Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Oct to 25 Oct 2012
Shanthling Kodli.
Jaime: ( Well done!
Joshua Davis: (
Fei Wang.
Rui Luis: (262media Digital Agency) 262media Digital Agency endorses the Agile Manifesto!
Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi: (Sinam Co.) I think and feel this as a humanistic approach, philosophically. Softwares are the cultural clothes we wear on our nature to make our nature more humanistic. This way, we are getting more complicated with spirits moving away from our simple nature and being close to our deepest dreams ever : Being Human! just human, not more!
Martyn: I support it!
Mark S. Weekes: (Woodhull Medical Center) Having convinced my usually cautious manager to try this methodology on a semi critical project. He was most surprised at the level of control and accountability in the process even without a big requirement document created pre-development. The customer was happy to be engaged and get quick tangible feedback from our meetings. She felt the process was very user friendly and responsive to her needs. I look forward to learning more and using it.
Ranga Ramasastry: (NetApp) I have found adoption of agile development methodlogies has resulted in beeter predictiablity, higher quality and higher level of satisfaction among software engineers
Rodrigo Assunção Rosa.
Dan Nicolici: (
Andrey Chapurin: Fully agree with every point of manifest.
paul bongiorno: Making work more human
Carlo J. Mercieri: (Intelligent Technology Services Incorporated) Over years interacting with clients we have come to realize and experience the interrelationships we have getting needs, challenges done through these very principles. Issues tend to only arise on the fray where communication and dynamic flexibilty are not part of the process. In this sense the manifesto is a working framework for not only software development but how the various models of the technological environment relate. From the individual developer to the managed service povider, a true system of dynamic processes and methods make the end result a positive experience and a working end result for the client.
Dena Meier.
Natalie Warnert.
Vladimir POPOV: (VITEC Mutimedia) People FIRST!
Jonathan Jenkins: (Clearly Agile, LLC) It all started with Kent Becks book. I am such an advocate yet working in federal workspaces can be challanging since they still do not "get it". Hence why I am starting a company that focuses on a community within the fed. While a paper in 2010 from the federal CIO said we should impliment Agile it has yet to be championed. Grrrrr Anyway....Agile baby! Jonathan
Bogdan Galiceanu.
Ajay Mandal: (Intellixion) We are a software development company. Adoption of Agile has allowed us to be more flexible, productive, efficient and better at estimating project cost and resource allocation. It has also allowed us faster delivery of products with better quality and increased customer satisfaction.
Tevfik Haluk İnci: (Geovision Group) Bütün dünya buna inansa, yazılım sorun olmaktan çıkacak
Shakir: (BCAS) Great !
Paolo: (Kandalu Software Ltd.)
Scott Albers.
Brandon Wittwer: (Do it Best) Agile, however mis-understood or mis-applied, must be constantly pushed towards in an organization. The idea of waterfall needs to be drowned.
Bhavani Kumar Muvvala: (Wipro Gallagher) Endorsed
Mirko Ebert: (
Ewerton Lipinski.
Dang En Ren: (IBM) Agile reiterates interactions among individuals, especially with customers. Tools and processes are just there to assist the collaboration. In IBM China system test team, the core objective is to simulate customer scenarios. Through in-house deployment and upgrade in every milestone, we adopt our own products and evaluate quality early in the game, together with end users from other departments and external Beta customers. This offers us a great chance to collect customer feedback promptly and "embrace changes" easier throughout the development life-cycle.
Andrew M. Barfield: (ILM Labs, LLC)
Sadruddin Junejo: Agile development is the way forward.
Chrispane Joseph.
Thiago Ayres: (Revolve Consulting)
Josephine Das: (Wipro Technologies)
Cary: (Canadian pharmacy)
Adam Beck: (, LLC) Over a decade after its creation, the foundational premise of the Agile Manifesto used to guide agile teams from the start continues to carry forward even the most large and complex Fortune500 IT programs of the scaled lean|agile enterprise.
Vasileios Riskas-Daniil: I totally agree and therefore support this action. My engagement as a developer has shown that it is for the best to embrace these values and try to follow the principles.
Pablo: (Planeta Huerto)
Wesley Miriye: (Kumul Technologies, Ltd) I own a small software company in Papua New Guinea at it's infant stages. Currently there is only two of use trying to navigate our way through the business. I endorse this Manifesto and agree to mold my company by it in order to provide the best services to my clients/partners.
Dennis Phoebus.
Bruce Kuykendall: (AlturaTech)
Pablo Colombo.
SUNIL KUMAR PANDEY: (northern india engg college, lucknow) Agile methodlogy is better method of software development
Oskar Korczak: Time is passing faster and faster, day by day. Agile Manifesto is a way of managing all that rush in a sensible, efficient and optimized manner. Embracing and being Agile, can provide you enough flexibility to cope with everyday obstacles.
Andrew Ciccarelli: (Pacific Northwest)
Kashyap Bhatt: (CSU Fresno) I am very excited to support Agile manifesto which I have been using from last 2 years in my most of the projects.
felipe garcia: (midas international)
Chris Osborne: (Griffith University) Have been using Agile for 1 year now and am a very happy convert. A brilliant, simple and logical approach to project delivery that just works and is easy to understand. We started reaping benefits from day 1 just by implementing a storyboard!
Håkan Rydman: (Swedish National Police Board) After have been working with agile principles I will never go back and work with process centered document heavy development practices again. I truly support these values and I've personally seen the benefits in following them.
Aodhan O'Bradaigh: (CapGemini) We believe that the Agile Manifesto provides us with the basis for all software development decisions.

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