolit AG)
F.gunseli ozkan: (Ofis fr information communication consulting) I hear this duing pmi 2012 summit workshop. Support it.
Salahaldin Juba: I have used both traditional software development and agile development methods, and I think waterfall model is a fictional model.
Tomasz Różański: Be Better, Be Efficient, Be Agile.
Ciaran Durkin: (LYIT) Doing a good job guys keep up the good work. Maybe spruce up a bit on the website, gets a bit plain after lookin at it for 2 hours.
Fábio Shigueo Ichikawa.
Alan Bell: (Nice Software Solutions)
Martin Helmer: (Supercomputing Systems)
Joseph Wilson: (Telecom Technology services,)
John K. Borys Jr: I have been using Agile development practices since 2005 and believe strongly in these principles. Not only because they work, but because they deliver a better product. The emphasis on simplicity and daily communications with the business in a world of rapidly changing requirements ensures that the software delivered brings value the minute it's implemented. Using other methodologies often delivers software in immediate need of changes. Unfortunately, Agile methodologies are often adopted piece meal by apprehensive leadership. When adopted in this fashion, Agile does not deliver success nearly as often. Mixing waterfall and Agile processes can work, but I would rather have a root canal than participate in such a project.
Simon Rolph: (Gentia Consulting) Having been involved in the Project Management business for nearly 25 years in several different other industries the Agile approach to software development makes the most sense. Others could learn from the Manifesto and the values it looks to support.
Henk van Voorthuijsen.
Vittorio Pternostro: (Dotomi) I approve the values and the practices of the agile manifesto and try to learn and share such best practices.
Emilio Navarrete Lineros: (IBM) From my experience, all projects with rigid methodologies that have been successes have adapted an agile methodology.
Rob Sanders: (Sanders Technology) Endorsing and engaging in agile development since 2005.
Stefano Berti: (
Jeremy Pullicino.
Anssi Lehtelä: As a tester and a pacifist, I do support the manifesto.
Warren J Smyth: A much more organic, and thus successful & simplistic way of going about any kind of business.
Jordi Torra Borras.
Sanjeev: I work as an Agile Coach and consultant. The future is Agile software development. In uncertain economic environment it is easy for a CIO to plan a software which gives returns on investment quickly. Gone are the days when CIO had luxory to plan for 2-3 years of investment and then get the software. To beat the increased competition and uncertain economic environment it is better to get the top priority product features faster. Agile is here to help CIO and everybody involved in software development business.
Giorgio Catucci: (DP DHL IT Services) I work in Process Improvements for an IT Group. Late 2011 I was tasked to document a process for software development following Agile/Scrum principles. Over the last few months, I have applied the same principles to none software development related projects, and in particular to Process Improvement Initiatives following the DMAIC & Lean Management framework, which are traditionally executed with a Waterfall Approach. The results so far are great. Regards, Giorgio
John Marland: (Automated Telemetry,LLC)
Gert Borg: (albireo it) Agile people in agile organizations need Agile Software Development. We are on the right track!
Jagadeesh Balakrishnan: (National University of Singapore) I hereby endorse Agile Manifesto & support it 100%
Adetayo Adedigba.
Stefan Biji: (Donau Services)
Kevin Baron: Agile makes projects go so much better! It's too difficult to try and live up to a bunch of doc's that were created before the project even started!
Raghu Pathy Challapilla: ( I endorse Agile Manifesto!
William Golden.
Diego Marçal Magdaleno: Learning and being agile.
Jan Eliáš: Develop faster and leave more time for the other stuff.
Joseph Edmonds: (Edmonds Commerce) Excellent thanks
Almir: (agile development) Agile Manifesto has changed our life in so many ways. It is much more than a set of development practices. Good job!
Daniel Berger: ( I fully support and commit to the Agile Manifesto in my work as an IT professional!
Victor V. Terber.
Anele Mbanga.

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