Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Oct to 05 Nov 2012
Miguel Gago.
David Blaszyk: (Acornsoft)
Zubair Hussain: Agile manifesto...
Motor: ( Simple to read and understand, but a challenge to put in practice - particular in large organisations. It's great!!
Ilan Selinger: (Mediaplex)
Jose Manuel Cortes Rios.
Roel Evers: (Yacht)
Marc Beaulieu: Without even realizing we were using Agile methods, we were using Agile methods intuitively. I was part of a team that instinctively knew to build the highest value features first and involve QA immediately to find and fix bugs as well as create a testing plan for acceptance. We also rarely documented what we worked on, but knew it had to work for our internal clients. And of course, the requirements always were changing as the business changed, so we were re-writing those too. Glad to see there's a name to the process and there's people behind it! Go Agile!!
Tom Elam: (Elam & Associates)
kadek arie: (kuta hotels)
Douglas de Oliveira Mendes: "Agile" is the most honest, transparent, human way of developing software. Happier customers, happier developers, better software.
Cesar Chas: (Respira Internet) Agile develpoment produces more simple and robust software and serves the customer better. Everybody should develop this way.
Suhail Tariq: Agile methodology: use at work and with my kids. Love it.
Ion Mudreac.
mahdi madadi.
Hakan Büyükbayrak: (IzApps)
Lorenzo Massacci: (e-xtrategy)
Hazem Ibrahim: (
Hussein H Bahgat: (Piraeus Bank) The agile Manifesto has changed the way I do things not just in development but in other aspects of the workplace , it is more beyond common sense , it is an organized common sense.
David MacIntosh: (Agilysys, Inc)
Hassan tabbal: There are many ways to complete a project, but after 7 years of development experience only agile methodologies maximize customer satisfaction and the perception of value for all stakeholders while keeping developers happy.. I totally embrace the manifesto and the agile principles, this is "the" way to deliver software developed by human to be used by human
Fred Engel: (Westerly Consulting) The manifesto represents a significant leap forward in thinking about building software while at the same time elevating the profession to take responsibility.
Raymond.Otieno: (Creative Software Technologies K Ltd) We believe strongly and we support the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
Mauritz Larson CPIM, CIRM: Very interesting to read about all these ideas that I met in my Years of industrial improvements work. I love seeing Agile and Lean to be used for white-collar and gilded-collar worker. Would be great to follow Your continuous improvement over the Years. Hope it will spread to other industries and administrative areas.
Richard: (SEOsudo) As a former PM and web developer, I can appreciate the time saved via the agile process. Code interacts with people and therefore is a relationship between people. Any relationship has an agile approach whereby constant communication and collaboration of ideas is essential to the harmony between the two. Richard
ciberponk: Resonates in my mind, many a little makes a miracle.
Mekias Yohannes: (Counterpointe Solutions Inc.) I have adopted these principles and values in my personal projects with success and am now strongly advocating for my company to fully implement this philosophy.
Vamsi Krishna G.
Adrian Stagno: (Arkano Software)
Michael Mafort: ( The principles of agile manifesto are small words to say a biggest idea. The simplicity and collaborative work to improve client business.
VenkataRaghavan: (Wipro Technologies) Very Interesting and useful.
Anthony Barnhart: (Capgemini)
John Warren: (Digital Zebra Media) Also appreciated that the manifesto itself is recognized as a tool and thereby subject to continuous review and iteration where necessary. Keep peeling the onion!
Travis Thompson: The beauty of Agile, as I see it, is the simplicity of concept, the perpetual focus on customer driven value, accountability through responsibility, flexibility, and continuous improvement! I'm a Purist!
Phil Lew: (XBOSoft) We are a software quality firm, and have been coaching companies on implementing agile for the last several years. It's not an easy road but worth the effort in order to get software that meets users' needs.
Reuel David Bhaskaran: (Accenture) I find the agile manifesto and principles as good guiding principles to manage projects and clients in an ever changing and demanding business and software environment.
Phil Lew: (XBOSoft) We are a software quality firm, and have been coaching companies on implementing agile for the last several years. It's not an easy road but worth the effort in order to get software that meets users' needs.
Alexander Verharen: (QAD, Inc.)
Erich Quintero: (Quintero Systems, Inc.) As a software developer following the Agile methods, I endorse this manifest.
Ranjith Kurungadam: (earthians)
Diego Usai: (6sicuro)
Bilal Dadanlar: (
Robin Balmforth: (Pitney Bowes Software)
Al Augustinas.
Robert Sfeir: ( It's about encouraging and rediscovering the love of working together; of loving going to work to create new things and making a difference in people's lives. It's no longer about burdening our creativity with processes, or introducing processes because of mistrust.
Troy Mueller: (MITRE)
Fernanda Cristina do Carmo: (IBAT College Dublin, Ireland)
Amaresh Panda: (HCL Technologies) I am sure, the Agile concept will make a difference in IT through collaboration and open communication. Good bye to Waterfall Model.

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